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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Panmorphia by LKMAD. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.  


The navigation here is a bit tricky sometimes, so I’ll try to be as clear as possible when instructing where to tap to get to a screen. But if you notice any errors or confusing bits, please let me know. I’m also testing pagination with this walkthrough. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a page number! Let me know what you think of it. 

1. Pick up the medallion stuck between the rocks. Then pick up the notebook, map and box for storage.


You can also watch this video I made for the first part of my walkthrough here:

2. Tap the area on the ground close to the bottom of the screen so you move backwards to a locked gate. You can’t unlock it yet. But if you tap the left side of the screen, you’ll move left. Pick up the marble statue head from the ground. Then tap on the columns to move to another screen.

3. Here, place the marble head on the statue and solve the puzzle to get a stick.

4. Go back to the gate and this time tap to the right of it. In this scene, use the stick to get the wooden piece from the tree. Also, note the sharpening stone. Tap the bottom of the screen to get to another scene. Here, pick up the wire brush.

5. Go back to the gate and tap on the little lock to the left. Now add the wooden piece to the puzzle and slide the blocks around until there’s room to get the red one into the hole to the right. Slide it in to unlock the gate!


6. Go through the gate. Tap on the blue flowers and pick up the rusty machete. Then go back to the screen with the sharpening stone (whetstone) and use it to sharpen the machete. Then go back to through the gate and this time go past the blue flowers to the bridge. Use the machete to cut the brambles in your way and cross the bridge.



7. Tap the left side of the screen here to go to another scene. Pick up the star key. Also, use the wire brush on the moss to get a clue for your notebook. Go back a screen and tap straight ahead. Pick up the chisel, then tap to the right. Here, pick up the dried leaves and take the mushrooms from the hole in the tree. Then go back to the scene with the sharpening stone (whetstone) and use the key to unlock the door here.



8. Go inside and pick up the amphora (jug?) and rusty axe. Also, take a look in the oven. There’s also some writing on the wall, but it’s too faded to see. We’ll come back to it.

9. Go back out and sharpen the axe on the whetstone. Then go right to the scene with the purple flowers and the rose bush and use the axe to cut the rose bushes.

10. Continue on ahead. Pick up the matches. Then head right and continue straight ahead. Pick up the spade And use the wire brush on the moss to get a clue. Then go back to the “house.” Use the matches to light a fire in the oven and then light the dried leaves on fire. The whole place will get smoky and you’re forced to leave.

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17 thoughts on “Panmorphia: Walkthrough

  1. RayLinStephens

    OMG! Thank you! I am up to Cat when I stopped playing – this game is wonderful and the developer responded to my question on a puzzle immediately!

    I’m so happy you’re doing a w/t.


  2. Darrell Kirchner

    Can’t get past cat puzzle. I used a camera to copy your screen for comparison (got tired of going back and forth on phone). Every section is identical. When I back out it resceambles and I can’t insert piece. What is wrong?

    1. sue

      I’m at the end of the game and can’t get the last two parts of the amulet to engage. I tap on the amulet to put it where I think it should go and the amulet won’t go on the screen to recharge. I can kick the dirt up for the cat , but no amulet. Argghhhh!!! How frustrating to be this close and can’t finish.

      1. Lydia

        Hey Sue,

        When you are kicking up the dirt, are you aiming it for the leaf part? That’s what you need to do to activate it, then it will allow you to put the amulet there (by selecting amulet + clicking the leaf) and charge it. You cannot put the amulet on the screen, you always activate the element and then select the amulet and tap the element to ‘put it up’ and charge it!

        Let me know!


    2. Lydia

      Hey Darrell,

      So sorry to have not responded earlier. Wasn’t aware you posted here. 🙁

      I’m guessing it’s one of the outer pieces that were not in the correct rotation.
      I was unintentionally evil with that puzzle, next game I’ll make them easier to figure out! 🙂

      Let me know if you are still stuck there (I really hope not, eek!).

      Email me it’ll be a lot faster: and I can help you out ASAP to get you moving!

      So sorry. 🙁

      Take care,

      1. Nova

        I’m stuck at the bird’s footprint … It says to dig, but I don’t have a shovel. I’m morphed into bird at present. This walk through ends with the cabin being filled with smoke and all items for the potion are in the inventory! Please help?

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  4. Lindi M Pearson

    I absolutely loved this game. Would buy it 1000 times over! Well done and please come out with a part 2 soon. Thanks

  5. Lindi M Pearson

    Plus, I have a galaxy 7 and vehemently oppose apple products. I noticed in the title of appunwrapper it says, “for iPhone and ipad”. Do you not do android games or is there even much of a difference anymore?


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