Cube Escape: Seasons: Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Seasons
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the first Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: Seasons. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Spring 1964:

1. Open the first and third drawers of the dresser to get the matches and spoon.


2. Turn right. Tap the window twice to open the curtains. Tap the lower left part of the window to make a photo piece appear. Take it.


3. Go back and turn on the light switch to the left of the window. Look up at the light using the up arrow and take another photo piece.



4. Turn right to the kitchen. Open the cabinets under the sink and take the empty pan/pot, bird food and wooden log.


5. Go back left and feed the bird food to the parrot. Tap on him a food times and he’ll lay a black egg for you.


6. Go right again to the kitchen. Put the empty pot/pan under the faucet and turn on the water. Take the pot full of water and place it on the stove. Turn on the gas and then light it using the matches. Last, drop the uncooked egg into the pot to cook it. Take it when it’s cooked. Also, take the pot back.


7. Place the cooked egg in the holder on the counter. Use the spoon to break it, then take the black cube.


8. Go right. Zoom in on the radio and take the photo piece that’s sticking out from behind it.


9. Place the wooden log in the fireplace and use the matches to light the fire. Use the matches to light the candle.


10. Place black cube in the hole above the fireplace. Put all four photo pieces in the picture frame. Then move the photo over the black box. Tap the picture to complete the Spring section.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Summer walkthrough or click here.

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54 thoughts on “Cube Escape: Seasons: Walkthrough Guide

    1. o

      I think the author forgot to mention that you have to turn on and leave the candle on before leaving Fall

    1. Kayla

      Turn the radio on until you have music and make sure the bird actually left when you opened the window in spring (it will not work if the bird is on the window sill; click the bird and the window should close and you’ll see it outside)

    2. nobody

      Turn on the radio in the winter,when you see the notes flow up the bird is by the window sill.Im stuck on the part were you get all the pieces and i pull it down but it wont let me pick up the phone for some reason.

    1. Nero

      I was stuck in the same place for months! You have to turn the radio on to the correct station, I think its 100 or something, then the bird will come.

  1. RvdW

    Other comments said it before, but I can’t get the bird to come back to the window. I just checked back the entire walkthrough and I did everything the way it says. I can’t get it to come back. What am I missing?

  2. Marina

    I am having the same problem with the bird. Put radio at 105 got music. Candles on , bird left window. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  3. Jaleners

    I had the problem with the candle not melting, went back to fall and lit the candle, went back to winter and it was melted…. I also had the problem with the bird not coming back ……. I turned the radio on and nothing…. then I pulled the lever and checked and the bird was there 😉

    Seems like the end now is stuck though in the final scene…. anyone else have that issue?

      1. Irene

        I’m stuck, the bird doesn’t come to the window.

        What exactly do I have to do in spring with the bird?


  4. Irene

    I’m stuck, the bird doesn’t come to the window.

    What exactly do I have to do in spring with the bird?


  5. Caryn Lorentz

    I’m doing the second season and I finished the picture and got the cube and it won’t let me move on the the next stage? Am I forgetting something or is this a glitch because I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours.

  6. Matt

    Anyone else stuck on the winter bird not coming to the window, make sure you open the window in spring after you open the birdcage. You need the log from the fireplace to open the window; I used the pot of water to douse the fire so I could get the log back. Did everything else and only came to the walk through for this… fun game 🙂

  7. CubeEscapePlayer

    I am trying to finish the game. I’ve followed every instruction, and looked for comments when I needed help. But when I go back to spring, and pick up the phone, nothing happens? Am I doing something wrong.

  8. esaur

    I know this sounds insane, but is there a specific way you have to kill the bird in the original Fall? I have stabbed it SO MANY times, but it just sheds its’ feathers. I’ve tried restarting and going through exactly as the walkthrough does, but still nothing. This is driving me insane!!!!


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