The Room Three (3): Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Room Three
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, help, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for The Room Three by Fireproof Games. Only read this if you don’t mind spoilers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

**Note: You can find a complete video walkthrough for each chapter at the beginning of of each chapter. They follow my walkthrough exactly, so it’s easier to find a part that you need. I’ve also added short clips throughout of some individual puzzles. If you’re having trouble with a specific puzzle and want me to add it, just ask.

Chapter 1, The Lighthouse | Chapter 2, The Clock Tower. | Chapter 3, The Forge. | Chapter 4, The Observatory. | Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending.

See all three alternate endings, Release, Escape, Lost.

See my review for The Room Three.


Chapter 1, The Lighthouse:

1. Follow the tutorial. Swipe around to find the journal and look rough it a bit. Then, look at the box that appears on the table. Take the key.


2. There’s no keyhole on the box, so you need to get your eyepiece from the suitcase. Swipe both the right and left locks outward to open the suitcase. Then, zoom in on the little metal strip inside the lid. It’s actually a hidden compartment! Slide it out of the way and then take the eyepiece.




3. You can’t really do anything else right now with the rest of the stuff inside your suitcase. But you can use the eyepiece to see some hidden markings.


4. Use the eyepiece on the box to see some puzzle pieces. Slide them around to make a square, which will then reveal a keyhole. Use the key in the keyhole and turn it. Then take the engraved pyramid.



You can also watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 1 here:

5. You will now be transported to a new room. Slide the lock on the door to the right to see into the next room. Some man walks by the table.


6. Turn around and face the puzzle box in middle of the room. First, read the scroll resting on top. Then, there are three cylinders here filled with objects. You can turn each one using the little dial at the bottom. If you put on your eyepiece, you can see a riddle above each one. The first says “THE POOR HAVE ME THE RICH NEED ME.”
The answer is NOTHING, so set the cylinder to the empty window.



7. The second one says “MY FACE IS SILENT WITHOUT MY HANDS.” The answer is a CLOCK, so find the pocket watch and set it to that.


8. The third one says “THE POWER OF FLIGHT THE WELL OF KNOWLEDGE.” This is a quill and ink well. Set it to that.


9. A slot in the box will open, revealing a letter from the Craftsman and an ornate box. Take the box and open it. Take the lens. It will automatically be added to your eyepiece.




10. Use the eyepiece to see inside the door’s keyhole, then pick the lock. You basically turn two pieces at a time and stop when you see the white glow in the middle. The door will unlock and you can go through to the next room.



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286 thoughts on “The Room Three (3): Complete Walkthrough Guide

  1. Jesman

    I’ve finished all 3 endings except Lost. The left artifact is mysteriously missing from my inventory. I had previously gotten it from the fortune teller in another ending. I’m hoping there is a way to get it again without going through the who,e game again. Any ideas?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      You can restart the chapter and then go through all that bonus content again. You don’t have to replay all the other endings, but you would need to get all those items again so you can use them for the Lost ending. The only items you keep if you restart the chapter are the Craftsman’s Key and screwdriver.

  2. Jesman

    Thanks! Worked great and finally got the Lost ending. I’m slower than most. Took me over 13 hours to complete game and all endings. All of them fun.

  3. Kat

    I’ve got the disc I can see through with my glass mounted on the track by the safe, but I haven’t used the ball to knock over the safe yet. Know of a way to get the golden ball back so I can get in the safe and go through the last two endings? There’s noting I can find left to take from the desk, and I cannot get the metal piece back out of the poster book thing.

      1. Kat

        I’m trying to figure out how to knock over the safe. The walkthrough pictures show a golden ball looking thing mounted on the track where I now have the see-through disc mounted instead; apparently the golden ball thing may be manipulated to make the hanging ball swing to knock the safe over. Moving the disc I have now along the rail doesn’t make the ball swing. Maybe I should just start the chapter over.

          1. Kat

            Oh duh! Thanks so much. I thought I had to put something else in the socket on the track. The safe made a satisfying thud when it landed.

  4. Andyk

    I’ve finished the normal game and two of the alternate endings, I go to the fortune teller, but there’s no small mechanism in the token slot. Any ideas?

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          You never took anything from it? What have you done so far?

          If you think it’s a bug, you can try restarting the chapter and then you’d have to find all the stuff around Grey Holm again.

  5. andyk

    I’ve completed the initial game and the first and third alternate endings. I may have taken something from it very early in the initial game, but I must have used it. Strange

  6. andyk

    Figured it, apologies, i’d opened the draw ages ago, but not slid the button on the side back and forgotten all about it. Thanks for your help

  7. Dominic

    Do you unlock all achievements by finishing the game and all the alternate endings? I think I’m missing the ‘Midnight Strikes’ achievement.

      1. Dominic

        I just recently downloaded the game. They must have updated it to include achievements. I’m playing on iOS btw. I reached out to the developers and they can’t really tell what happened. The achievement is unlocked after completing Chapter 3. I will need to play the game from the beginning if I want to unlock it. I don’t mind. It’s fun!

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          Yeah, I already played through the entire game twice for my walkthroughs, so not gonna play a third time for the achievements. 😉 Maybe sometime in the future when I’ve forgotten all the puzzles.

  8. Emily

    I turned on the music but I can’t figure out how to dial the number. The light in the top right corner of the phone isn’t lighting up. Did I miss a step?

  9. Emily

    I’m near the end. I got through the power in the 3rd tower anf clicked the button on the top, but I went to the press the button on the top of the 2nd tower to have all the projections at once and the 3rd tower projection turned off.

  10. K Gunn

    I got a second message from Maggie, not an exciting one but still. If there are two there may be four. The new one appeared when I got the third coin before going through the door in the greenhouse, and just said “the forge awaits you”
    Anyone seen another?

      1. K Gunn

        I just started over and made sure to do the second coin as soon as possible, before opening the door in the library and sure enough I got “the clock tower awaits you”

        But the really intresting one would be for the last one, I checked to see if there was a message before I pulled the artifact out, but no..

        Any ideas?

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          So wait… You started the whole game over, not just chapter 5? Do you only get those messages if you do the bonus puzzles as you play the rest of the game? Interesting.

          1. K Gunn

            Yes, you have to do the ending puzzles as you go. Still couldn’t get a final message from her, not even to say the observatory awaits. It would be nice to know if there is supposed to be one.

            Did you notice the word on the plinth the first pyramid sat on? The one in the box? Elpis which means hope. I think the imprisoned ending is actually the one you should choose.

              1. K Gunn

                I have no idea if you are still interested, but I’ve been playing again, and noticed something new. When you first enter the library and look around with the eyepiece there is nothing to see, but once you start ineracting with Maggie that changes . . . Dramatically. If you check it out don’t miss the floor and doorways.

  11. Nat C

    Does anyone have the idea of how to open the bottom left drawer?
    Side note: I have completed all 4 endings. So that’s why I found it weird.

  12. Summer

    It seems that from the first part of this chapter, you have another ballerina statue. BUT i only have one statue which is attached to the red box. Now this problem obstructs the progress! Where the hell can i find the another statue??!!??!!??!

  13. Theresa

    I finished the first ending. So am doing the second. But I’ve already used or lost the square metal object that you get from the book in the upstairs library. I even had turned it into a sphere. I put it on the book but didn’t know it would open the book again. So I took it back. And either put it somewhere else or lost it. Anyway, because I don’t have the sphere anymore, I can’t open the book and get the wax cylinder.

    Am I just stuck? Or any ideas of how to get the metal block again.

      1. pandammonium

        I’m in the same situation as Theresa. I had the cube, and put it into the squad slot on the left and it disappeared. I restarted the chapter, but when I go to the poster book, there’s no metal cube. Am I missing something?

  14. Mel

    I’m playing this on my iPad and not sure if that’s the issue, but I can’t seem to figure out how to open the crystal phial key I got out of the divers helmet in chapter one. It just spins, won’t twist open..

  15. lettii

    Can somone help me I’m stuck in the room with the snake and I got the magnet but I don’t know how to get out if the room

  16. zhila

    Please help me . I’m Iranian and i can’t write English. I finished all of chapters but still screw driver is on menu I have done all levels in tower but I don’t know that must use of wooden door or trains door ? For showing card of 3 ?

  17. Angela Reed

    I am stuck! I have the third pyramid piece but I can’t leave the room to take it back to the main room. I’m stuck in the library, I went up the steps and retrieved the box from the table on the landing, but I still can’t leave the room. I double tap the door way and nothing happens…am I missing something? please help!

  18. Grant

    On charter three when you have to align the Gems with the eyepeice i click on the gem to make it go it but I won’t ive already restarted the chapter and the same thing happened

  19. Harry

    Hey there
    In the 1st chapter At the end of it ..when u get bulb and go through that cage parts .. I pull down the first handle but not able to rotate it . May I know how to rotate that?

  20. srk

    A doubt…

    I’ve got the both artifacts for my alternate ending…but how do I get to the portal for placing them and solving em the ending??..


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