Reigns Her Majesty: Walkthrough Guide – Good Ultimate Ending (How to Get All Three Endings)

Reigns: Her Majesty
By: Devolver Digital


This is a a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide to help you get all three endings in Reigns: Her Majesty by Devolver Digital.

See my Objectives guide for help with the Royal Deeds.

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I also made a separate guide explaining all the uses for the five different items, including some that can help you cheat death.

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And here’s some weird stuff I’m trying to piece together.

For the two easier endings, scroll to the bottom of the page. The third ending is the hardest and the one I’m going to walk you through, step by step. You can only get one ending per game. So if you want to see the easier ones first, you don’t need to upgrade every single item to its final state.

Ending 3, The Good Ending:

1. On your third death, the All-Mother will appear and give you a Blank Spellbook. She will also tell you that if you earn her crown, you shall have all your desires.


2. Once you recruit the acolyte (during the coronation ball), she’ll notice you have the book and ask you to give it to her. Do so by dragging it from your inventory. Even if she doesn’t ask for it, you can still give her the book.


3. She will write a spell in it, turning it into a Red Spellbook. You can now use it to talk to animals! The animals will help you find the Lady of the Wood.


4. A cat should appear not too long after that. Use the spellbook on the cat to talk to her. Ask her for help. She sees that you want to meet the Lady of the Wood and tells you to speak to a fox.


5. Assuming you met the hunter by now, he should appear and offer to bring you some dead foxes. Ask him to get you a live fox instead. He might also offer to build a zoo, and the fox can be found there as well.


6. A fox should appear soon after that. Use the spellbook on him. Now, two things can happen here. If you’re lucky enough to have started this reign under the sign of Cancer, he’ll take you straight to the Lady of the Wood as long as you follow him. If that happens, do so to meet the Lady of the Wood right away. If not, continue on to see how to change your sign to Cancer.


7. At some point, the hunter should return and offer to slay a rare beast and bring you a trophy. Tell him to do it.


8. When he returns, he’ll mention the Lady of the Wood. Ask about your trophy. He’ll give you a chicken bone.



9. You need to get the Strange Clock from the doctor. The doctor was locked in the tower, and you should have recruited her by now. She should tell you at some point that she found a Strange Clock and offers it to you. Say “Thank you.” You can trigger this sooner by using the red book on her.


10. Now you have the clock, but it needs to be repaired.


11. Once you recruit the merchant, use the clock on her and she’ll repair it, giving you the Destiny Clock. If you go to the right location and use it, you can change your astrological sign. You need access to the maze for this.


12. The king’s birthday will happen at some point and he’ll ask you to throw a royal party in the gardens. Agree and walk around the maze until you see the Cancer sign. Use the Destiny Clock in that spot and change your sign to Cancer. (If the maze option isn’t showing up for you, try having an affair with the hunter. You can use the perfume on the handmaid to force that option to appear.) You can also use the Destiny Clock on any animal to get it to take you to the maze.



13. Once your sign is Cancer, talk to the fox and he’ll take you to the Lady of the Wood. Make sure to follow him!


14. The Lady of the Wood is a white doe. She will tell you to find a way to duel your own self. She says it is a great act of reflection. That’s a hint!


15. You need to recruit the mechanic and then have her appear and offer to repair your mechanical owl. Now you’ll have a duel room!


16. You also need the mechanic to appear and offer you a magic mirror. That’s where the reflection comes in!


17. Now for the pistol. When the explorer asks for funding to explore new worlds, give it to him. When he asks where to explore next, tell him the North. He’ll bring back a barbarian prisoner. Tell him to send her in.

18. The barbarian will offer you a duel pistol. Accept it.


19. Use the pistol with the barbarian and she’ll take you to the duel room to practice. You need to step forward until you see the word “wrong,” then fire.


20. Now that you know how to duel, use the pistol on the mirror to duel yourself. Step forward each time until you see this card, which is the All-Mother speaking:

Hidden in the garden maze is one great, sacred crown: “Follow the sun, dear child,” she says…


21. The All-Mother will appear and upgrade your spellbook to the Celestial Spellbook. She also tells you to summon the eclipse in the maze. Well, the way she says it is not so direct. She tells you, “In the center of the labyrinth, call down the hour of the black sun. There, we will meet again.”



22. Don’t summon the eclipse yet. I mean, you can, but if you give her the crown before getting the rest of the items, you won’t get the good ending. Feel free to do so to see one of the other endings, but you would then have to restart the game to get another ending. If you want to do that, skip to step 28. Otherwise, work on getting your upgrades.

23. The chicken bone is fairly easy to get, so let’s work on that first. Make sure you have the chicken bone first. Then, you need to get the church to 100% and the cardinal will appear, wanting to test you for sainthood. You may have at some point bribed a nun for information about the cardinal and she may have told you to show him the holy bone during a sainthood test. Give him the chicken bone and you’ll pass sainthood and get the Saint’s Bone, a holy relic.



24. Let’s work on the pistol. First, you need to get a riverboat so you can meet the pirate and recruit her. If you talk to the Royal Cow in the zoo, you might learn that you can only get the riverboat during Sagittarius. So wait for that sign or use the maze and Destiny Clock to change your sign to Sagittarius and wait for the river boat cards to appear.


25. Use the riverboat to find the pirate. Then, use the pistol on her to duel with her. You need to solve her riddle, which is “Fire when you hear the name of the pirate’s greatest source of shame.” Keep stepping forward until you get to “O, all these labors and yet no glory to the name.” That’s when you fire! Now you can recruit her so she shows up randomly, not just on the riverboat. You’ll see why you need her later.


26. Recruit the witch. When the sister asks you to attend witchcraft trials, say “Fine!” The cardinal will have you ask your chef some questions. She happens to also look like a witch, but tell him she isn’t. Then you’ll recruit the witch!



27. Once you have the witch, make note of your own zodiac sign. (The acolyte can tell you your sign if you use the clock on her.) Then, go to the maze by either using the clock on an animal and then following them to it, or agree to go when the king asks. Find your zodiac sign in the maze and use the Destiny Clock on it. The witch will come and turn the clock into a Destiny Card.




28. At some point, the witch should have asked you if you want to bury a time capsule. Sometime after 1587, it will be dug up by the Nobleman and inside will be “Your Results,” or a USB/thumb drive. This replaces the perfume.




29. Ok, let’s work on upgrading the pistol. This one’s tricky. You need to give birth to a boy. And you should have recruited the pirate by now. (If you haven’t, go back to steps 24 & 25.) You need to get pregnant, but it has to be a son, not a daughter. So basically, just keep getting pregnant until that happens, because it’s a 50/50 chance. Once you have a baby boy, you need the pirate to show up. When she appears after you have a son and says “If the king dies, who’s next in line for the throne?” Answer “Me.” Eventually, she’ll talk about trading in the ceremonial pistol for a real one. So use the pistol on her and she’ll trade it up for a Lethal Pistol.




30. Now, we still need to upgrade the pistol again. Use the pistol to kill the king whenever he shows up. The specific card doesn’t matter. Then, survive long enough to meet the witch while you’re a widow. Keep her talking and she’ll eventually tell you to show her the gun. Show her the pistol. She’ll upgrade it to a Gun Emoji, which looks like a water gun.




31. Ok, we now have one item left to upgrade, the Bone. You need an eclipse for this, so you can do it in the same run as you go for the ending, if you’re lucky. Now for the eclipse. A while back when you met the All-Mother, she told you, “In the maze of green, follow the sun to make it disappear.”


32. Get back to the maze somehow. You can do so by using the clock on any animal or happening upon it randomly. You need to follow the sun until you find the moon monument. Then, use the Destiny Clock on it to summon an eclipse. I made this video to help you out, with more details here.

33. (If you want to see one of the easier endings first, just die during the eclipse and give the All-Mother the crown spellbook when you meet her. Otherwise, continue on.) Try to survive long enough to meet the witch during the eclipse. When you see her, give her the Saint’s Bone. She’ll give you the “Sacred Tablet,” which is basically an iPhone. If you die before you manage to get the tablet, you’ll meet the All-Mother after you die and she’ll ask for her crown. Don’t give it to her yet. Just enter the maze again and create another eclipse. Keep repeating until you get the tablet.



34. Ok, now that you have all the upgrades, let’s go for the good ending! Enter the maze and summon the eclipse. After you die and the All-Mother appears, give her the spellbook. It should now have a crown on it.


35. Then, swipe carefully until she tells you not to fight her. On that card, use these objects on her in this order:

Emoji Gun
Sacred Tablet (iPhone)
Destiny Card
Your Results (USB Drive)
Emoji Gun

Then keep swiping to the end to get the third ending, n°3.






You can see my video for it here:

For the other two endings:

For Ending 1, don’t use any items besides the crown on her. Just swipe to the end. You can do this at any point once you have the ability to summon the eclipse. You don’t need to upgrade all the items for it.

For Ending 2, use the emoji gun after she says not to fight her, then use the wrong object next (not the tablet). Then swipe to the end.

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  1. Pass

    I can’t get Ending 2. If I use an item on her when she says not to fight her, she just responds with a generic “you will never have to do this, child” message (same as for trying to use an item on her when you first meet her). Swiping just leads into Ending 1.

  2. socentury

    Any idea on what to do if the time capsule is dug up but you somehow die before it upgrades to the USB drive? Does it ever come back around? That’s the only item I have left to upgrade. 🙁


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