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‘The Witness’ on iOS Might Not Be For You If You Get Motion Sickness

The Witness By: Thekla, inc. (Jonathan Blow) I'd been looking forward to playing Jonathan Blow's The Witness on my iPad ever since it was released on PC and announced it would be coming to iOS eventually. I heard great things about it and loved the look of it, with its gorgeous island that houses all the puzzles. I'm also a big puzzle fan. So when it released today, I deleted some other apps from both devices to make room for it and excitedly downloaded. It started off fine. Some basic line-drawing Read more [...]

‘Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story’ Review: A Worthy Sequel

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story By: Plug In Digital (Accidental Queens) Accidental Queens' A Normal Lost Phone was unique not just because it's one of a rare few games that mimic an entire smartphone, but because of the sensitive topic it explores. Without giving too much away, I will say that it was about teenagers and finding one's way in life, where one can be themselves and comfortable in their skin. It was clear to me that the developers were coming from a positive place and trying to Read more [...]

Unlocking the PowerJob Messenger in ‘Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story’ – Walkthrough Guide

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story By: Plug In Digital (Accidental Queens) See my review for Another Lost Phone here. When you try try to access the PowerJob Messenger app in Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, you're shown three portraits and have to identify each of them using the information found on the phone. But each time is different and if you mess up you'll be given three new faces. So I'm going to identify each one for you here and you can find the ones you need. Click here for the rest Read more [...]

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story: Walkthrough Guide and Passwords

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story By: Plug In Digital (Accidental Queens) This is a complete walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC text messaging game, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, by Accidental Queens. See my review for Another Lost Phone here. Walkthrough: Note: This guide is simply meant to help you progress through the game. I'm giving you the solutions to each puzzle, but will try not to spoil the story. You can watch Read more [...]

Thimbleweed Park: Touch Controls Guide and Tips

Thimbleweed Park By: Terrible Toybox (Ron Gilbert) This is just a short guide to help those playing the mobile version of Thimbleweed Park find the shortcuts to make the game more user-friendly. Some of these options are not so obvious at first, so they're easy to miss. I missed them myself during my first hour or so playing. So first off, you can read the helpful tips in the settings. You're shown some of the controls when you boot up the game. Basically, tap to move. The verbs on the screen Read more [...]