The Long Journey: Walkthrough Guide

16. Go back to Scene 7 and take the train tracks to Scene 11.

17. Tap on the building to go to Scene 12. Go inside to Scene 13.

18. Tap ahead to Scene 15 to get a clue for your journal of the birds.


19. Go back to Scene 13. Take the left doorway to Scene 14 and pick up the rod.

20. Go back to Scene 11. Head straight along the tracks to Scene 16. Pick up the ladder and inspect the paints on the ground to get another clue for your journal.



21. Continue straight ahead to Scene 17. There’s a lynx blocking your path! Distract him with the windup mouse and continue on to Scene 18.

22. You can’t get the stained glass piece yet, so continue left to Scene 19 and then to Scene 20. Use the draw knife on the tree to the left to get a clue for your journal.


23. Continue straight ahead to Scene 21.

24. Go inside to Scene 22. Pick up the bucket and look at the note on the wall to get a clue for your journal. Add the arm to the record player. We’re missing a record to play, though.


25. Go back to Scene 21 and tap on the car to go to Scene 23. Use the rod to open the hood and get an old rag.

26. Go back to Scene 18. Use the old rag to get the stained glass 2.

27. Take the right path to Scene 24. The clue you found at Scene 22 tells you how to ring the bells: moon 2x, sun 2x, fire 1x, air 3x.

28. Continue straight ahead to Scene 25. There’s a menacing creature behind the keyhole. We’ll have to come back later.

29. Go back to Scene 15 and place both stained glass pieces on the puzzle. You now need to rotate each circle to get the colored pieces around to the right places. Take the grappling hook.


30. Go back to Scene 14 and use the ladder to get up to the flowers on the ceiling. Rearrange them according to the clue you got at Scene 20. Take weight 2 and the record.

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94 thoughts on “The Long Journey: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Carla

    In scène 92, I have been seen the short film and received a vieuwmaster reel. But I don’t have received a new diary note. I can’t go on now. Have someone else the solution?

  2. Ann

    Where is the can opener? I’m trying to open the blue tin in scene 90-something but don’t have the can opener. I’ve got the lighter and bobby pin but no can opener…

  3. Pat

    Can someone please help me solve checkerboard puzzle in scene 91, I just don’t get clue from the three Windows…trying to solve this puzzle for five days help me

    1. Carla

      You must set de light and dark colors in right way, just as the windows. I believe it was 2 dark, 4 light, 2 dark, 1 light and 1 dark, 1 dark and 1 light.

  4. Mr. G

    scene 75 has left me stumped. Gone back all over to see if i missed a clue for dairy entry to solve the letterbox, but cant find anything, anyone have a clue please. Thanks.


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