Closed Room: iPhone Game by Ateam: Walkthrough

Closed Room
By: Ateam

This is my walkthrough for the iPhone/iPad/iPod game by Ateam.

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section here or on my review page.

Closed Room 1:

1. Take the stick from the plant.

2. Use the stick to turn on the circuit breaker.

3. Turn on the lights.

4. Turn to the right and shake the pigeon picture until it drops an item. Pick it up.

5. Use the stick on the plant above to get a plug.

6. Look in the trashcan next to the couch and read what it says about a toy.

7. Turn off the lights and go back to the couch. There’s a light coming from under it. Pick it up with the stick.

8. Use the black orb on the X on the wall above the couch. Make a note of the three letters you found. Mine are “TCU.”

9. Turn the lights back on.

10. Tap on the top desk drawer until you find a puzzle with “abcdefg” and a music note on it. One button ia broken. Put the stick in the slot. That will count as “G.” Take out the paper with letters on it. Mine says “AGCF” but “FGCA” unlocked the drawer. So play around with the order.

11. Take out the battery from the drawer.

12. Zoom in on the computer. Tap on the right side of it and use the battery with it. Then go back to the front of it and turn on the computer. Turn to the left of it and take the razor out from the disk drive.

13. Use the razor to open the white box on the stand next to the couch. Take out the lemon.

14. Go to the clock next to the couch. Turn to the back. Put the lemon in the mug and use the razor on it to cut it open.

15. Go back to the other room and tap on the painting with a circle on it. This is a series of seven puzzles. You have to turn each one completely yellow to move on to the next. MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE ALL THE PUZZLES IN ONE SITTING OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START BACK FROM THE BEGINNING.
Once you solve all them, a magnet under the desk will release the second plug. Take it.

17. Go back to the clock and turn to the back. Plug both plugs into the clock and then into the lemon.

18. Now, remember the three letters you found on the wall? Go to the computer and form the shape of each letter out of the grid. Each letter opens one lock. When all three are unlocked, you will see your diary.

19. The diary tells you that 14 = painting. 18 = old friend. 25 = cake.

The numbers vary each game. For me, my pigeon painting said 835. In the desk drawer is a piece of paper with a number from an old friend. Mine says 640. And in the trash is a picture of cake. Mine says 60.

Now look under the desk. It says “Clock = 14 + 25 – 18

So for me, Clock = 835 + 60 – 640
or Clock = 0255

20. Set the clock to 02:55 (or whatever time you got from your equation) and you get a key.

21. Use the key to unlock the door and you’re out! Congratulations!


Closed Room 2:

1. Look on the floor on the right side of the desk. Pick up the battery.

2. Zoom in on the right side of the computer. Take the screwdriver from behind and insert the battery in the computer. Turn it on.

3. Turn to the left side of the computer and take out the key from the disk drive.

4. Turn to the other side of the room.

5. Take the water bottle from the trashcan next to the couch. Take the coin from under the trashcan.

6. Tap on the plant above and push the button that’s revealed.

7. Use the screwdriver to remove the picture frame.

8. Go back to the computer desk and pour water into the cup. Zoom in and letters appear. Mine says “DACB.”

9. Turn on the computer and open Folder 1. It says:


You need to figure out what A, B, C and D are.
The key here is using numbers like they’re hours. So 12 = 0 13 = 1, 14 = 2 and so on.

A = 10+ 3 = 13 = 1
B = 1-6 = 13 -6 = 7
C = 5 – 8 = 17 – 8 = 9
D = 12 + 6 = 0 + 6 = 6

Now put them in the order you found in the glass, DACB or 6197.

10. Tap on the bottom drawer of the desk. Punch in 6197 into the combination lock. You get the second coin.

11. Use the key you found on the top drawer to get a battery.

12. Go back to the couch room and zoom in on the white box. Turn it around. Open the battery slot with the screwdriver and insert the battery. Now it works. You just need the code for it.

13. Zoom in on the computer again and look at Folder 2. There are three flags with an arrow pointing right. The flags represent Australia, America and China.

14. Find the three countries on the map. Australia is south, America is East and China is West.

15. Go to the white box and tap on the bottom button (South), right button (East), and left button (West). Then tap on the center button and you get the third coin.

16. Zoom in on the dry plant next to the desk. Pour water on it and you get a clue:


17. Go to the puzzle behind the picture. Put the coins in this order: Moon, Star, Sun. Then do the opposite of what the paper says (not sure why). So the first slider is apart, second one is together and third one is apart. Tap on the button to the left and you’ll get the key.

18. Use the key on the door and you’re out! congratulations!


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    1. Jazz

      i cant solve the last tap to fill puzzle! can someone direct me to a video walk through?

  1. lorena lopez

    how do you solve the yellow puzzles the fish one and the last 2 are hard

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s tricky. I beat it a few times already, and still find it challenging. Try starting at both ends and meeting at the middle. You need to turn all but the last three pieces at the very top. Then you can tap the top piece and change all three together.

  2. Rin

    I can’t open the drawer, tried everything, it said EGCA, tried AGCE, AGEC, CGAE, everything. One question, if you enter the right code, it open on itself or you have to press the music note. I tried that too, didn’t work :(. I solved the picture puzzle and got the second plug already, wondering if I’m stuck because I did in the wrong order. 🙁 I don’t wanna go through that puzzle again!!!!

    1. Rin

      Oh nevermind, got it. Life’s strange isn’t it. You got stuck and the minute you ask for help the problem solved. 😀

    2. AppUnwrapper

      No, there’s no specific order. You can do the picture frame puzzle any time you like.

      As for the letters, you don’t need to press anything else. Once they’re in place, it will tell you something clicked. Just keep rearranging those three letters. You’ll get it!

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Also, try closing the game and coming back if it doesn’t work. Sometimes it might just be acting buggy.

  3. Smurfin

    How in the world did you figure these out! I was stuck on the first one FOREVER after I found all the pieces, before you put the stick in the drawer. You must be Asian.

  4. Halea

    For the puzzle to unlock the drawer…. I CANNOT figure this one out. No combination of letters work for me

  5. Trea

    How did you unlock the drawer? What did you do? What combination…..?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the numbers on the poster with names on it. You need to compare that to the other poster to find a sequence of “C” and “L”, for Center and Left.

  6. Tom

    Do you have any tips on the yellow puzzle? I CANNOT do the last one!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Try starting at both ends and meeting in the middle. You need to get everything yellow except the three pieces at the top, so when you tap the big piece at the top all three will change. It’s a tough one — I had trouble even after co porting it a few times!

      1. amanda

        i am so stuck on the last puzzle and i did just what you said to do on a question that was asked about the last 2 puzzles. well i get to the last one and i do as you say then i get to the middle and well it leaves me only two left to connect and i cant seem to figure out how to get it to solve this one is really really hard and makes me mad so if you could please please please help me thanks for your time and support on this one

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s a tough puzzle. Even when I’ve done it several times, it’s still challenging for me. Try backtracking a bit, so you can try and get three pieces at the top. Sorry I can’t help any more than that 🙁

  7. Tom

    Thanks! I’m still nowhere near getting it, but now I have something to go on! 🙂

  8. josh

    tap to fill puzzle the last one #7 need step by step if possable

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, that would be nearly impossible. It’s a lot of trial and error. When I play it myself, I undo/redo a lot of moves until I get it right. Sorry 🙁

  9. TatelynJ

    If any one could possibly give a little more info on that last puzzle it would be great! I have tried so many times and failed!!! Grr. I think I’ll ask someone smart to try but thanks if you can give more help!!?

  10. GFGDG


    1. AbbieD

      do all the circles first and they will fill in eveything else do you know how to do #7?

  11. AbbieD

    i need help on the fish one puzzle its rly hard

  12. KPeterson

    where is the plug from solving the puzzles?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You mean the yellow puzzles? That should be under the desk.

  13. Martin

    I cant open draw it says agfb bt wont open do i nd t press something

  14. Jessica

    Awesome game!!
    thanks for the guide!
    and that magic water.. I WANT IT.!!!

    thanks once again.. 😀

  15. smile:)

    i need to do number 6 puzzle pls help me!!!

  16. Lyndsey

    Any further help on the tap to fill puzzle number 5 (the fish) I am really struggling with it? Thanks

  17. mika-chan

    duuuh I really cant get through that puzzle… I may be stupidXD
    could you be please so kind and do some video or smtg? Im stuck on the fish one =.=
    Video would be high appreciated… thank you in advanceΓò¼├┤Γö£├╗Γö£├ª

  18. Tasha

    I can’t get the painting to fall. I’ve been trying for ages.

    1. Lio

      The painting does not fall off the wall. A piece of paper falls from it.

  19. SueSin

    Thanks for the walkthrough! I never would have been able to solve all those puzzles… I got out and at the end, the stick was a magic wand?! My reaction: What the heck? Wait a second, if it was a magic wand, why couldn’t we just use it to teleport out? Lol xDDD

  20. Lio

    May game won’t let use the battery on the lap top. I zoomed and turned it to the side, clicked the battery and tried to click the black slot…nothing. Help

  21. Asiah

    Do you have any tips on the yellow puzzle? I tried all sort of ways for puzzle 6 and nothing seems to work .. thanks

  22. Luke

    For the second room, i cant open up the disk drive and get the key and i dont know how to open it

  23. ellen

    i cannot figure out the drawer puzzle with the letters……someone plz explain 🙁

  24. Gemma

    I can’t put the numbers into the grid on the laptop it’s impossible to make their shape!! Especially number 8 🙁 any tips??

    1. quizmaster

      you aren’t mention to put in numbers you put the letters in of the hidden letters on the wall that appear when you use the black light item on the X

  25. Thenamesamy

    I can’t get puzzle 7. I have been trying forever!

  26. denise

    when you click on a piece (chain, fish ..) you notice that 2 pieces next to the one you just clicked go back to “white” or vice-versa. Once you know that tap on one section and notice which “smaller sections” change color. Usually they are the 2 sections apart. Difficult to explain. any way Never tap 2 sections next one to another. Good luck

  27. denise

    sorry for the typos OMG! terrible !!!

  28. Lauren

    Please help with level 7 on the picture i cant get it!!!!!!!!! Pleeaassseee :((((

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