Adventure Escape Space Crisis: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5, Spacewalk:

1. Grab the clamp. Then enter the Engineering room.


2. Find the tether, the printing material and caliper ruler.


3. Place the printing material in the printer. Then, turn on the printer so you can take the key. Leave the room.




4. Enter the lab. Use the key to get the tank with liquid in it. Also find the hose and make note of the sign that says FUSE on it. We’ll need it soon.



5. Place the tank of liquid in the garbage disposal and press the button to get rid of the liquid. Then, place it behind the other glass so you can fill it with fuse.


6. Use the FUSE sign to tell you which colors should be in each diamond. Press the button to mix them. Then take the full fuel tank and leave the room.



7. Now enter the Airlock room. Grab the jetpack and tether. Then leave the room.


8. Go back to the engineering room. Place the jetpack on the scale. Attach the tank using the clamp. Then, measure the hole using the caliper ruler. It should say 12.5. Use the printer to print a 12.5 valve. Attach the valve and hose to the jetpack.





9. Now we have to balance each section so they each add up to 40. Take the improved jetpack.


10. Go back to the airlock room. Attach the tethers to the main tether. Take the suit and head out to rescue Jake. You’ll need to play a QTE mini game here, where you tap on each arrow as it reaches the bottom. That’s the end of the chapter!



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25 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Space Crisis: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Berry

    I have a problem because my minigame with arrows and cells is different… And I don’t know what to do… Help, please…

  2. Sheila Tillery

    My mini game is different too? The arrow above the power cell is like the one to the left that you highlighted. So what do I do?😱

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Weird… I played the game on both my iPad and iPhone and got the same thing on both. Didn’t realize there was more than one option. If you email me a screenshot, maybe I can help.

    2. Tracie

      Start at the same square. It should be three squares pointing right, not four, as there isnt actually room to move four steps to the right.

  3. Laura

    With the gear puzzle the second to last gear won’t go on and when I finally got it on it wouldent turn

  4. Tracie

    If your minigame looks different, just start at the same square. Its actually correct as you can only move three steps to the right anyway. The image above is either glitched or just wrong. The square should have three arrows pointing right, not four.

  5. Heike

    Same here, one of the gears doesn’t fit in and so the whole thing does not turn. 🙁
    Any ideas ???

  6. Linda S

    Thank you for the solution to #9 in Chapter 7. My puzzle was like the other ones mentioned, 3 not 4 but you explained how so I was able to do it. I was just stymied and out of stars, lol.

  7. Stacie

    Hey, I’m having the same trouble as a lot people on the level with the arrows, I too haven’t got the same one you have and I’ve tried so many combinations but nothing works, I’ve tried starting in the same place as the arrow you have but it doesn’t work, neither does any of the ones around it. I’m stumped and every walkthrough I’ve found all have your version, mine is android on my tablet so maybe that’s why. Please help lol

  8. Laura

    Hi the gears aren’t working on mine either. Either the second gear won’t turn or the last one doesn’t connect. Help

  9. Charlene

    I keep getting “the tank isn’t filled with fuel” when I try attaching it to the jetpack even though I’ve filled it correctly?! Please help!!


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