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My Week Unwrapped: September 18, 2017 – Iron Marines, Typeshift, Thimbleweed Park, Actual Sunlight, Miss Fisher, neoDefense and More

Hi everyone! Last week I switched My Week Unwrapped to Mondays so I'm not rushing to get it out Sunday night. So far, that's been working great, but this is an insanely busy week for games that are both already out or releasing this week...even tomorrow! I'm trying to complete some games before release so I can review them, so my blurbs this week might be on the short side. In any case, there's a lot of games to check out -- and a few to avoid. Make sure to watch the videos if you're not sure whether Read more [...]

Iron Marines: Level 7, Cocoon Walkthrough Guide

Iron Marines By: Ironhide S.A. Certain levels of Iron Marines are especially tricky, so I'm making guides for them. This one is for Mission 7, Cocoon. See the rest of my Iron Marines guide here. So if you're also having trouble with Level 7, Cocoon, here are some tips: - I used Kara level 7 or 8, but feel free to try a different hero if you don't like her. - The timer at the top does seem bad at first, but it's just makes you rush a bit more. It's not *that* bad, as you only need to take Read more [...]

Typeshift: Pumpkin Pack Walkthrough Guide and Answers

TypeShift By: Zach Gage Zach Gage's fantastic word game, Typeshift, just got a new free crossword puzzle pack called Pumpkin. These are fan puzzles made by Robert Seater and each one has its own set of rules, making it more challenging than usual. So I'm going to help you solve all of them. Obviously, this walkthrough will spoil things for you so only look if you've give up on your own. I'm putting each puzzle on its own page to minimize spoilage. Use the links at the top or numbers at the bottom Read more [...]

‘Lynk.’ Review: A Draw-some Puzzler

Lynk. By: Michael Le Based on appearances, I almost ignored the new line-drawing puzzler, Lynk. It really doesn't look like much on the surface, and I don't think screenshots -- especially mine -- with their scribbly lines will sell it any better. But developer Michael Le sent me a code, so I gave it a try. And I couldn't put it down until I completed all one-hundred-and-thirty levels. There is no tutorial in Lynk. When you boot it up, you're shown two blue circles and left to your own devices Read more [...]

Escape Machine City: Walkthrough Guide

Escape Machine City By: Snapbreak Games This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game room escape game, Escape Machine City, by Snapbreak Games. Walkthrough: Level 01, Generator Room: You can watch my video for this level or continue below to my step-by-step guide. 1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the crank (lever?). 2. Tap on the gray box in the distance. Slide the piece back and forth as the game instructs Read more [...]