Ellie – Help me out…please: Game Review: Can you help Ellie escape?

Ellie – Help me out…please
By Ateam Inc.

Click here for my walkthrough.


Ellie – help me out…please is a free Japanese room escape game with a horror twist. It’s challenging, creepy, and suspenseful. What more could you want from a room escape game?

Gameplay 5/5
Like any room escape game, you have to find items and use them to get out. The unique angle here is that you are looking through a monitor and telling the trapped girl what to do. She describes objects to you and you tell her how to use them. The controls are intuitive and very responsive. The puzzles are challenging, and may stump some players. But even if you have to read a walkthrough to complete it, this is a game worth experiencing.

Story 5/5
You find a monitor in an old abandoned building. When you turn it on, a young girl appears on the screen, frantically asking for help. She’s locked in a room and needs you to help her escape. There is more to the story than it seems. It has a creepy ending that makes for a suspenseful experience similar to that of being inside a horror movie.


Graphics 5/5
The graphics are crisp and clear. The small cell can be seen from two different angles. The room is dark and dreary without making items difficult to see. The lines across the screen give the authentic feel that you’re watching her through a monitor. I liked the contrast of the bright, Anime-style girl against the dark setting of a prison cell.

Audio 5/5
The soundtrack in this game really sets the mood. It’s eerie but never intrusive. From the very beginning, you know something’s not right because of the haunting music.
Other than the the music, there isn’t much audio in the game besides a few sound effects and the girl’s dialogue. She speaks in Japanese with English subtitles. Together with the graphics, it all comes together very well to create the intended mood.

Replay Value 3.5/5
This is a pretty short game, but there are multiple endings, so it is worth playing through the game a few times. It’s also a great work of art that you may want to return to later or show off to friends. I’m having a hard time accepting that I’ll need to delete it eventually to make room for other games, due to its large 200mb size. There is also “Another Room” you can buy within the game through an in-app purchase for more creepy fun.

Conclusion 4.5/5
Ellie – Help me out…please is something you need to experience if you like room escape games or simply creepy games. I took off half a star for lack of backgrounding capabilities and because early on there’s a “bug” that makes it difficult to pick up a specific object. If not for a walkthrough that explained a way around the bug, I would not have been able to continue with the game. But once you get past that, this is a short but enjoyable experience that should not be missed.

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Hi! How do i figure out the bag code! My drawer code is
7 6
3 3
0 0

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1st: there is something buried under the mushroom. How do I dig that up?

2nd: how am I supposed to help her remember the combination for the hair dryer in her bag?


How do you get the organizer? I can’t get her to stop saying that nothing is interesting in her bag.


Ah no butbi just did. And I say the message. But nothing else’s seems to do anymore.


I got the code 430 530 . Whats the bag combination ?


Hello I had that how do u type the code in to open the drawers I have the code but where do u type it to get them open??


how do u open the combo lock on bag do u have to click anything after u enter it??


ok thanks one more question it is how long there is light or how long there is not


what is combo for th emergency exit


How do u flush thegym clothes down the toilet?


I cannot open the bag I watch it blink and right down like short long…and figure out the numbers and put it in the bag but I deosnt open and it gives me the same numbers all the time what do I do? Please help


I found the ring and got the morse code for it. Now what? I don’t know how to unlock the bag since she doesn’t say there’s a lock for it or anything. She keeps saying “I don’t think there’s anything useful in here.”


How to get the mirror on the star? The word m.onStar appear when I examine the drawer but I don’t know how to get the mirror.. Please help.. Thanks


okay, opening the bag, i dont understand the morse code at all. ive tried 106 and 929, neither work… what do i doo?


what do you do after you clog the toilet? i put the mirror above the star but i dont know what to do after that.


How do you get the planner I can’t see to figure it out


how do i open the drawers if my code are these numbers:
4 5
3 3
0 0

I dont get this game at all, all i could figure out is i got the coin n the organizer what do i do now???Can u please help i want to figure this out


Got it,, thanks I lot once again..:)


The numbers on the desk are: 530 630 I can’t figure out how to open the drawer. Help please


Thanks! Now, how do I open the lock to the bag? I don’t know the code. I tried putting in all the #’s I’ve seen.


Emergency exit kills you? Lol wtf.


I can’t seem to figure out the code that the ring gives me /: