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‘Splitter Critters’ Review: How Did They Do It?

Splitter Critters By: RAC7 Games (Update, 2/4/2017: The game got some new content, discussed below.) When I got my first iPhone, it felt like magic. It still kind of does, but now it's magic I've gotten used to, that is part of my daily life. I don't often stop and ponder anymore how incredible it is that thing is able to translate my taps and swipes into very specific commands. In the same vein, most iOS games that suck me in these days feel great on the platform but don't make me contemplate Read more [...]

Splitter Critters: Walthrough Guide and Solutions

Splitter Critters By: RAC7 Games This is a complete walkthrough guide with answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle game Splitter Critters by RAC7 Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See my Splitter Critters review here. Tips: Make use of the "undo" button! It's not just for mistakes. It's a mechanic that helps you minimize the number of cuts you make, since you are limited. Some puzzles are designed specifically around using the undo button, so make it a habit. Use Read more [...]

Never Alone Ki Edition Review: A World Worth Visiting, Despite Some Issues

Never Alone: Ki Edition By: E-Line Media I'd been hoping that Never Alone would make it to iOS ever since I heard it announced for PC and consoles. As an animal lover, the ability to play as an arctic fox had huge appeal. I'm also a sucker for gorgeous graphics, especially of outdoor environments. I appreciate the beauty of snowy landscapes, even if I find them a bit too harsh to live there. So even though I'm not a big fan of platformers, I had to play this one when it arrived on iOS as Never Read more [...]

Last Inua Review: A Gorgeous Puzzle Platformer Set in the Arctic

Last Inua - An Arctic Adventure By: Creative Mobile Games & Glowforth Last Inua is a supernatural 2D puzzle platformer set the the snowy Arctic. You control two different characters that have different abilities, which you have to use to solve puzzles and continue along the path. Ataataq, the strong father, is helping his weak son Hiko on a journey to the three temples and keepers to save the land from an ancient demon named Tonrar. Ataataq can jump, break walls, push boulders and climb ice, Read more [...]

Last Inua: Walkthrough Guide

Last Inua - An Arctic Adventure By: Creative Mobile Games (Glowforth) See our Last Inua review here. Walkthrough: This is where you'll be able to find help, hints, tips and tricks for the iOS game Last Inua. It's a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete. Starting Guide: Characters: Ataataq: The father. He's strong. His abilities include jumping, climbing, breaking walls, pushing boulders. Hiko: He's small Read more [...]