The Haunt: Walkthrough

The Haunt – a creepy point and click adventure
By: Synthesis Design Solutions (Furious Apps)




1. Tap on the house to begin. Open the mailbox and read the letter. Then look at the maps and get the padlock key. Use the key to unlock the padlock on the door.

2. The door still won’t open. Keep tapping on the doorknob until it blows off. Then go back a screen and pick it up from the floor. Put it back in the door and use it to open the door.

3. Enter the house. Pick up the knife from the small table. Pick up the puzzle piece from the floor, another from the fireplace, the moth from the picture frame, and the coin from the floor.

4. There’s a puzzle above the fireplace. You need to move all the knobs so they all turn green, like so, to get the skeleton key:


5. Tap on the door to the right to enter the dining room. Pick up the coin from under the chair. Pick up the moth from the wall to the right. Pick up the puzzle piece from the chair.

6. Go back a screen and take the left door. Pick up a match next to the oil lamp. Use the match on the lamp to light it so the room lights up.

7. Tap on the quilt on the wall to zoom in on it. There’s a bump on it. Use the knife to cut away at it and get another skeleton key.

8. Get the puzzle piece from the little shelf. Get the moth from one of the drawers to the left. There are another two puzzle pieces in this room.

9. Use the skeleton key you just found to open the door to the right and enter the next room.

10. Pick up the coin from the floor and the puzzle piece from the shelf. There’s another puzzle piece in the container to the left. There’s also a moth in the lightbulb.

11. Remove the painting on the wall to reveal a safe.

12. Use the other skeleton key on the right-hand door and enter the next room. Take the puzzle piece from the doorframe. Take another puzzle piece from the door itself. Pick up the wrench from the counter.

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13. Pick up the flashlight from the floor. It will go into the upright corner of your screen. Just tap it to turn it on or off.

14. Go back one screen and enter the left-hand door. Pick up the dirty rag and the bottle of turpentine.

15. Go downstairs. Pick up the fuse and put it in the fuse box. Then flip the switch on the fuse box. Go back one screen and turn on the lights. Then go back downstairs.

16. Pick up the flower pot and the two puzzle pieces in the wall.

17. Tap the left side of the screen to enter another room. Get the puzzle piece from the barrel, another from the wooden plank, and two more from the walls. Get the moth from the wall.

18. Go back all the way to the beginning (the living room). Tap on the glowing area behind the left chair to access a hallway with two more doors.

Enter the blue room and pick up the round blue gem from the bowl by the window. Open the jewelry box on the table and get a decorative egg. Pick up three puzzle pieces.

Go back out and enter the yellow door. Pick up the pry bar. Take note of this chart and the puzzle in this room:



Go back to the living room. Tap on the left side of the screen to access a stairway. Take the two puzzle pieces and the moth from the walls. Peel away the wallpaper on the left wall to see this clue:


19. Go up the stairs. Take the puzzle piece from the floor and the two from the walls. Take the coin from under the table. Tap the monkey and he’ll hold up a red gemstone. Take it.

20. Open the right door and enter the bathroom. Pick up the two puzzle pieces from the wall and one from the tub. Pick up the moth on the left. Pick up the stethescope.

21. Leave the bathroom and enter the room to the right of it, the bedroom. Take the moth from behind the toy on the bed. Pick up the mechanical device from the table.

22. Leave that room and take the door to the left. Pick up the coin and the moth. You need to solve the puzzle on the bed. The key to solving this puzzle is on the wall in this room:


Use the diagram as a guide and tap the numbered diamonds in order. If you see two numbers on a piece, it means you’ll be tapping it more than once in the sequence. Once you solve it, the box will open, revealing a red gem:


23. Go back to the room with the safe. Use the stethoscope on the safe, then turn the dial slowly to the right until you hear a loud “click”, then the same to the left, and again to the right. If you do it correctly, you’ll hear a noise like the safe opening and the stethoscope will disappear. Open the safe to get a monocle and a heart gemstone:


24. Go through the door to the room with a broken door, then head outside. Pick up five puzzle pieces here. Tap on the building to the right.

25. Pick up four puzzle pieces here. Tap on the smaller building to the right (near the “back” button). Pick up two puzzle pieces and enter the building. Pick up the coin from the floor and the moth from the wall. There are also three puzzle pieces.

26. Pick up the pruning shears from beneath the bench. Go back outside and use the shears to cut the bush out front and get a Moonflower Seedling. Go back and enter the bigger house. Pick up the coin from the floor, the moth from the wall and three puzzle pieces.



27. Go back to the first screen outside. Tap the left building. Pick up the coin and moth. There’s a puzzle here. You solve it by matching the colored hands to the rings on the clock face, like so:


The door opens. Walk through. Pick up the potting soil and the moth. Walk through the next door and pick up the coin and moth. Pick up the puzzle pieces and the bold cutters. You can use a coin on the machine to get a fortune, but not sure what those do yet:


Go back a couple of screens to the room with the clock puzzle.

28. Tap the left side of the screen. There’s a recording of bells chiming. You can play it, but not sure what it does yet. Pick up the coin. If you tap ahead, there’s an angry pack of wolves and an accordion that sounds like a bell. We’ll come back to this later.

29. Go back a couple of screens and tap to the right of the gated door. You’ll see a hole in the wall barred up by a bunch of wooden planks. Pick up the three puzzle pieces and a moth from the poster.

30. Go back one screen and take the door to the right. Pick up the moth and two puzzle pieces, then continue on ahead.

31. Pick up the coin and three puzzle pieces. Pick up the witches’ cauldron. You need a key to proceed further, so go back.

32. Go back to the original house go to the basement to the room with the bear. Remember the Tic-Tac-Toe game on the wall earlier? It’s the clue for the safe. Arrange the dials in this order, B1, A2, C3. Use the two little dots on each one as a guide to where the numbers and letters should go. You want it to look like this:


The safe will open. Take the coin and the green square gem from inside.

Go all the way upstairs again. There’s another door on the right. Pick up the puzzle piece and notice the note about Moonflower:


33. Enter the open door ahead:


Pick up the coin from the nightstand and the three puzzle pieces.

34. There are two things to take note of in this room:



Place the four gems you found in the correct shapes on the dreamcatcher, like so:



More coming soon! Watch this page and feel free to ask for help in the comments section. I’ve also been editing the walkthrough as I discover more things, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or read through the walkthrough again.

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217 thoughts on “The Haunt: Walkthrough

        1. Vicki

          I have all but one puzzle piece(the head of the sheep) I still have the gold cross and don’t know what to do with it. I believe I’ve put everything in cauldron, but the ceramic flask won’t go.I still have the pruning sheers although I’ve cut both the moon flowers and the wool. Help I’m going crazy.

          1. joan jameson

            That was driving me mad too. It is on the right hand side of the stairs (but not on the stairs) down to where the moonflower is

    1. Nic

      You don’t need a sheep, just wool from the basket which is in the attic. It won’t let me pick it up though because I’m missing one puzzle piece & it’s the sheep’s face, so it’s still locked.

  1. Sarah

    At #29. Use the crowbar to remove planks from the door to reveal a puzzle. The green bubbles are positive, the red bubble in the middle is negative, the white bubbles are the answers. Add/subtract the two numbers together horizontal, vertical and diagonal to solve the puzzle. It reveals a set of stairs, not sure how to proceed.

  2. Kay Tighe

    Are the bells that play on the tape not for the bell ropes that you have to use ?
    I already did that but nothing seemed to happen

    I can’t get the box on the bed open the one with the diamond shapes !

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I’m pretty sure the recorded bells are for the wolves. I think you need to find more bells to attach to that screen, but I don’t think I’ve found even one yet.

      As for the diamond puzzle, use the drawing on the wall (I posted a screen cap of it).

      1. Kay Tighe

        I found four well ropes that you tug and bells ring
        When you use the bolt utters on the gate which isn’t to far from that puzzle ( (the green one with positive and negative )
        It leads to a castle type building in there is a tomb and those symbols that are in front of the wolves are in the tomb
        I have no idea what to do with them

      2. AnJoLi

        I put My two mechanic devices where the wolfs are. But havent found any in a long time. I guess we have to listen to the tape and play it the same way on the mechanic devices(?)

      1. FDA

        You can get the red gem by placing the skull medallion,,, it can be found by solving the attic puzzle.. The box on the floor with circles!
        You’ll get a star and another green Medalion. I wish that helps.

  3. Kay Tighe

    Ok. The ropes and in the little house outside When you pull the four ropes in
    Order ( 1 4 3 4 2 1)
    A little hatch to your right opens

  4. AnJoLi

    Are there any pictures of the brick puzzles inside the castle? I have done 2/ of 3 Maybe 4 puzzles but the are very difficult!

  5. EriSel

    I can’t really understand the puzzle found in the children’s bedroom.. Are we supposed to connect the wires from each of the colored bulbs to all three of the white ones?

      1. Kay Tighe

        Has anyone got a screen grab of how the wire puzzle in kids bedroom should look ?
        It’s driving me bonkers

      2. Vero

        Thanks for tour comment. I don’t find how connect wires without remaining openbsd wire. Please could you send a picture of the finished screen? It would be very helpfull. Thanks a lot. Sorry for my english but I am French.

      3. Juli

        Hi, can you share some insight as to this puzzle. It seems like there is a “four connector” in several places. Do you have to have them all connected at the same time or do one at a time? Thanks for any help, been working and working on this, love the game but am really stumped by this puzzle.

  6. Kay Tighe

    I haven’t done that puzzle in the children’s bed room it confused me too! It’s very fiddly ,
    I have just discovered the jigsaw pieces I have been collect I have to make ! Yikes

  7. Kay Tighe

    My game has come to a stand still I can’t do some of the puzzles and I can’t find any more moths for hints !

  8. Kay Tighe

    Ok in the blue room you use the kero and rag on painting
    Then you place the blue stone ( that has the gold rim around it) on the painting
    This shows the code for the tribal thing in the next room
    Then you get a key

  9. Mie

    There is a place where there are 5 spaces, for 5 different kind of stones. Does anyone know where to find the stone with the sun symbol on?

    1. Kay Tighe

      I have only found the earth stone so far
      The place that you are looking for is it when the Skelton is there are five things there with symbols on them

      How can I get to the attic ?
      And I can’t find the utility room either?

      1. Mie

        The attic:
        When you are in the hall upstairs and can see three doors, click on the right side, there is a (Hidden) door. then you can click on the stairs and get too the attic. remember the moonflower to get Christina to go away =)

        1. Mie

          The utility room:
          When you are in the livingroom there is two doors in front of you, to the left of the most left door there is one more door. enter that, the utility room is now in the right door, the left door is the bedroom.

    2. mlw

      Its in the basement. You have to give the ghost the second cross(the wooden one, not the gold one). he will go away revealing a hole in the wall by his chair. the sun symbol is in there.

    1. Kay Tighe

      You plant it in the basement in the moonlight
      It won’t flower till you get key for attic then you snip the flower and give it to the ghost

    2. Parminder

      You can plant a flower in the basement…There is a white colored circle on the the pot into that…then put the mud into it and after that plant the flower into it…but nothing has happened 🙁

      1. Parminder

        Mystry of Moonflower and attice key

        After you plant the flower in the pot in the basement…you need to find the attice key…attice key is placed in the basement where teddy is placed. just click very close to the dart game on the table…there you will find a key…now go to upstair where three doors are located and one hidden door opens that opens to other bedroom and a locked door. That locked door is opened with the attice key…A way to upstairs will open…There you find a scary ghost of a woman…she wants moonflower…Now if you remember, you planted a flower in the pot in the basement..Those flowers are grown in moonlight…cut those flowers with the same tool you used in the open area…now give that flower to the ghost to please her….

  10. Kay Tighe

    I still need to open a lot of boxes the one in the living room with the moon and star
    The one in the attic
    The green one with the postive / negative
    The toy box ( the wires )
    Need to get red gem still From box on bed
    Outside where skeletons are I need to open altar
    need to find last noise device too for the wolves
    Anyone able to help

    1. Kay Tighe

      It’s in the room where the teddy is on the floor
      Just click around the dartboard that’s how I found it purely by accident

  11. AnJoLi

    The little room on the right of the ropes… There is a “book” on the floor with arrows… Anyone know in witch direction the arrows should turn?? ( sorry My english… Im from Sweden 😉 hope u understand )

    1. Kay Tighe

      The numbers on the floor tell you the order to pull the ropes ( to open trap door to right)
      You pull the ropes in this order

      1 4 3 4 2 1

      1. Kay Tighe

        Itry to explain for you
        The arrows around the first number which is number 4 must face
        The top arrow point down
        The left arrow point right
        The right arrow point left
        The bottom arrow point down (towards number 3 )

        The next set around the number 3

        The left arrow must point left
        The right arrow must point right
        The bottom arrow must point down ( towards next number 6)

        Then the left arrow must point right
        The right arrow must point left
        And the final arrow on the base must point up towards the number 6

        I hope you can understand

    1. Kay Tighe

      Fiona how to open it is
      Look very carefully at the small inner circles
      The outer ones must match
      Note some are different shades have more than one line etc

  12. cass lee

    i m sick with the green counterweight puzzle….red is negative and green is positive but i dunno the way to unlock it~!!!!

  13. AnJoLi

    Kay Tighe rocks!!! 🙂 Im stuck at finding all the puzzels. I got 87… Need 12 more but I really cant find them 🙁 so my game is standing still at the moment.

    1. Kay Tighe

      I have missed a lot of puzzle pieces too but I’m wondering if we really need to complete the jigsaw to finish the game ?
      I haven’t even started the jigsaw !!

      1. AnJoLi

        I dont know what “jigsaw” means ( Im Swedish 😉 ) but yes Its the puzzle to the left of the screen.

        1. Kay Tighe

          Ok I’m irish !
          Yes the puzzle pieces we have been picking up are what we call here in Ireland jigsaw pieces and the puzzle to the left is a jigsaw

          Oh no I have not even started it yet !!

    1. Mie

      The ten potions can be found before the jigsaw puzzle is finished. Except, I can’t find the sheep (I think it is a sheep) I only need 2 puzzle pieces, but I’ve got all the other ingredients.
      (Sorry for my english, i’m from Denmark. I hope you understand)

      1. AnJoLi

        In danish too but living in Sweden 🙂 If we dont have to finish the jigsaw puzzle… How do I pick up the garlic? When I solved the kids puzzle i couldnt pick up anything in the box. I cant pick up the mushrooms? And what about the deer… Cant do anything there either? Plz help!

        1. Kay Tighe

          I haven’t got that far 🙁
          I never done the puzzle in the kids room either
          I just couldn’t understand it ?
          Are you meant to connect all wires
          Or just one line at a time across and work that way ?

          I have found the official walk thru

          1. AnJoLi

            I cheated on that one;-) if you click on the fly on the left of the screen (hints) you see an adress on the bottom. Click it and you Will see pictures of the wires. If you dont want to see the other hints scroll down fast 🙂

        2. asia

          I am stuckk , i have th entire puzzle except one peice , i am missing one piece from the secne of out pack where your looking off into the back yard

  14. AnJoLi

    Nice to meet you 🙂
    It wasnt so difficult.. Start with the edges 🙂 ( the 3 brick/stone puzzle was harder)

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Sorry I haven’t had the chance to continue the walkthrough yet!
      But I’ll try to grab a screenshot of the jigsaw puzzle when I have it completed, in case anyone’s having trouble with it.

      1. Evalin

        PLEASE give us a screen shot on how to solve the toy box puzzle! I used the hint but can’t seem to solve…stuck for weeks now!

      2. joan jameson

        According to the moth hint there are 2 jigsaw pieces on the stairs leading down to the moonflower. Though in the spoiler pic there is only one. I can only find one. It is the last piece I need. Have been everywhere else using the moth clues. Please help!

    2. Kay Tighe

      Nice to meet you too
      I’m at just at the stone/ brick puzzles now
      But looks like I will have to do the puzzle that I was trying to avoid or I won’t be able to complete the game

      It is a very good game great value for money

    3. Kris

      How did you complete stone puzzle??? Never have had such a tough time with a puzzle before!!! 2 days of frustration!! lol. Ready to throw my iPad! Loving the game otherwise!

    1. Kay Tighe

      This is a a tough one I still haven’t completed any of them
      What you have to do is connect the wires on the board so there are no loose ends 🙁

    1. Kay Tighe

      The code is on the painting in the blue bedroom you use the Kero and rag on the painting the place the blue stone ( with gold rim)
      On the painting the code will then show up you then get the scroll and find the letters on the scroll then input them to the capsule

          1. Kaivan

            Okkk…..thank you so much…!!
            That safe is really difficult to ope…!!
            I tried many times but it is not opening only…!!

    1. Kay Tighe

      I have finally got the toy box open
      I don’t know how to pick up those items I’m guessing the puzzle must be completed before you trigger something to allow you to pick them up
      I haven’t met the ghost in the basement yet

      1. AnJoLi

        I have done the ghost in basement. But now i finally found the feather in the kids box. It was to the left… But i couldnt see it . Try tappning alot 😉

  15. Red

    I can’t get the save open with the stethoscope, I turned the nob slowly to the right, heard the click, then left, heard the click, then right again. But nothing happened. Have it done it wrong. I even restart the game three times, each time I get stuck when I want to open the safe. Please advice

    1. Kris

      You have to go very slow and stop as soon as you here click, can’t even go one click past hearing. Was frustrating. lol

  16. Sara

    Its so easy just tap the numbered diamond in sequence order if one diamond have two numbers like 7 and 10 u will press that diamond twice but not at the same time so u will press numbered from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 u will have some red thing put the gold coin that u collect earlier the one with monkey pic on it place it on the red thing it will break and u will get the stuff in it

  17. Kris

    Frustrated!!! Anyone been able to get the stone tile puzzle together in the cemetery mausoleum?? WISH they had a ‘SKIP’ button!!! Been trying for 2 days & can’t go any further with game until I do this!!! Ugggghhh. Any hints greatly appreciated!

  18. Stevesteve

    I’ve gotten two of the wire puzzles done in the child’s room working on the 3rd trying to post pictures but it’s not working

  19. Stevesteve

    Cant find the last puzzle piece , checked the moths which show you how many there are in each room, and still can’t find it for the sheep head to finish getting the wool for the caldron

    1. Kay Tighe

      I am still missing four
      Haven’t been online to play much
      Is it true you must do the tile puzzles before you can get the last four jigsaw pieces which are with the wolves ???

  20. Iza

    Hi i have just a little bit more to finish the game but i’m stuck i can’t place the meteorite rock which i took from the chest in the living room. It doesn’t let me place it in the mausoleum and i can’t even tap on the rock ( when you tap on an object in your inventory it appears a yellow square around that object well when i tap on the meteorite it doesn’t appear anything ) . Please help me. Thanks

  21. Lost

    Can somebody please tell me what outer buttons match with inner buttons in the attic puzzle box? The shades seem to stay the same even if colour changes…

    1. Kay Tighe

      This one was a little tricky
      They do look the same but they are different if you can set the zoom in your phone you will see the differences some
      Of them have markings on them ( like rings on the edges)
      Also the grey ones are different shades
      Took me a long time to open this but as soon as I zoomed in I spotted the differences right away
      Hope this helps you

      1. Lost

        Thanks! Will it open automatically once I get it right or do I have to press anything special? How do I zoom on the IPhone? The pinching doesnt work in this mode…

        1. Kay Tighe

          Sorry for delay in reply I was offline I’m using iPhone if you go to your setting then under settings scroll to general then down to accessibility there you will find zoom turn it on

          Yes the box will open right away when you get the correct combination

          1. Lost

            I still dont get it. Can u help in some other way? What numbers on the outer circle match the inner? So hard…

            1. Kay Tighe

              @ lost
              Are you on the puzzle box in the attic ?

              The zoom on your phone should
              Help you see the difference they are very faint differences but they are there
              I went back to that puzzle to see if I could take a screen grab for you butthe box stays open 🙁

    2. Kay Tighe

      Wish there was an easy way of doing the stone tile slider puzzles
      I’m on the 2nd one now and I want to throw my phone out the window !

  22. Cema

    how do I get into the castle? and where can I find the cemetery with the puzzle you all write about! please help!

    1. Kay Tighe

      To get to the castle you go outside to the big barn when in big barn take the first left down in to a room there you must break chain on the gate to get to castle

  23. Fouad

    I followed all your instructions but i just cant cut the moonflower bush… I found the pruning shears but the bush just wont cut 🙁

  24. mlw

    Does anyone know how to solve the gear puzzles. There is one in the room with the candles at the church and another one that you put the 3 gearsinto and turn the crank. I can’t figure out either one. Also I need the last stone on the right. I think it may be a fire stone. Can anyone help?

    1. nana182

      the 3 gears have to be put on with the colours matchin the dreamcatcher in the bedroom, make sure the fourth gear is on blue before you start then turn it a few times :)ill try and answer you other 2 questions soon

      1. shepherd

        i only found 2 gears, can u tell me where to found the rest? btw, i cant open the box in the living room, can u tell me where to find the crescent?

    1. Mahsa

      hi my friend
      it is on the smaller home that has moonflower
      it is on the window
      im Iranian
      i dont know english very much

    2. Mimie

      Sheep’s head piece is on right side of the wall to the the basement inside the house. It was very small and almost invisable

    3. ms.ortiz

      The head of the sheep puzzle piece is in the kitchen on the pattern thing. Its in the middle of the left hand corner.

  25. mlw

    I figured out the one with the 3 gears but I still cant figure out the one with the large circle in the church room with the candles. Help please

  26. nana182

    hello iv done everything i just need to find all the puzzle pieces to carry on with the game i need the middle piece of the deer antlers, middle of the flower, middle of the mushrooms, the sheep head, teabag label and the bottom of the hornets nest. if anybody knows where they are let me know pleeease! iv been lookin for them for hours now! thank you 🙂

    1. Mahsa

      Hi my friend
      in each place you can click on the brown butterfly in menu
      it shows you some questions and also shows you the number of puzzles in screen
      it is above the questions

        1. Mahsa

          You should put it in the basement
          the place that has fuse
          you should put the pot under the moonlight and then put the soil on it
          after a few min you can back and cut the moonflowers grown

  27. nana182

    aha i wish i knew that afew days ago would have helped alot lol.. thank you iv finished now and cant wait for second one! btw the facebook page helps alot too! 🙂

  28. Ami

    Nana… I definitely recommend the twisted lands games.. Shadow is first, insomniac is second, and the third (origin) is coming soon.. Really excited for it. They’re definitely much easier than this one, but more expensive ($2.99 on android phone.. Htc amaze.. but crashes and I got reimbursed by support team… $6.99 on iPad,but zero issues).. Intrigueing plot with crazy twist at the end, and the preview you get of origin at the end of insomniac… TOTALLY unexpected. This game has been great so far but very frustrating, and would like more story than that single diary.

  29. Ami

    I had read through the post and all the comments in search of how to solve that puzzle and noticed lots of Q’s involving it.. I was very frustrated until I noticed the link on the moth hints page to the walk through at Some people said you could turn on the skip option in the options but it’s not available to me for some reason (iPad)… So I was fed up and looked, and it shows you the solved version of each color wire puzzle. The person you said u need to connect them all in an old post (I don’t remember which) was correct, but they didn’t explain thoroughly that it only needs to involve the path to the other side, not EVERY wire. Also the purple goes to middle white circle on right side, Green to bottom circle, yellow to top. Hope that’s helpful! 🙂
    Also, does anyone know why I can’t prune the moonflower I planted in the basement to give to Christina? Lol. I am doing the right thing but it must not let you until you’ve completed a certain task, so does anyone know when that is? Also someone mentioned tapping the mushrooms and not being able to get them.. Try the pruning shears. It won’t let me either, so I think you must complete the puzzle first, cuz I can’t get any other ingredients, like the garlic in the kitchen either.
    Also keep up the great work on the walk through! The other website tells you how to solve everything but not the order in which to go about things, or where the puzzle pieces are. (it says to go to the Facebook page for help on puzzle pieces, but I don’t have Facebook and it seems no one knows where to find the sheep face piece!) when I find the sheep face piece I will post! 🙂

    1. Kay Tighe

      Yes thAts the official walkthru
      There is a skip button which allows you to skip certain puzzles
      It’s just not available yet for apple products but very soon
      Also the. Game have a bug which prevents you picking up the garlic which is been fixed
      Go to the haunt official Facebook for updates on these issues

  30. Ami

    You have to get past the wolves, that’s where I found my last four puzzle pieces, including the one with the sheep face, which was right to the left of the Back button. 🙂


    Regarding the “Sheep Face” puzzle piece: I think it is always the last piece you find. Mine was in the livingroom.

  32. Debi

    Hi, I just started to play the game and I am having trouble with the puzzle on the bed. Would anyone give me some tips on this puzzle? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ami

      If you’re talking about the box with the diff colors you can find the hint on the back porch… That’s the place with the broken door with caution tape… On the left side on the wall in white. That shows you the order to tape the boxes. When I did it, I didn’t know about the hint, and figured out you just have to make all the lights turn (on or off.. It’s been a while sorry, either all on or all off) and just tried remembering which ones affected which lights. So I figured out the right pattern on accident after three minutes of playing around lol.. But if you don’t wanna do that, you can go look at the porch clue.. 🙂

  33. Mary

    I put all the ingredients of the potion in the cauldron before I had the flask·Now that I have the flask, I can’t get the cauldron to glow again. Any suggestions of what to do? I’m at the end of the game! Help!!!

    1. Kay Tighe

      I did the same I just held the flask over it and it glowed then the flask popped back into my items with the potion in it

  34. Mary

    Hi Kay or anyone else who can help. I have everything in the cauldron and the flask. The cauldron is not glowing and the flask doesn’t doesn’t come out of inventory. Plus I still have pruning shears. What the heck! Nothing left to cut either cuz the moonflower is already in the cauldron! Any ideas?

  35. amy

    So annoying i cant find my last 4 puzzle pieces which are the sheeps head and the teabag 🙁 ive been through everywhere about 50 times. So lost

  36. Evalin Thomas

    PLEASE give us a sreen shot of the solved toy box puzzle! I even used the hint but I’ve been stuck for weeks! Not fun!

    1. Kay Tighe

      There’s is an official walkthru and it has a screen grab of the toy box

      If you click the link on the bottom of the screen of your main game it will take you to the walkthru

  37. Thia

    I am stuck on the wolves I can not figure out how to get pass them I have a four noises makers plz help. It’s driving me crazy

    1. Kay Tighe

      The flash night I think is in the cupboard near the door that has the yellow tape on it

      Are you talking about the tune you need to make using the noise makers ?
      I just kept pressing untill I got the correct combination

      1. Allison

        Where can I fond the mud to plant the moonflower? I have the pot in the correct place, but it wont let me put the seed in. Please help!

    1. Kay Tighe

      When the WITCHES CAULDRON is glowing, add the POTION FLASK to CAULDRON.
      Return to the BASEMENT to the ZOMBIE DEMON’S DEN.
      Add the MAGIC POTION to the orange glowing CISTERN in the middle of the room!

    1. Kay Tighe

      There is a Facebook page the haunt and it shows location of evey puzzle piece
      Did you go to each area and click the moth to see which areas you haven’t picked up puzzle pieces ?
      I found turning on the zoom on my phone helped

  38. tanya

    I have tried and tried to open the wall safe but I just can ‘t get it open…extremley frustrated at this point!!! Please….please help

    1. Kay Tighe

      It’s in the porch where the police tape is at the door where you go out for the barns
      It’s in the cupboard there x

  39. louise

    hi I didnt find the sheep’s head in game but still completed game brilliant game can any1 recommend a game like this one pls x

  40. louise

    hi I didn’t find sheep’s head in game but still completed game brilliant game can any1 recommend a game like this one pls x

  41. lela

    I’m so stuck. I found the wooden puzzle and the tribal key but I don’t know how to solve it. How do I solve it? Am I missing something?

  42. neil501

    i thought the game was great until the door from the study to the porch slammed shut and i didnt have any more keys or anything to re-open it! my game ended half way thru so pissed off has this happened to anyone else????? how do i re-open the porch door so i can continue???????


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