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Never Alone Ki Edition Review: A World Worth Visiting, Despite Some Issues

Never Alone: Ki Edition By: E-Line Media I'd been hoping that Never Alone would make it to iOS ever since I heard it announced for PC and consoles. As an animal lover, the ability to play as an arctic fox had huge appeal. I'm also a sucker for gorgeous graphics, especially of outdoor environments. I appreciate the beauty of snowy landscapes, even if I find them a bit too harsh to live there. So even though I'm not a big fan of platformers, I had to play this one when it arrived on iOS as Never Read more [...]

Mystery of Shadow Hill: Walkthrough Guide

Mystery of Shadow Hill By: Squadventure The Mystery of Shadow Hill is Squadventure's second adventure game. It takes place in a school, with some strange things happening. While I liked their first, this one is more my speed. It's more relaxed, full of logic puzzles and no skill-based mini games. The artwork isn't as consistently impressive as in The Lost Chapter, but there are some really nice details. The story is intriguing and has me curious to see what's in store next. While most puzzles Read more [...]

Panmorphia Review: Change Your Shape, Change Your Perspective

PanmorphiaBy: LKMAD    Panmorphia is the first point-and-click adventure game from single-person developer LKMAD. Actual photos taken around the island of Cyprus were used to make the scenery for the game, and the beauty of the place really shines through. The imagery is what originally caught my attention and got me to play. The colors are lush, flowers are plentiful, and it makes me want to move to Cyprus.While the visuals are gorgeous, there is definitely a lot more to the game Read more [...]

Gemcrafter: Puzzle Journey: Review

Gemcrafter: Puzzle Journey By: Playmous I usually make it a point these days to avoid "freemium" games, as they often leave me feeling hollow. As much as I enjoy match-three games, I find IAPs ruin the experience for me. Gemcrafter: Puzzle Journey was made by Playmous, the folks behind God of Light, one of my all-time favorite iOS games. Therefore, I decided to give the game a chance despite my hesitancy. The game started off great. I got through the first fifteen levels or so without even thinking Read more [...]

The Lost Chapter: Review

The Lost Chapter By: Squadventure **Update, 2/16/15: The developers have listened to my feedback and added alternate controls to the inner retro video game parts of the game. They've also added skip buttons for those who still find them frustrating, and would rather just enjoy the mystery and puzzle-solving aspects of the game. So if you held off buying the game before or gave up on it due to those controls, I highly suggest giving it another chance now. The Lost Chapter by Squadventure is a Read more [...]