Escape Game “Strange House”: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.”

Escape Game “Strange House”
By IDAC Games

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IDAC has a number of room escape games in the App Store, and this is one of their better-looking ones. However, it suffers from poor game mechanics.

Gameplay 3/5
While this game utilizes your usual room escape controls, they can sometimes be a bit off, resulting in many repeat attempts to do something seemingly simple. Most of the puzzles are fairly straightforward in concept, but the game mechanics make them seem more complicated than they really are. The game is very linear, to a fault. Even if you find parts of a puzzle and have an idea what you should be doing with it, you won’t be able to do so until certain other steps are taken. This could lead you to think that you’re wrong about a puzzle solution, when it merely means that you need to come back to it later. Sometimes you need to look over every inch of an item before it will allow you to move it. And some clues are off, which could make one think their game is bugged. This makes the game unnecessarily frustrating, and may lead some players to quit early on. But it’s still a decent game with some interesting puzzles, worth playing if you can pick it up for free.

Story 2/5
There really isn’t much story here. You decided to check out an eccentric man’s “strange house” and got locked inside. Now you need to use your surroundings to escape.

Graphics 4/5
The 3D graphics are a huge step up from IDAC’s usual simple 2D drawings. However, like all their games, it only utilizes half the iPhone screen, so it’s not as impressive as it could be. Instead of using the whole screen, the top part is your inventory, and the bottom has ads.


You can navigate the house, but you see the four corners, as opposed to the usual four walls. This is an interesting variation from other room escape games.
Overall, the graphics are pretty impressive, albeit a bit stiff.

Audio 2/5
There’s no music in the game, and the rest of the sound effects are mainly the typewriter sounds coming from the text and a sparkly noise to announce you found an object. This makes the game feel a bit incomplete, and makes it hard to get fully immersed.

Replay Value 1/5
There’s no reason to play this game again once you escape. In fact, you’ll probably be so glad to finally be out of there, that you may delete it right away.

Conclusion 3/5
This is a challenging little room escape game that’s worth playing if you get it for free. Keep in mind that if you pay for it, it’s fairly short and you likely won’t play it more than once. The linear gameplay and sometimes-awkward controls may lead to gamebreaking frustration, but trust your instincts to escape the Strange House.

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In the upstairs bathroom there is a puzzle in the sink. I know how to do it I think but it won’t let me fill the tank that’s on top of the box.


I have everything in place bar a hose, metal tongs and a empty space on the bottom row which indicates I need to find something else. Please help….


No sorry. Iv got everything in place, but still have the hose and metal tongues. The last thing I did was place the monkeys, but can’t seem to do anything else?


i connect the hose and i sending down to the glass with beads and i have four numbers 1,9,7,2 and the door said symmetry what is the code?????help please


hi i am stuck really early on with the telephone please help πŸ™‚


Woo hoo, finally done, thanks

Andy Kor

I found 2 of the 3 monkeys and I need hint on the 3rd one. I also need hint on the hour hand of the small clock. I have opened the globe, the statue and the water tank in the basin. I have also used the phone and the 4 pics. From the msg posted, think I missing hr hand, monkey and hose. Thanks.


How do u get the eye from snakes mouth?

Andy Kor

Thx! Got the last monkey and now is the hose and sthg else. 2 more empty spaces. Drop me a hint when you are back here. Meanwhile I will continue searching. Thx.


Can anyone reveal the freaking code???????????!!!?!!!!!!


I can’t figure out the phone and where to find the symbols to translate with the code in the book.

Andy Kor

Escaped. Thx. The game play is a bit complicated for simple game like this. The last code is kind of stupid too. The graphics is great though. Will try others. See ya ard.


Ok. I am playing this on my iPad and I have been ALL over this room and moved everything possible and clicked EVERYWHERE and I can’t find the last relief I have the eggplant and volcano but the last one is evading capture. I am so confused by this game, I love puzzle games but this one is incredibly frustrating as far as being interactive or helpful. πŸ˜›


Found the last one. Hopefully I can unstick it.


where is the monkey that cant speak?


I’ve got the final code and tried all combinations but still not cracked it what am I Doin wrong ?


im so stuck, please can you tell me how / what i attached the hose to and how i get the clock dials? thank you


wow thanks so much for the help! i have managed to finish it now with your hints, thanks again, much appreciated πŸ™‚


ok it will not let me put the hose on, and I am still holding the monkeys. should i place the monkeys first or something else with hose?


wait never mind i got it i just touched the monkeys once again and then it opened it

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How do you get the clock hands? I’ve only got two monkeys.


hy i cant move the animals on the table i tried zooming it thousand times still stuck doesnt move can u plz help me πŸ™‚


ok never mind i did it xD


i cnt find the no see monkey where is it? i put both the eye in the statue but cnt find the no see monkey


i fnd it guess icnt wait lol thnkx

I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!


I need the eyeball in the snakes mouth, but I’m not sure how to get it. Like i know you need to change the order of the animals but I’m not sure how to uhm yeah, move them.

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