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The Hidden World (Adventures of Mosaika): Walkthrough

The Hidden World (formerly Adventures of Mosaika) By: Fire Maple Games This is a walkthrough guide for Mosaika, the new game by Fire Maple Games who made The Lost City. You can find help, hints, solutions, cheats, and tips here. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you can't find what you're looking for. Walkthrough: 1. Walk through the doorway and look at the clue in the box on the floor: 2. Take a look at the painting on the wall. Also, you can find Read more [...]

The Lost City Walkthrough

The Lost City By: Fire Maple Games See my Lost City review here. Looking for the Adventures of Mosaika walkthrough? Scroll down to see the full walkthrough. Even with the built-in hints guide system, some people have been having trouble in a few spots of this new point-and-click adventure, The Lost City. Here you can find some answers. Feel free to link to this walkthrough to help people find it, but please don't copy it anywhere. **A lot of people are still having problems, Read more [...]