Escape Game: “The Mystery of the Abandoned Factory” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Mystery of the Abandoned Factory”


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1. Zoom in on the table to the left of the door.


2. Examine the note. It’s a clue for the cupboard. The number at the bottom show the order. So, 9764.


3. Take the pencils from the vase.



4. Take the knife from the top drawer of the white desk.



5. Use the knife on the trap door to get a rope.



6. Zoom in on the cupboard keypad. Type in “9764”.



7. Open the cupboard and take the balaclava.



8. Open the window.


9. Look outside. There’s an ice pick.


10. Try to get the ice pick with the rope. It doesn’t work. Attach the rope to the balaclava.


11. Use the rope/balaclava to get the ice pick.


12. Look behind the green cupboard. There’s a square block.


13. Remove the balaclava from the rope. Try to use the rope to get the block. It will tell you it’s too thick. So use the ice pick on the balaclava to unravel it.


14. Attach the red string to the block.



15. Pull on the string and you get the square block.


16. Use the ice pick on the drawer of the small table to the left of the door.


17. Take the triangle block.


18. Look behind the white desk. There’s a key. You can’t reach it on your own.


19. Attach the knife to the rope.


20. Use the rope/knife to reach the key.


21. Use the key on the bottom drawer of the desk.


22. Take the circle block.


23. Examine the blue notebook on the dresser by the window. Look at it carefully.



24. Open the box next to the notebook. Use the information from the notebook to solve this puzzle, as follows. (Flip the blocks to get either white or black.):




25. Something opened. Zoom out the outside of the box. There’s a small drawer.


26. Take the black sheet of paper.


27. Remove the knife from the rope.

28. Go to the tackle box on the white desk. Try to open it with the ice pick. It doesn’t work. Try the knife, and it gets jammed in there. We need something to hit it with.


29. Go back to the block puzzle that we solved. Take the circle block.

30. Hit the knife with the circle block. The box opens.


31. Take the “O panel”.


32. Go to the window and hold the piece of paper up to it. There’s an uneven surface.



33. Use the knife on the box of pencils to get a sharpened pencil.


34. Zoom in on the paper. Use the pencil on it to trace the surface. It looks like this:


35. The tracing on the piece of paper shows how to get the numbers for the safe. 63 = 3, 18, 21
63 = (6-3), (6×3), (63/3).
So 99 = (9-9), (9×9), (99/3).
99 = 0, 81, 33


36. Go got he safe on the wall and type in 08133.


37. Open the safe.


38. Take the triangle panel.


49. Go to the bookcase to the right of the door and zoom in on the plaque on the wall, as well as the sheet of paper next to the red box.



40. Open the red box. Place the two panels and arrange the rest of the pieces so it looks like this:



41. The drawer of the box unlocks. Open it.


42. Take out the shard of metal (or piece of key).


43. Examine the picture frame near the green cupboard. It now has a use but we can’t reach it.


44. Use the ice pick on the rest of the pencils to make holes in them.


44. Slice the thread into pieces with the knife.


45. Use the pencils with the thread and you make a long pole.


46. Use the pole on the picture frame and it falls.



47. Take the metal shard.


48. Combine the two pieces of metal to make a key.


49. Use the key to unlock the door.


50. Open the door. You’re free! Congratulations!



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B lai
9 years ago

How did you derive “9764” for the cupboard from the note?? The numbers do not seem related to each other.

B lai
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

Oh dear! Seems so obvious now!! Thanks so much!

9 years ago

How do you combine items? I cant combine anything and I’ve been trying for 45 mins tapping, selecting item, following the instructions from the game?

9 years ago

How do you solve the step 24?
I open the lip, put three item in, then get them out, put it in again.
but it is not work

Reply to  Daniel
9 years ago

Yeah… how do you work this out?

Reply to  tygrrboi
9 years ago

i really can’t figure out step 24

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

YES, i solve it. but why it’s not the same as what the note book show

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

How do you determine the order? How did you derive the final pattern?

9 years ago

No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the balaclava to unravel!! I’m so frustrated!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

But I did everything you said to do in the walkthrough. I’ve tapped everywhere and looked everywhere!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

I have the knife, the rope, the balaclava, box of pencils, the white triangle, and the ice pick.

Thanks so much for helping us all!

9 years ago

I can’t unravel my balaclava??!! Heeelp!!! ๐Ÿ™

Reply to  Rachael
9 years ago

Same here! =(

Reply to  Rachael
9 years ago

you have to try using to rope first then when it says that the rope is too thick it will let you unravel the balaclava

hope this helped

9 years ago

Could you kindly explain me what’s the rule for step 23………..
I can’t understand it

9 years ago

Could you kindly explain me what’s the rule for step 23………..
I can’t understand it

Best Regards

9 years ago

I tried getting my rope to connect with the balaclava as you said, using both my phone, and and iPad, and I can’t get it to work… I select one in detail, then tap on the other so it has the red box around it, and then I click on the magnified item, but I get nothing except a description of the one item… Maybe I need to delete and download again, or possibly a problem with new ios5 update?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

I haven’t gotten that far yet, I’m on step 8, and it will not let me combine the two.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

Ok, now it worked ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

9 years ago

Now I can’t get the knife and rope together, maybe missing another step?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

Lol, such detail in these games, you weren’t kidding!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

Yeah, it worked after that… And I’m not sure what step got it to work eventually because I went through everything possible all over before attempting, but with your steps, I couldn’t put holes in the pencil (step 35) so I guess I had to do something else first.

9 years ago

having trouble with the notebook and the shapes. thought i followed the correct order but apparently not

9 years ago

some clue are not logic, for 24, how do u get the order?? for 34, if 63=3(6-3), 18(6X3), 21(63/3), then 72 should be 5(7-2), 14(7X2), 36(72/2) and not 24

Reply to  david
9 years ago

The logic is a bit flawed. But the game logic is

1. First number – second number
2. First number * second number
3. Both digits as a whole / 3

So you get
63 = 3(6-3) 18(6*3) 21(63/3)
72 = 5(7-2) 14(7*2) 24(72/3)

the code will follow the above pattern
99 = 0(9-9) 81(9*9) 33(99/3)

9 years ago

i just followed what was in the notebook. Do you put them in and switch them around according to the notebook?

9 years ago

Ive tried putting the tiles in the box countless times but i haven’t heard the ‘click’!!! I’m following the order in the notebook by putting the tiles in the first order, taking them out, doing the second one, and so on… Still nothing!! What am I doing wrong?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 years ago

Ahh!! Thank u so much!!!

9 years ago

How do you rearrange the pieces in the red box (man, woman, guest). I’ve been trying to move them around but it keeps saying ‘the panels have been inserted’ or ‘there is nothing important here’

9 years ago

hey, I see alot of people with questions about the puzzle with the notebook but haven’t seen any real answers posted so I figured I’d share once I figured it out.

first off, ignore the colors! ( I’ll explain later) they have nothing to do with the shapes.

that said look at each an every shape on their own and you will quickly notice the puzzle is not nearly as hard as it seems.
if you think of the 6 spaces as a clock you will notice…

1. the circle moves ONE space counter clockwise in each frame of the notebook

2. the triangle moves ONE space clockwise in each frame

3. the square moves TWO spaces clockwise in each frame

given that knowledge you can now determine where you should put the different shapes.

now for the colors.

the color is entirely based upon the 6 spaces, not the shapes. it is simply we only see the color when a shape is present in any one space.
in the end it is really rather simple, almost like a light switch. the spaces are in two groups and simply alternate between black and white with each frame. (the fourth clue in the notebook is what helped give it away for me)

so for example in the first frame, using b for black and w for white the colors are

b b w
b w w

and for the second

w w b
w b b

and so on alternating back and forth, independent of the shapes.

hopefully that really long winded explaination helped somebody trying to figure it out.

9 years ago

I am stuck like M above
“How do you rearrange the pieces in the red box (man, woman, guest). Iโ€™ve been trying to move them around but it keeps saying โ€˜the panels have been insertedโ€™ or โ€˜there is nothing important hereโ€™”

Heeeelp please!

Reply to  Kikoman
9 years ago

No worries! finally Did it!

9 years ago

Yerp.. Me too.. Keep getting the same comment. I’m stuck there. Kikoman, plz share..