Snappers: World 7 Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the seventh world of the game Snappers, levels 7-1 to 7-100, with hints, tips, answers, solutions, and cheats to help you out. If you share with anyone, please link to this page. And please let me know if you find any errors. Thank you.


See the rest of the walkthrough here.

The grid goes like this:

A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
A2 B2 C2 D2 E2
A3 B3 C3 D3 E3
A4 B4 C4 D4 E4
A5 B5 C5 D5 E5
A6 B6 C6 D6 E6

7-1: D3, D3, B2, C2, E6

7-2: B5, B5, C6

7-3: D3, D3, E6

7-4: C3, C3, B1

7-5: B3, A3, C6

7-6: D3, C4,C4

7-7: B5, B3

7-8: C4, D5, D4

7-9: C4, A3, B5, B5

7-10: A4, B5

7-11: B5, D4

7-12: C4, C4, C3

7-13: D2, B3

7-14: B1

7-15: C2, D2

7-16: C4

7-17: E4, E3, D3

7-18: C4, C4, E5

7-19: D5, A5

7-20: E6, D5, C3

7-21: C4, C4, D1, C5

7-22. D4, C4

7-23: B3, C5

7-24: C4

7-25: B3, A2

7-26: A2, A2, D3

7-27: D4, C4, C2

7-28: D3, D3, C6

7-29: B5, B3

7-30: C4, C4, C3, A4, A6

7-31: C4, C4, C3

7-32: C3

7-33: B4, B4, E4

7-34: B6, B3

7-35: B3, B3, C6

7-36: C2, C2, C5

7-37: D6

7-38: D4, D3, A2, A2, E2, C5

7-39: C1, C2

7-40: C3, C3, B4

7-41: C2, A4

7-42: C4, D5

7-43: D1, D3

7-44: B5, D1, B3

7-45: C4, B3, B3

7-46: B2

7-47: C4

7-48: C2, C2, C3

7-49: C3, B3

7-50: B3, C3

7-51: E3

7-52: C4, C4, C4, C1, C1

7-53: C3

7-54: E4, E4

7-55: C6, B3, B3

7-56: B4, E4

7-57: C4, D4

7-58: B3, B3, C6

7-59: B3, C3, B3, A3, D5, D5

7-60: E4

7-61: D5, C5

7-62: C3, C3, D3

7-63: C5

7-64: C4, C4, D3

7-65: D4, D4, D1

7-66: E4, C5

7-67: B5, E4

7-68: D4, D5

7-69: D5, C3

7-70: B5, C5

7-71: C4

7-72: C4, C4, B6

7-73: A6, A6, C4

7-74: A3, E3

7-75: B5, C3

7-76: B5, A4

7-77: B3, B3, D3, C2, D2, D2

7-78: C5

7-79: B3, C5, C5, C5

7-80: D4, D4, C5

7-81: B3, B3, B3, B4

7-82: B4, B4, D4

7-83: C5, C3

7-84: C3, B4

7-85: D3, D3, C2, C2

7-86: D4, C4

7-87: D4, C3, C3

7-88: B1, B2

7-89: C4

7-90: C5

7-91: D5, C4

7-92: C4, B2, B2

7-93: D3, E2, D2

7-94: A2, A3

7-95: B2, B2, B2, D4, E3

7-96: D6, D2, B2

7-97: D5, C3

7-98: A4, B3

7-99: C4, D3

7-100: C5, C5, C4, C4, E2

See the rest of the walkthrough here.

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