Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide (Murder Manor 2)

Chapter 5:

You can watch my video for Chapter 5 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Time to search the deck! Pick up the pink and orange towels. Also, open the cooler to get an ice block. Then tap on the jacuzzi.


2. Tap on the controls. Use the arrows to set the temperature to HI and place the ice cube in the water. Let it melt and take the key.



3. Use the key to unlock the door and take the green towel.


4. Add the three towels to the rest of the towels and count the different colors. You get:

2 blue
1 green
2 yellow
3 purple
3 pink
2 orange


5. Set all the colors on the jacuzzi settings to the same as the towels.



6. Follow the footprints to the frozen lake. Pick up the ice skates.


7. Now you need to solve the ice cubes puzzle by pushing the blocks around so that the 1, 2, and 3 cubes land on their respective spots. You can watch my video if you need help.

8. Pick up the square tile from the roof and use the ice skate to break through the ice in front of the door.


9. Tap on the door. Now, you need to match the pattern on the snowflake to the pattern from the jets in the jacuzzi. Go through.


10. Pick up the basketball and shovel.


11. Throw the ball at the loose plank in the ceiling and take the plastic key.


12. Use the plastic key with the snowblower to move it out of the way. Then use the shovel to lift the metal plate. Look at the tools on the wall. They’re a clue. Now add the square tile to the puzzle and solve it by copying the shapes of the tools. Use the number of tools to tell you the order they go in. At the end it should say:





And that’s the end of Chapter 5!

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 6 or click here.

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32 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide (Murder Manor 2)

  1. Gabby

    I appreciate you always posting walkthroughs, it cant be easy, but i hope you know that it is appreciated and Thank You! Happy New Year!

  2. Cee

    There’s a glitch in this game on my Lenovo tablet. I can’t even get past the first part with the picture board. It won’t let me place the pictures where I’m supposed to. Some of the pictures are either too high up on the squares or too far down. The hockey one doesn’t fit properly, neither does the high school one. Or the one with the dog. All the other pictures fit properly where they’re supposed to sit. So frustrating!

  3. Danielle

    Mine had the photo glitch as well. I had to use the stars to skip it as it will not place right. Right now I’m stuck on the bookshelf in the study. The tutorial says to move books around but it keeps telling me it needs more books. Was this step missed placed? I already placed two books on the shelf

  4. Helen

    I got past the foot prints and started trying to trap killer in Forrest but game froze, now I’m back at the start. Was the Forest the end? Thanks

    1. Jess Irwin

      I got thru that part and now I’m stuck at the computer… figured out the password finally but now I have no clue what to do! Grrr! Btw… i looove this site!

  5. Chris Jones

    My game glitches on level 8 and the door won’t open. I have all the crown / bird / rose tokens in the right order. So sick of these games that are not finished properly before adding them to the App Store. 😡

  6. Nickie

    I can’t get passed the checker board. I followed the video step by step and nothing happened. The drawer won’t open up so I can get the key.


    Just FYI: Above, you are not “setting the clock to 4:10.” You are setting the clock to 4:50, which in Roman numerals are using the IV and the X, meaning the 4 and 10.
    I had “set the clock to 4:10” in my head, and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work, until I thought in Roman numerals.

  8. Ann

    Can’t figure out how you got to 6.7? I’ve put it in a bunch of ways at a bunch of different points and don’t get 6.7 from anywhere?


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