Escape Game: “An Odd Game” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “An Odd Game”

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. Look under the bed for the screwdriver.

2. On top of the bed, move the sheets to find the candleholder.

3. Look behind the white/brown wardrobe to find the nippers.

4. Open the right-hand side of the brown cabinet. Take the first piece of the dog puzzle and cut the wire with the nippers.

5. Go over to the window and open and close the curtains a few times until something falls out. This is the key to open the left side of the cabinet.

6. Look at both sides of the piece of paper you just found. Add up 500 + 10 + 3 = 513. Punch that in on the keypad on the brown cabinet.

7. Take the book and the wire.

8. Look through every page of the book.

9. Bend the wire. Use it to open the left-hand door.

10. Take the second piece of the dog puzzle from the table.

11. Flip the table over and take the lighter.

12. Turn to the safe. Remember the book? Turn The dial 7 times towards the blue arrow, then 3 times towards the red. Open the safe and take out the hairdryer.

13. Make sure you read every page of the book. Turn on the hairdryer and zoom in on the wet stain on the floor. Use the dryer to dry it.

14. You get the code RRLRL. go back to the other room and use this code on the blue and green lights. Light up the green twice, then the blue, then green, then blue.

15. While you’re out there, use the screwdriver to open up the hatch in the floor. Zoom in on it and it will tell you it’s too dark to see.

16. Go back to the small room. Flip the table over again and tap on the bottom left leg to open it up. Take the candle.

17. Look behind the dresser and take the last piece of the dog puzzle.

18. Turn to the panel on the wall and use the screwdriver to unscrew all four screws. Take the box from inside.

18. Go back to the main room.

19. Use the code “Dog” on the keypad of the white/brown wardrobe. Take out the doll.

20. Open up the cap on the lighter and turn it on. Then use it to light the candle. Use the candle in the hatch on the floor and take the doll clothes.

21. Dress the doll. Turn the doll over to see the words “Rose + here” written on his…well, the game considers it his hip. Make sure you zoom in on the words.

22. Go to the locked desk drawer and enter “Rosehip” into the keypad. Take the bib.

23. Put the bib on the doll. Turn to his neck and press the button that appeared. A paper crane drops from his sleeve. Take it.

24. Open up the candle again. The candle melted, leaving a key in its place.

25. Use the key on the locked box you found. Inside is a pacifier.

26. Zoom in on the pacifier and it tell you to use the paper crane on the grid.

27. Turn towards the white/brown wardrobe, or “grid.” Select the paper crane and tap on the grid.

28. The crane will fly to the top of the grid. Tap on it until you see a key.

29. Use the key on the front door.

And you’re out! Congratulations!


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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. J

    I dOnt get #9 what left hand door are you talking about? Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are two doors in the room. The wire opens the one to the left.

  2. Snams

    Hi! How you turn that dial because I don’t get it (7 & 3). Thanks

    1. ky

      i still can’t get the safe! i turned it 7 times towards the blue and 3 times towards the red!

        1. ky

          i got it! thanks!

          1. Marcie

            How did you get it? It’s still not working for me πŸ™

          2. Marcie

            I cant get the safe to open no matter what I do πŸ™

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Did you see the clue for it in the book? The game has to be absolutely sure you saw the clues in order for it to work.

          3. Marcie

            I had to get the comment before the combination worked. Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Snams

    Got it

  4. Breedle

    I have tried every variation I can think of: rose hip, rosehip, rosehips, rose hips, hip, hips, butt, bottom, rib etc! Nothing will work. Any help would be much appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure you’ve zoomed in as much as possible on every clue before trying to put the code in. IDAC games are like that.

      1. Breedle

        Thanks! I went back, zoomed in completely and it took it πŸ™‚

  5. Kiko

    I cant get the key in the curtain. help me plese

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s not a metal key. A piece of paper falls out if you play with the curtains a few times.

  6. Kiko

    Thanks appunwrapper. but I could not use this code. Can you help me?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      513 doesn’t work for you? Make sure you’ve seen all the clues (zoom in on them).

  7. Kiko

    cool, got it. Thank you friend!

  8. Ari Marie

    I typed dog in like 10 times and it still says error ):

      1. Ari Marie

        Yes I do

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Try examining the dog picture from your bag closely before using typing the password. It may just need to tell you that it’s a dog.

          1. Kevin

            Hey, I had tried to examine the picture of the dog but it seems to keep telling me that “This picture…is it a dog?”… but I am still unable to open..Pls assist.

  9. Ari Marie

    It worked after numerous times, but how do you light the candle?

  10. Ari Marie

    Well I understand that I have it and it is on but when actions do you use to light it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Once you have the candle, zoom in on it (double tap or use the button with the magnifying glass), then select the lighter (it has to be on first) and tap the the candle.

  11. Andrea

    I know to open the safe you turn the dial 7 blue then 3 red but how do you move it? I press the blue button to move the dial to the blue side but it only lets me click it once not 7 times.

  12. Julie

    For the dial it wil start at the top so you just count 7 of those dots but tapping them as you go. Then you tap 3 back and it should open.

    1. Andrea

      Thanks! It opened!

  13. Jan

    Seriously! Thank you SO MUCH. Big fan of all these escape games and think I’ve done ok BUT would have been stuck on stupid monkey order if not for you! thanks a mill ξ–ξ€Ž

  14. Zoe

    I cannot open the left door with the wire? I have no idea what door that is…. Please help!

  15. Sharon

    Tried many version of DOG/Dog/dog i still can’t open the wardrobe.
    When i tap on the paper it just kept saying.. “This picture…is it a dog?”…

    Any way to get past this?

    1. Sharon

      Ahh.. its ok.. i got it.. as i got the sequence of getting the dog papers different i can’t get it to open the wardrobe. Thanks!

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