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‘Resynth’ Review

Resynth By: Polyphonic LP Pty Ltd Over the last few years, I've become a big fan of Sokoban puzzles, such as Go to Gold and A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. They involve pushing items around a board to their goals and are usually tricky but relaxing, harder on my brain than on my reflexes. They also involve a certain amount of trial and error, but can't really be brute forced. You usually make mistakes, then figure out where you went wrong and fix them. While I didn't know that much about Polyphonic Read more [...]

‘FRAMED 2’ Review: A Proper Prequel

FRAMED 2 By: Loveshack Once in a while, a truly rare and unique game comes along that's not just a perfect fit for touchscreens, but makes you wonder why it hasn't been done before because it just seems simultaneously ingenious and obvious. Loveshack's 2014 puzzler, FRAMED, is one of those games. It had you swapping panels of a comic strip in order to change the outcome. It's definitely one of the most unique games I've ever played, and the mechanic works really well, making for some interesting Read more [...]

Escape Game: “The Meddling Shogi Player”: A challenging, but ultimately satisfying room escape game.

Escape Game: "The Meddling Shogi Player" By: IDAC, CO., LTD. "The Meddling Shogi" is one of IDAC's more challenging games, and not because of bad game mechanics. The puzzles themselves are tough, but possible to figure out. If you need help, see my walkthrough. Gameplay: 4/5 "The Meddling Shogi Player" is a room escape game, with the usual controls. You flick around the room to explore your surroundings and look for objects. You need to use the objects and clues to find to solve the puzzles Read more [...]

Dark Meadow: Game Review: Is it more than just a re-skinned Infinity Blade?

Dark Meadow By Phosphor Games Studio, LLC Dark Meadow is a new atmospheric first-person iOS game that borrows some game mechanics from the highly successful Infinity Blade, while offering plenty to make it stand out on its own. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from the latest mobile game to utilize the Unreal Engine 3. Gameplay 3.5/5 In Dark Meadow, you wake up in an old hospital, deserted by all but some strange creatures and an old man who communicates with you via the loudspeakers. Read more [...]

Cause of Death: Halloween Special: Dead Man Walking: Game Review: Make the wrong move and you just might get eaten by a zombie!

Cause of Death: Halloween Special: Dead Man Walking Part 1 By Electronic Arts On November 7th, EA added a free Halloween Special to their game Cause of Death, Dead Man Walking Part 1. It's a bit late for Halloween, but any time is good for a scary story! Brace yourself for another scary masked murderer and other monsters that lurk in the dark. Gameplay 3.5/5 This isn't so much of a game as an interactive story. If you're looking for something that will give your fingers exercise, this isn't it. Read more [...]