Cosmic Express: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions


Andromeda | Ursa Minor | Delphinus | Vela | Cassiopeia | Taurus | Perseus | Ursa Major| Orion | Nova | Secrets

Nova A1:


Nova A2:

Nova A3:

Nova B1:


Nova B2:

Nova B3:

Nova C1:


Nova C2:

Nova C3:

Nova D1:

Nova D2:

Nova D3:

Nova E1:

Nova E2:

Nova E3:

Nova F1:

Nova F2:

Nova F3:

Nova 4:

Nova 5:

Nova 6:

Nova 7:

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9 thoughts on “Cosmic Express: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

  1. Kinlaadare

    On levels with multiples output, like andromeda 8, or perseus 8, could you put both solutions please (as you might have solved ’em 🙂 )

    Thank you!


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