Ellie – Help me out…please: Walkthrough

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Ellie – Help me out…please
By Ateam

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

1. In the left screen, pick up the coin from the ground.

2. Use the vice on the wall to flatten the coin, turning it into a tool.

3. Use the flattened coin to unscrew the mirror from the wall. We’ll be needing it later.

4. There’s an item on the ground in the right screen. You might notice that if you try to pick it up, Ellie’s head gets in the way. But you need that item to continue, so here’s what you have to do. Have her examine the drawers in the other screen. While she’s busy there, grab the item from the right screen (it’s her planner). Make sure to get it before opening the drawers, or you might not be able to progress.

5. Now look at the carvings on the desk. It’s an interrogation list. If you look at the first letters of the names, it says “OPEN DRAWER”.

O liver
P atrick
E dward
N ick
D avid
R askin
A nvil
W atson
E mbrey
R edmond

This means it’s the key to opening the drawers. Ao look at the numbers you got.

6. Now look at the poster on the wall. You need to compare the numbers from the desk to the numbers on the poster. Together they’ll spell out six letters, made up of C’s and L’s. For instance, if your numbers are 530 and 830, copy them down like so:

5 * *** *
3 * * *
0 *** *** ***

8 *** * ***
3 * * *
0 *** *** ***

If you look closely, they spell LCL CLC.
L = Left, C = Center.

(Hint: Notice that the C’s and L’s look the same except for the top piece. So you can just focus on the top numbers and ignore the rest.)

7. Open the drawers in the sequence you got from the poster. One of the drawers will have a trowel inside. Take it. Also, make note of the words inside the drawer: “There is M.onStar”. We’ll need it later.

8. Use the trowel to dig at the tile that has mushrooms growing from it. She’ll uncover an arm, with a ring on it. Leave the ring on the finger (you can remove it later).

9. The ring will flash in a sequence like Morse code. There are nine flashes total. Make note of the long and short flashes. Once you have all nine, take a look at the poster again. You need to break them down into three sets of three. Then compare the three sets to the numbers on the poster to get three numbers. Mine were 103, but they seem to be different for everyone. Remember that number, because we’ll need it soon.

10. Go to the right screen and move the pillow away. Underneath is part of a message that was burnt into the bed. We need heat to see the rest of the message.

11. Have Ellie look at the planner she picked up earlier. It will remind her that she has a hair dryer in her gym bag. But she doesn’t remember the code to unlock it.

12. Tap on the gym bag a few times until it allows you to see the lock. Enter the number you got from
the ring flashes. The lock will open if you got the right numbers.

13. Take out the hair dryer first, then look in the bag again to get her gym clothes.

14. Plug the hair dryer into the electrical socket to the left of the gym bag.

15. Use the hair dryer on the burnt spot on the bed to reveal the message. It seems this girl might not be who you think she is!

16. Take the gym clothes you got from the bag and stuff it in the toilet. Flush the toilet to clog it up, causing the water to flood into the room.

17. Use the mirror on the drawing of the star, or pentagram. (Referring to “M.onStar” from before.)

18. Something appears in the mirror — it looks like another little girl! Tap on the mirror to zoom in on it and discover that it’s the real Ellie — this girl you’ve been helping is actually her kidnapper!

19. You still need to help her escape, or she’ll hurt Ellie. So, make a note of the spot on the wall where the mirror reflects light. Dig on that spit with the trowel. A combination lock will be revealed, which says it’s for the Emergency Exit. We need to find the code to unlock it.

20. Look at the scratches in the wall above the bed. They look like Roman numerals, but they’re divided strangely. Break them up so they make actual numbers. You get 791253.

21. Put the code in the combination lock and the emergency exit on the floor unlocks.

22. The Ellie imposter will not start going down through the exit. You have two choices — you can stop her and get the good ending, or let her escape and get the bad ending. I recommend replaying the game again to get both. But here’s how to get the good ending:

23. On the left screen, you can see the real Ellie sitting with her arms tied behind her back. If you tap on her, you’ll see that she can move her legs.

24. Look at the right screen and tap on the hair dryer to get Ellie to push it into the spilt water. It will electrocute the fake Ellie and the real Ellie can escape!

Congratulations! You made it!

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