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My Week Unwrapped: January 14, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome back to My Week Unwrapped! I've been pretty busy playing games, but not many of them have been winners. Still, I'll give you my impressions of each of them and let you decide for yourself. First off, I've been playing Mechanical Box by Andrey Sklyarov. It's a puzzle game in which the entire screen is a layer of a box and you need to look for clues and clear each level to get to the inside of the box. I've completed the main content and wrote a walkthrough, but I'm still working Read more [...]

My Week Unwrapped: January 7, 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to the first installment of My Week Unwrapped of 2017! It hasn't been the busiest week, but there have been some worthwhile releases. First off, the sequel to one of my favorite games of 2016 released. Hap inc's Hidden my game by mom 2 just appeared out of nowhere. While not as entertaining as the original, it does have some nice surprises up its sleeves and I do recommend checking it out. It's free, after all! If you need help, you can try my walkthrough. I also Read more [...]

My Week Unwrapped: December 31, 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome to the very last installment of My Week Unwrapped for 2016! It's been a hell of a year, and there have been a ton of fantastic games. I'm still working on my Games of the Year list, which I meant to have out already. But this week ended up being a busy one, so it'll have to wait until next week. Meanwhile, there are still some great games on sale or for free, so make sure to check out my holiday sales list. First off, I played through most of Ertan Unver's one-handed puzzle Read more [...]

My Week Unwrapped: December 24, 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my weekly installment of My Week Unwrapped, where I talk about all the games I've been playing over the week. There have been some really solid releases lately that I spent some time with, as well as some older games I picked up during the holiday sales. First, one of my favorite games of 2015 got an update. Yak & Co released chapter 3 of Agent A, called Ruby's Trap. This new content takes place all in the same room, so there's less exploration involved than what you're Read more [...]

My Week Unwrapped: December 17, 2016 (No ‘Super Mario Run’ Here)

Hi everyone! This list was supposed to go up Saturday, but my website was down over the weekend due to server issues. Now that it's back up, I decided to keep the date on it even though it's going up on Monday. Sorry if it causes any confusion! So... Nintendo released Super Mario Run this past week. I know it's a big deal to a lot of people, but I've never been a big Mario fan and this one is no different. So, I won't be talking much about that here. Instead, I'll discuss the other games I've Read more [...]