Escape Game: “The Drifting Locked Chamber” Partial Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Drifting Locked Chamber”

This is a partial walkthrough for the iPhone/iPad/iPod game from IDAC. The complete walkthrough is here.



*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. Turn left and move the top box. Take the roll of tape from the bottom left box.




2. Zoom in on the tape and it says “MIRROR”.



3. Turn left and zoom in on the item below the clock. It’s a mirror. Use the tape on it.


4. The mirror tilts, showing you an item behind the furniture. Tap on it ok the mirror, then zoom out.



5. Zoom in on the panda, then look behind the furniture he’s sitting on. Take the ruler.





6. Turn around and zoom in on the piece of paper stuck in the window. Use the ruler to remove it. Zoom in on it. It says “I F I I”.





7. Turn to the bookcase and open the book that says “Picture Book.” On the first page, pull the tab that causes the dog’s tail to wag. Then turn to the second page and try to put the piece of paper into it. It says that the page is bent. Use the ruler on the book to fix it. Then insert the paper in the slot.








8. After placing it in the book, pull the tab and now the paper now reads “PATI”.



9. Zoom in on the safe to the right of the bookcase. Enter the password “PATI”. Open it and take the key.





To see the rest of the walkthrough, with over 40 steps, go here.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡I’m allowing free access for a *limited time only!*

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  1. AppUnwrapper

    If you bought the walkthrough and liked it, please let others know here. Thank you and feel free to ask any questions or offer suggestions 🙂

  2. AppUnwrapper

    The first five people to follow me on Twitter (AppUnwrapper) and post here why they need the walkthrough will gain free access to the full walkthrough. Just make sure you leave a working email so I can send it to you. Good luck 🙂

  3. Sarah C.

    When I go to the picture book, it doesn’t flip to the second page. How do you get it to flip?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to pull the tab that moves the dog’s tail first.

  4. Micky

    I need the walkthrough because otherwise I’m about to stab something in frustration.

  5. John S.

    I got the hatch open and the ladder and a note fell down, I can’t make heads or tails out of this, there is no 6 in the morse code sheet at all????

    1. haze

      Flip over t paper. Theres a number on t back

  6. Natalie

    I am completely stuck. I have the duck tape, ruler, morse code sheet and soup and I have no idea of the next move I’ve tried clicking on everything…is there two items I have to combine at this point??? Please help

  7. Lauren

    I am in the exact position as Natalie. Please help!!! 🙂

    1. minh

      same position as lauren and natalie LOL. help please

  8. Kelly

    I am at the end with just the plate with 5 on it and the morse code sheet – I need to call for help on the radio – do I need to somehow turn on the geny?

    1. vishal

      Please let me know how to go to upstairs

      1. AppUnwrapper

        If you follow me on twitter and post here that you did so, I’ll give you free access to the full walkthrough. I still have a few left from the five I offered 🙂

  9. Jun

    I am on the panda. But I can’t seem to take the ruler which I should? How can I take the ruler?

  10. MaliQLD

    I follow you on twitter and need a free password or I’ll develop a serious case of a phobia of Soup and Morse Sheets on boats, cause that’s where I’m stuck 😀

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haha good reason :). Thanks for following me. Give me a few minutes and I’ll set you up!

  11. vishal

    Dear All,
    Very simple, If you see the locker on the right side of books and tap on the right side of that locker very carefully, you will get one PANDA photo with hands up by gun. Only after getting this panda snap you can use Panda and follow the same as shown in the snap
    (1) After that tap on panda the panda will turn around then you will get one six side key……after that every thing is very simple…
    still need help , let me know I will help you.


    1. Divya

      Hi. Your comments really helped. Thx.
      Just stuck at the last bit. Got the steering
      Wheel and the screwdriver. But can’t seem
      To work the compass. Tried taking it to the
      West. But can’t. Pls help.

        1. Divya

          Then where? Pls help

    2. D baker

      How do you get the screwdriver?

        1. D baker

          How do you open the lockers? I can’t find a code for the lockers or the first aid box. Please help

          1. AppUnwrapper

            The locker isn’t until near the very end. FYI, if you follow me on Twitter (@AppUnwrapper), I’ll give you access to the full walkthrough. I’ll also give you clues on that page if you prefer. 🙂

    3. Hillbilly

      I have the dish, rod, and morse code cant figure out what to do next. Please help.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        If you follow me on twitter, I’ll give you access to the full walkthrough 🙂

        1. Hillbilly

          I’m following now

    4. @rogerinhojp

      Nice tip! very hard to find where to tap! I coudnt find if it wasnt your help!

    5. stuck at sea

      Do you do all that panda stuff before or after going upstairs? I can see the flashlight, but I can’t get it. What am I doing wrong? I got stuck with duct tape, rod, which I used to pull down the ladder and open the first aid box. Also have ruler, soup, morse code. What next? Thank you!

  12. Lily

    I think this is the hardest one. need your walkthrough to guide me 😉

    im already follow your twitter


    1. AppUnwrapper

      As promised, you should now have access. Happy escaping 🙂

  13. MaliQLD

    Thanks a lot. The full walkthrough really helped me out. Great Job.

  14. Josh

    Im stuck and i Am following you on twitter

      1. Kevin Ludwig

        Great help so far but need that walkthrough. Am following you now

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Congrats, you got the last free one! 🙂

          Everyone else, keep an eye out because I might offer a few more in the future.

  15. Kim

    Any way for another free walkthrough? I’ll follow! Just let me know!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, here’s the deal. When I get 100 followers on Twitter, I’ll choose five to get access to the walkthrough for free. But you need to tell me you want it to be entered into the drawing, as I want to make sure it goes to people who need it. If it goes well, I might offer it again so tell your friends 🙂

  16. leeandwong

    Hello, i never use Twitter, but I have just created one account just to get your walkthrough. I am your 72 followers. Can you send me the full walkthrough, please?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thank you for following 🙂 When I get 100 followers, I’ll give access to 5 more people (who follow me and tell me they want to be in the drawing). Your odds are pretty good, because most of my followers are not doing so for the drawing.

  17. Kathy

    Pls teach me what Should i do with the morse code??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to do a bunch of stuff upstairs before you can use it.

  18. Maria

    I just bought the walkthrough, how can I have access to it?

  19. AppUnwrapper

    For anyone who’s still looking to get access to the full walkthrough, I’m at 94 followers. Just 6 more and I’ll give free access to 5 more people. Follow me and post here and you can easily be one of them!

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      97 followers! If you want the walkthrough, now’s your chance! Follow me on twitter @AppUnwrapper and let me know you want the walkthrough!

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        I have over 100 followers now, so the first 5 people to ask for access to the walkthrough who follow me will get it!

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          I have long waited for your full walkthrough, can i get it now?

  20. Dom

    havent got a clue what to do next, i have the morse code sheet and its too dark to go up the ladder, what next? Cant open the first aid box or the shape coded lockers either

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll give you access to the full walkthrough 🙂

      As for the specific spot you’re stuck in, have you found the clue next to the safe?

      1. Dom

        i dont have a twitter account and i dont want one, sorry mate

  21. Monica Velasquez

    Please! Begging I’m following you on twitter zombiegirl503. I need this walkthrough I’ll even throw in my first born child!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Lol I don’t need your first-born. You should have register an email by now 🙂

  22. leeandwong

    Hey, thanks for the walkthrough !

  23. AppUnwrapper

    ***Note: You can currently gain access to the full walkthrough by following me on Twitter (@AppUnwrapper). But act fast, because this is only for the first 10 followers who post below!***

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      I followed now what?

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    I just followed u – how to access the walkthrough pls?

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    Hi I have followed u on twitter 🙂 how do I get the walk through? Thanks!

  26. Julie

    How can I get the hatch open? I’m stuck, and there’s a soup can?? Where’s that?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you following me on twitter? If so, tell me your username and I’ll give you access to the full walkthrough. I’ll also give any hints you’d like there 🙂

  27. Julie

    Hii, ok so ad you’ll see I never use my twitter much but it’s bugging me not knowing where the clues are to this game because I’ve clicked and combine everything possible!! Grr


    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s ok, you don’t need to be on it much ;). I’m giving the walkthrough to 10 people who need it and are following me on twitter, so once you are, I’ll send it to you 🙂

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        Saw this and just started “following” you or whatever it’s called. Now what…

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          Thanks for following. I just tried to send you the info, but it appears to have bounced back. Did you receive it?

  28. Kelly

    I can’t work out Joe to open the Locker and need the screwdriver which I’m assuming is in there. I tried the star button three times as per the steeringwheel!!! So close… Please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you examine the three stars closely on the wheel? The game has to be sure you saw the clue.

  29. Harumi

    Ok! Here I am! Again…lol
    Please…I’m stucked! And I really want to know how it ends!
    Thanks since now!

  30. Harumi

    Already checked!
    Thank you very much!
    I’ve already said that this site is awsome!
    I’ll say it again: awsome!!
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      If you like my walkthroughs, please help spread the word about my site. The more people use it, the more I’ll write!

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    I’m following you on twitter and was wondering of I could get the walk through cuz I’m supper stuck when I go upstairs so please can I get the walkthrough!!!?????

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      Sorry, this ended up in my spam folder. Keep an eye out for an email to access the walkthrough.

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    i’m stucked where i pulled the ladder and received the morse code~ can i have the walkthrough for this please? i followed your twitter 2 days ago~

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    Am stuck for 4 days now

    Is it possible to get an email too 😀 please … I’ve been following you for the past 2 days

    It will be grateful if you did 🙂

    My account on twitter is ramizaher


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    Thanks a lot …

    Recieved your email, that was fast

    I really appreciate it

    At last I can sleep today :p it was killing me haha

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    I’m totally stuck and frustrated. Are you still offering the full walkthrough? Following you on twitter at present.

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    Thanks for many great walkthroughs!
    I don’t use twitter and would be very happy if you could help me out with the aidbox? 🙂


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    Great walkthroughs

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    Greetings…. Are you still doing walkthrough for this game? I’m stuck at morse code sheet and am losing my mind and some hair. This is the only one I can’t get passed on my own. HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!

    Thank you………

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      Sorry, right now there’s the option to buy it or follow me on twitter. In the future I may offer other ways to get it, but right now it’s one or the other.

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