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‘Lynk.’ Review: A Draw-some Puzzler

Lynk. By: Michael Le Based on appearances, I almost ignored the new line-drawing puzzler, Lynk. It really doesn't look like much on the surface, and I don't think screenshots -- especially mine -- with their scribbly lines will sell it any better. But developer Michael Le sent me a code, so I gave it a try. And I couldn't put it down until I completed all one-hundred-and-thirty levels. There is no tutorial in Lynk. When you boot it up, you're shown two blue circles and left to your own devices Read more [...]

Blek: Walkthrough Guide, Tips & Tricks

Blek By: Denis Mikan (Kunabi Brother) Walkthrough: This is where you'll be able to find help, hints, tips and tricks for the iOS game Blek. It's a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete. The way Blek works is you need to scribble a line that, as it continues moving, will hit all the colored dots, but none of the black ones (they're black holes). There is no one way to solve each level, so be creative! I'll Read more [...]