Ellie – Help me out…please: Game Review: Can you help Ellie escape?

Ellie – Help me out…please
By Ateam Inc.

Click here for my walkthrough.


Ellie – help me out…please is a free Japanese room escape game with a horror twist. It’s challenging, creepy, and suspenseful. What more could you want from a room escape game?

Gameplay 5/5
Like any room escape game, you have to find items and use them to get out. The unique angle here is that you are looking through a monitor and telling the trapped girl what to do. She describes objects to you and you tell her how to use them. The controls are intuitive and very responsive. The puzzles are challenging, and may stump some players. But even if you have to read a walkthrough to complete it, this is a game worth experiencing.

Story 5/5
You find a monitor in an old abandoned building. When you turn it on, a young girl appears on the screen, frantically asking for help. She’s locked in a room and needs you to help her escape. There is more to the story than it seems. It has a creepy ending that makes for a suspenseful experience similar to that of being inside a horror movie.


Graphics 5/5
The graphics are crisp and clear. The small cell can be seen from two different angles. The room is dark and dreary without making items difficult to see. The lines across the screen give the authentic feel that you’re watching her through a monitor. I liked the contrast of the bright, Anime-style girl against the dark setting of a prison cell.

Audio 5/5
The soundtrack in this game really sets the mood. It’s eerie but never intrusive. From the very beginning, you know something’s not right because of the haunting music.
Other than the the music, there isn’t much audio in the game besides a few sound effects and the girl’s dialogue. She speaks in Japanese with English subtitles. Together with the graphics, it all comes together very well to create the intended mood.

Replay Value 3.5/5
This is a pretty short game, but there are multiple endings, so it is worth playing through the game a few times. It’s also a great work of art that you may want to return to later or show off to friends. I’m having a hard time accepting that I’ll need to delete it eventually to make room for other games, due to its large 200mb size. There is also “Another Room” you can buy within the game through an in-app purchase for more creepy fun.

Conclusion 4.5/5
Ellie – Help me out…please is something you need to experience if you like room escape games or simply creepy games. I took off half a star for lack of backgrounding capabilities and because early on there’s a “bug” that makes it difficult to pick up a specific object. If not for a walkthrough that explained a way around the bug, I would not have been able to continue with the game. But once you get past that, this is a short but enjoyable experience that should not be missed.

If you liked this game, check out Closed Room, “An Odd Game” and Antrim Escape 3.

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  1. AppUnwrapper

    If you’re stuck and need help, just ask me 🙂

    1. Josie Medrano

      How do i open the drawer?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        First, look at the poster with names and numbers on the bottom. Write down the numbers. Then look at the poster with the lines on it and compare the numbers you got to it. They’ll make up letters L and C, or left and center.

        1. Skittles5220

          What do we do once we have the hair dryer plugged in and the real Ellie in by the levar? (the toilet is clogged already too)

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Did you use the hairdryer on the bed to see the message?

    2. Sarah

      How do I open the drawers? My code is…
      5 8
      3 3
      0 0

      1. Grant

        I have the same code. I don’t know. How do u get C and L?

        1. Grant

          Figured it out. 5 has short, long, short, so it is CLC, 8 has long, short long, so its LCL, so code is CLCLCL, C= center drawer, L= left drawer.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          If you take the numbers over to the chart with lines on it, you’ll get a series of lines that look something like this:

          — –
          – –
          — —

          The first one is a C and the second one is an L. If you notice, the C and L look the same except for the top part. So if you just go by the top two numbers you found, the long lines mean C and the short ones mean L.

      2. Alexus

        Look on the poster a and fing the first 2 numbers so 5 and 8 . Say the numbers were 4 and 5 you would look at the poster and see if the line was short or long.The short lines stand for the left drawer and the long ones stand for the middle drawer.

    3. Sarah

      What do I do after I got the ring?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Leave it on the finger and watch it flash/blink. It’s like morse code. There will be short flashes and long ones. Make note of them (9 in total) and then compare them to the poster with lines on it to decode it into three numbers.

        1. david

          i dont get how to compare the codes when the ring flashes

          1. AppUnwrapper

            It’s like morse code. Count the long and short flashes and compare it to the poster with the long and short lines on it.

    4. Desirae

      Hi! So, I’ve just downloaded this game, and I’ve got the organizer and I click on her and she says: I use it so I don’t forget things… Like my hair dyer. Then I click on the bag, and she says I’m sure there’s nothing useful in it… What should I do?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You can’t do anything with her bag yet. Try to work on opening the drawers.

    5. david

      so i took the mirror of the wall and i dont know what to do now. whats next

      1. david

        ok so now how do i get the manual im stuck on that part and i need help

        1. david

          never mind i got the organizer and i talks about the gym cloths and hair dryr but it keeps saying that there is nothing important in it. and im stuck help please

    6. mariam

      I need help please in the game i just saw 8 flashes big,short,short,long,short,long,short and short? 🙁

      1. MewMew

        I have the same thing and can’t figure it out

    7. Atlas

      So my code is 5-3-0 and I clicked Left, Center, Left, Left, left, left, Center, Center, Center, but nothing happened, Please help.

    8. Prayas

      I did all the things but what to do after seeing the message on the bed by heating it from the hair drier.

      1. Aurora

        Use the mirror against the star and it will pinn point

    9. Leeyah Lettu

      My bag code may be long short long, long short long, short short. Can you help me?

    10. Leeyah Letty

      What’s my nah code if my drawer numbers are five and right?

      1. Leeyah Letty

        Seriously, I don’ know my bag code when my ring flashes long short long long short long short short

  2. Minnies

    Hi! How do i figure out the bag code! My drawer code is
    7 6
    3 3
    0 0

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Use the top two numbers and go to the poster with the short and log lines on it. Match those two numbers to the numbers on that poster. So you have 7 and 6. So 7 has a long and two shirt lines, therefore it’s CLL. 6 has a short an two long lines, so LCC. Put them together, and C = center, l = left.

  3. Nnely

    1st: there is something buried under the mushroom. How do I dig that up?

    2nd: how am I supposed to help her remember the combination for the hair dryer in her bag?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to open the drawers to get a trowel.
      For the drawer combo, look at the poster with names on it. Write down the two sets of numbers at the bottom. Then take those numbers over to the poster that has short and long lines on it. Find your numbers on there and write out the dashes like so:

      – — –

      When all the numbers are written up like that, they’ll form the letters C and L. Whatever order they’re in, that’s how you open the drawers. (C = Center, L = Left).

  4. Josh

    How do you get the organizer? I can’t get her to stop saying that nothing is interesting in her bag.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Before you open the drawers, you have to have her examine them. And then while she’s examining them, go to the right screen and pick it up. Basically, you have to keep her out of the way so you can get to it.

      1. Josh

        Thank you so much! Finally got the good ending! Do you have a review for the “Another room” Ellie app?

  5. Skittles5220

    Ah no butbi just did. And I say the message. But nothing else’s seems to do anymore.

      1. Skittles5220

        Yes. And it has revealed the real Ellie.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Notice the spot where the mirror reflected the light? See if you can do something with that 😉

          1. Skittles5220

            Ahahahnice. Now to figure out the code…it isn’t the one thT was on the table would it?

  6. Dayjha

    I got the code 430 530 . Whats the bag combination ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That code is for the drawers. Have you opened them yet?

      1. Celiy

        how do you open the drawers? I got the same code.

          1. Celiy

            I finally got the drawrsactually… But i need the bag. Drawer code is 430/530

            1. AppUnwrapper

              That code isn’t related to the bag. You need to watch the finger on the corpse’s hand. It will flash in morse code — long and short flashes. Make note of them and compare them to the poster to get the three numbers.

    2. Kaylee

      Hello I had that how do u type the code in to open the drawers I have the code but where do u type it to get them open??

  7. cc

    how do u open the combo lock on bag do u have to click anything after u enter it??

      1. cc

        how do u get the numbers

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The ring needs to be on the corpse’s hand. Then it will blink/flash in morse code. You need to make note of the long and short blinks, then compare them to the poster with the long and short lines to get the numbers.

          1. cc

            what do u push after u enter the code??

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I don’t think you have to press anything else. If you got the numbers right, it should open automatically.

  8. cc

    ok thanks one more question it is how long there is light or how long there is not

      1. cc

        well i am not getting any of the codes right i have done it many times and it is not working at all any tips ????!!! desprate

        1. AppUnwrapper

          What do you mean by “any codes”? You got the drawers open, right? The bag is more complicated, but you have to watch the ring. It’s not the same for everyone, so I can’t really help you other than explain how to do it. But you can always try 103 or 106 as a last resort. Mine was 103.

          1. cc

            ok thanks so complicates makes me frustarated but love it

  9. josh

    what is combo for th emergency exit

      1. josh

        cannot read is reads
        I I I I IV I II II all with lines through them ????

        1. AppUnwrapper

          They’re roman numerals. You need to separate them into proper numbers. You’re almost out 🙂

          1. josh

            dont get it that would 111151111 ???????????????

            1. AppUnwrapper

              No, I mean start at the beginning and group it into roman numerals that exist. For example, IIV isn’t a number, so you would make it 2 and 5. It’s a lot simpler than it seems 😉

          2. josh

            the combo for gymj bag was 929 if it would help

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Nope, all you need are the scratches on the wall.

          3. josh

            sorry still dont get it

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Mine looked different. You don’t have any X’s in yours?

          Try to break it down to six numbers.

  10. Grant

    How do u flush thegym clothes down the toilet?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Put them in the toilet and then flush 🙂

      (Pull the cord)

  11. Kimberly

    I cannot open the bag I watch it blink and right down like short long…and figure out the numbers and put it in the bag but I deosnt open and it gives me the same numbers all the time what do I do? Please help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The numbers vary, so not much I can do from this end, sorry 🙁 just double-check. The flashes can be tricky.

      You can also try some of the numbers other people had like 103 or 106, but it’s a long shot.

  12. Melea

    I found the ring and got the morse code for it. Now what? I don’t know how to unlock the bag since she doesn’t say there’s a lock for it or anything. She keeps saying “I don’t think there’s anything useful in here.”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you make sure to pick up her planner in the beginning? That’s how you find out she has her hair-dryer in there.

      1. Melea

        Yup I got that! I went up to her bag and it still doesn’t say anything about a lock :/

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Did you look through the planner and get her to say that she has a hairdryer inside?

  13. John

    How to get the mirror on the star? The word m.onStar appear when I examine the drawer but I don’t know how to get the mirror.. Please help.. Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That step is near the end of the game. You may be missing some steps. What was the last thing you did?

      1. John

        I dig the mushroom and found the ring on the arm, but I don’t where to use the ring..

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Keep the ring on the finger. It will flash in long and short flashes. Nine in total. It’s like morse code. Take note of the long and short flashes and compare it to the poster with lines on it to decode it into three numbers. That will be the number for the bag.

          1. John

            Thanks,but now That the water is in the floor what’s next?

          2. John

            Oh nvm I got it, now I need to restart the game,, “BAD ENDING”

          3. John

            I don’t know what did I do wrong why Did i get a bad ending?

          4. John

            Oh, so when I tried it for the 2nd time, I mange to see the real Ellie but when the kidnapper is going out of the exit, I need to do something, but I can’t see what that is..

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Tap on the real Ellie while the fake one is trying to escape. You need to have her do something.

  14. mollie

    okay, opening the bag, i dont understand the morse code at all. ive tried 106 and 929, neither work… what do i doo?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s hard to say because it’s different each game. Mine was 103, but other people get different numbers. All I can say is try to look really carefully at those flashes. It can be hard, but it is doable.

  15. Renn

    what do you do after you clog the toilet? i put the mirror above the star but i dont know what to do after that.

  16. Darklove

    How do you get the planner I can’t see to figure it out

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to have her inspect the drawers. While she’s occupied with them, switch to the other screen and take the planner.

      1. Tricia

        What if you can’t get your phone to switch back to the other screen while she is distracted? I get her to check out the drawers and then I try to click on the camera to switch over but, then it just acts like I tapped her and it runs through her dialog again.

        1. Tricia

          Ah! I figured it out. I had to start the game over and get the planner while she was inspecting the drawers, BEFORE she opened the drawers. Thanks anyway! *^_^*

  17. Mica

    how do i open the drawers if my code are these numbers:
    4 5
    3 3
    0 0

  18. Cendy

    I dont get this game at all, all i could figure out is i got the coin n the organizer what do i do now???Can u please help i want to figure this out

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the poster with the names on it. It will have two sets of numbers on the bottom.
      Compare those to the other poster to get the right pattern for the drawers.

  19. John

    Got it,, thanks I lot once again..:)

  20. Rick

    The numbers on the desk are: 530 630 I can’t figure out how to open the drawer. Help please

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Based on your numbers, you get LCL LCC. (C = center, L = left)

  21. Rick

    Thanks! Now, how do I open the lock to the bag? I don’t know the code. I tried putting in all the #’s I’ve seen.

  22. Rick

    Emergency exit kills you? Lol wtf.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Does that mean you figured out the bag lock?
      You got the bad ending, I take it. Play again and try to get the good ending 🙂

  23. Rick

    I can’t seem to figure out the code that the ring gives me /:

  24. Rick

    I can’t open the bag :p.

    I recorded the blinks. I got this.



    I don’t know how to read the code paper thing :p

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Take the first three and look for a number on the poster that matches it. Then do the same for the next three and the three after that. Then you should have three numbers for the bag lock.

  25. Rick

    Confused :_:

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the chart to see which number has three short lines.

  26. Ado

    Why wont she use the mirror on the star?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you do all the other steps before that? The mirror is one of the last.

      1. Ado

        how do i get the good ending..? i only got the bad one.. 🙁

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You need to get the real Ellie to execute the fake Ellie.

  27. Celiy

    For the bag i got long/short/short, long/short/short/, short/short = 771 and i don’t understand why it won’t open.. Is there something i need to press or does the bag open automaticaly when the code is entered?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It should open automatically. All I can say is look at the flashes again to make sure you didn’t make any mistake.

      1. Celiy

        thanks for everything ^^” i’m so bad at mysteries!

  28. Darklove

    So I found the real Ellie but I think I skipped a step. Where does the code on the wall above the bed come in play?

  29. Alicia

    I found her book but i cant get her to pick it up.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Have her inspect the drawers, and while she’s occupied with them, switch rooms and pick it up.

  30. Phoenix

    I have her organizer and have gotten the code for her bag. But all she does is say there is nothing in her bag that’s usfull. And yes I had her say she had her hairdryer in her bag too. I’m so confused

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm that’s really strange. If she told you it’s in there SND you got the code already, I’m not sure why you can’t ppm it. All I can say is keep trying. Otherwise, it might be a bug 🙁

  31. Daniela

    how do i figure out my code?:
    0 8
    3 3
    0 0

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the top two numbers. Then go to the poster with the lines on it. Find those numbers and write down the lines next to them. If it’s a short line, it’s an L, if it’s long it’s a C. L = Left, C = Center.

    2. elly

      I had the same code. what was your code for the bag???

  32. Phoenix

    Ok my husband figured it out but now I found the real Ellie and I’m not sure what to do now. She’s sitting next to the vice. Any one know what’s next?

  33. Phoenix

    I found Ellie and she’s sitting next to the vice so now what

  34. Phoenix

    Ok well how do you get her to do tthat. As far as I can tell Ellie won’t do anything

  35. Phoenix

    How do you make Ellie electrocute the fake Ellie. She doesn’t do anything

  36. Phoenix

    Sorry about double comments for some reason it doesn’t show my first until I post a second one

  37. Phoenix

    But my problem is that she won’t I click on Ellie and the fake Ellie just says I wanted to play some more but poor Ellie. Then she’s by the screen again. I tried messing with the blow dryer and she says we don’t need it. So I’m stuck.

  38. Katie

    I keep getting a bad ending. When i press the real ellie she doesnt do anything she just sits there then i get killed. What do i have to do to get the good ending? I tried 2 games trying to get her to do something

  39. mandyfelix16

    ok i cant figure out how you find the code for the drawers. whats the poster? is that the marks on the wall? im so confused help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      First get your numbers from the poster with the names on it. Then compare it to the other poster with numbers and lines.

  40. jessica

    how do i get her to see herself in the mirror ?

  41. Angela

    How do you unlock the bag? Ive read other comments above but it make no sense!! i think the flashing is short long short but its #5 on the poster. okay thats great its #5 but what numbers to choose from the poster?? it is not 005 or 5..?????

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are nine flashes, which you break down into three sets to make three numbers.

  42. Bob

    How do u get the screw driver

  43. lee00eena

    i cnt open the mini code (the bag) and i tried all the codes in every websits and vedios plz plz help me

    1. lee00eena

      the gym bag combo it depends on the clock, look for the no. that the large arm marks, then look for the no. that the small and seconds arm marks… GOOD LUCK ^-^

  44. Mj

    I can’t figure out what the lock combination for the emergency exit! I look at the Roman numerals by The bed and there’s an X

  45. Jade

    Ok I have tried opening this stupid bag 107 times trying each different Morse code the ring gave me and nothing works! I’ve tried other people’s codes too and nothing works… I really need help! Plus I don’t know how to read the chart I need help with that too… thanks

    1. payo

      you should check the ring flashes and write down. for each long flash you write an L (long) and for each short flash you write S (short). therefore you will have a code. like this one LLS SL LLS …( I just invented it) and check the paper from the wall… where is the code. for every short flash there is a square and for every long flash there is a rectangle. short for short and long for long! I hope I helped you

  46. zarish

    How do i open the bag and ive got the key

  47. zarish

    How do i open the bag and ive got the ring plzzzz help me

  48. ph_ntom

    How about the wallpaper?? We can only get 2 of 4 if we didn’t buy the secret room??

  49. ph_ntom

    How about the wallpaper?? We can only get 2 of 4 if we didn’t buy secret room??

  50. roxana

    How can I download games?i could not download them:-(

  51. elly

    I put the ring back and it flashed it was LLS LLS SL and its like 992 and it didn’t work what should I do

    1. elly

      OK I finally opened the bag. but now I I don’t know how to open the code with 6 numbers. on the wall I had this code II II III I X II and I don’t know what code it is. I thought it might be something like 2 2 3 1 10 2 but there are numbers till 9 :(( what should I do? I don’t get it please help me

      1. elly

        I did it :-). thank you for posting this site. I finally finished the game. and I love it – I made the good and the bad ending. the 6 numbers code was223112 . my brother said that the X+II is 12 and it worked. 🙂 thank you.

    2. Lol

      It is 929

  52. elly

    I did it :-). thank you for posting this site. I finally finished the game. and I love it – I made the good and the bad ending. the 6 numbers code was223112 . my brother said that the X+II is 12 and it worked. 🙂 thank you.

  53. Kara

    My drawer codes are 830 730. Help?

  54. Crazy Llama

    How do i open the bag??my drawer combination is
    8 7
    3 3
    0 0

  55. Katlyn

    My numbers are
    Please help me

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