Ellie – Help me out…please: Walkthrough

13. Take out the hair dryer first, then look in the bag again to get her gym clothes.

14. Plug the hair dryer into the electrical socket to the left of the gym bag.

15. Use the hair dryer on the burnt spot on the bed to reveal the message. It seems this girl might not be who you think she is!

16. Take the gym clothes you got from the bag and stuff it in the toilet. Flush the toilet to clog it up, causing the water to flood into the room.

17. Use the mirror on the drawing of the star, or pentagram. (Referring to “M.onStar” from before.)

18. Something appears in the mirror — it looks like another little girl! Tap on the mirror to zoom in on it and discover that it’s the real Ellie — this girl you’ve been helping is actually her kidnapper!

19. You still need to help her escape, or she’ll hurt Ellie. So, make a note of the spot on the wall where the mirror reflects light. Dig on that spit with the trowel. A combination lock will be revealed, which says it’s for the Emergency Exit. We need to find the code to unlock it.

20. Look at the scratches in the wall above the bed. They look like Roman numerals, but they’re divided strangely. Break them up so they make actual numbers. Again, it seems to be different each game. Mine was 314122.

21. Put the code in the combination lock and the emergency exit on the floor unlocks.

22. The Ellie imposter will now start going down through the exit. You have two choices — you can stop her and get the good ending, or let her escape and get the bad ending. I recommend replaying the game again to get both. But here’s how to get the good ending:

23. On the left screen, you can see the real Ellie sitting with her arms tied behind her back. If you tap on her, you’ll see that she can move her legs.

24. Look at the right screen and tap on the hair dryer to get Ellie to push it into the spilt water. It will electrocute the fake Ellie and the real Ellie can escape!

You can also watch my video walkthrough for extra help:

Congratulations! You made it!

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    1. sehru

      Mine code is 0-3-0 , 8-3-0
      Cant get the combinationssssssssss 🙁 . What shuud i do

      1. Lucy

        Mine too, your code are CCC CLC.

        1. Ui

          I can’t open the drawer

        2. joanavenice

          I cant open the drawer my number is 030 830 pls someone help me.

          1. eko

            CCC CLC Mine is the same

          2. eko

            CCC CLC

  1. cindy

    I dnt get ur number is 5 but mine is nine and that jux makes it harder for me to open the drawers…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If your number is 9, just look at the poster where it says 9. Long lines will be Center and short lines will be Left.

      1. Kshit

        My number is 430 530 please tell me what should i do?

        1. illeatyourself


          1. Vicki

            Me Too DX

        2. Titionibi

          U just only see the first number,4 and 5 then look the morse code on the poster.that’s written,short,short,long and short,long,short.short means u must click left drawers and long means center.so the code is LEFT LEFT CENTER and LEFT CENTER LEFT.click that code so the drawers will be open

          1. Tammy

            Thank u so much it really helped

          2. Racheal

            My numbers are 730 630, can you please help me.

            1. Caaarl

              Center left left left center center

      2. Jamie

        My numbers are 830 730. What now?? I don’t understand your instructions.

        1. one


      3. Jadan Dean

        I can’t open the drawer, I kept doing LCL CLC, but it didn’t work And I cant figure out how to open the drawers

  2. Aja

    My morse code only had 8 flashes? it went sls. ss. lll. (S being short and L being long, with pauses) I have no clue how to figure this out please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s different for everyone, and there has to be nine. So all I can say is look at it again until you have it. Sorry I can’t be of more help 🙁

      1. Jolene

        No, you’re wrong. It doesn’t have to be nine flashes. For the code on the wall, u can see that only 1&2 r special cases. They only have 2 markings. And mine has 8 flashes in total and I succeeded.

        1. Matheus Santos

          How did you get?
          I can’t

      2. Lavinia

        I’m just saying but there can be between 6-9 flashes in total of the ring for morse code because of the lines of the pattern on the picture on the wall. You just need to count the flashes and also look carefully for the pause. For example, I only had 8 flashes in total.

      3. patricia

        Mine was actually 8. so everyone will have different numbers.

      4. Kieran

        Mine is
        Please help

        1. samantha


      5. Celeste

        Well my flashes were short flash ,short flash,short flash, short flash, short flash,short flash,long flash , short flash, short flash. And then my numbers were 430 and 530 so what would her combination locked be

        1. Celeste

          By flashes I mean the way the ring flashes

    2. Jacqui

      Loo at number one on the poster on the wall, it shows that it’s possible that there are only 8 flashes, i had the same problem

    3. manny

      ss would be 1 and i had 8 numbers for mine too being lls lls sl which came out to be 992, from those numbers their was only 3 possible keys for mine, yours has five possible keys

      1. Titionibi

        Meaby the code is 929?like mine

    4. Ellie

      it’s ss because the top number (on mine it’s the top) only has two bars this means it will be one of the numbers with two bars and not three

      1. Cora

        I still have a problem with the mirror lol. I keept taping te star ut sadly that hasnt worked.

        1. tasha

          Me too. It won’t let me do the Mirror

          1. Sandy

            Lol the mirros is easy. Get the coin near the mushrooms and put the coin in the vice and Viola! Go to the mirror

          2. Sijna

            Me too

    5. Cora

      I can explain. Some numbers like possibly 1 or 2 has only 2 lines. For 1 its a short line and short line. So sometimes it can give u eight instead of nine :3

    6. valeriidakota

      It’s okay because number one and t
      wo has 2codes

    7. Raven

      Two short flashes mean 1

    8. MysteryMan

      There is also 2 morse code thingies with only 2 flashes right? Thats the number

    9. Sima Begum

      My one was 8 too and cause I was looking for 9 it took ages but then I tried it with 8 and it worked

    10. Damon

      Look at the paper behind the desk, match the dashes (ie ss = 1

    11. Candyy

      Yours looks like 310 btw I just got this game zorry im 4years late \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

    12. Miri-chan

      If you only got 8, then there has to be a 1 or 2 in your code, because those are the numbers that only need 2 flashes

    13. ray

      If you only get 8 flashes.. thats mean the last 3 only have 2 flashes and 1 empty.. look at the poster on the wall.. see if there any number with only 2 code.. it should be there..

    14. Anna

      if it’s only 2, on the poster No. 1 has only 2 short dots, mine was similar

  3. Game Chick

    How do you divide the numbers? Please Help!

    1. mathon

      You’ll need 3 serial of flashes to find 3 numbers. Look and wait. for each flash, we can have 2 or 3 flash Light.
      so, we can have for example: LLS SL LSS. See the wall and find code of the bag

  4. Game Chick

    nvm got it thanks for this cool walkthrough!

  5. Bear

    Can’t get her to hold the mirror over the star.
    Selected the mirror then click on the star don’t work advise, please

  6. Puzzler

    I can’t figure out the code it won’t open for me I have the numbers 430 and 530 and 430 is ccl ccc lll and 530 is lcl ccc lll help!

    1. Symbologist

      Ignore the second and third digit from both 3-digit codes from the table. So you are only looking at 4 & 5 to open the drawer. Also you had the drawers backwards.
      Short bar = Left drawer
      Long bar = Center drawer
      So this combination 430 & 530 is: LLC LCL

      1. Cristina Tabatha

        830-730 ???? help me..

  7. Lauren

    I’m completely confused how you open the drawers. I’ve tried everything I can think of and nothing works. Thanks

  8. Chanell

    I don’t understand on how to divide the numbers to get the emergency code! Please Help!!

  9. Chanell

    Nvm I got it

    1. ev

      How did u divided it ?

  10. Reneebae

    I don’t know how to get the escape code.

  11. Myarose

    How do you get the escape coad?

    1. Symbologist

      The emergency exit code consist of 6 digits. Using the carved roman numerals on the wall above the bed you will be able to decifer the six digits. In the case of not understanding how to divide the numbers on the wall, please refer to the clock on the wall. The numbers for each hour are listed in roman numerals.
      For example,
      1 = I
      2 = II
      3 = III
      4 = IV
      5 = V
      6 = VI
      7 = VII
      8 = VIII
      9 = IX
      Ignore the strike in the center of these numbers. It is only there adding to the atmosphere. The spacing between the numbers should be enough to display 6 numbers.

      1. Sasuke

        Dont forget X=10 but the number after it will be put in place of 0

      2. Atalante

        I’m sorry if I may sounds like a total dump… but I really don’t get the logic behind it.. Like how the clock is supposed to help divide. What give the hint?
        For mine, I got : ll ll ll V Vll ll and 5:35 for the hours…
        It’s been an hour, and I still don’t get how to divide it. If you could explain me on how to use all those numbers to create the correct code, I would be grateful (I’m much more interested in understanding the problem, than the code itself)

        1. Atalante

          Nevermind… Found some comments further, and just had to read it normally like perfect normal roman number, not to divide them (the formulation here, and above in the solution lost me.. Was reading them as the right numbers, looking for a way to rearranged/broke them, like the walkthrough suggested…)

  12. Someone

    Hello how do you grt bag codea and please be detailed!!

    1. Symbologist

      After getting the “trowel” from the drawer, equip it as the current item then dig at the mushroom infront of the table. It removes the tile and expose the dirt. Afterwards, use the trowel on the dirt square and uncover the hand with the flashing ring. Leave the ring on the finger until you got the code from the flashes. Be patient with the flashes as to finding the start of the code. The lock consist of 3 digits only; therefore, only 3 sets of flashes will display from the ring. The will be a 1 sec pause between each set of pulse and a 2 sec pause will indicate the start of the replay of the 3 sets of pulse again.

      Using the poster above the table, you will match the short and long pulse with the indicated number on the poster to aquire your 3 digit code for the lock on the bag. Remember, number 1 & 2 on the poster only have 2 pulses each so it is possible to have less than 9 total pulse.

      1. Not Ellie Foster

        I took the ring coz it flashes now I don’t have the code :'(

  13. Someone

    Opps i said how do u get bag code and ps be super detailed

  14. verita

    For code 930 830, it shld be CCL CLC 😉

  15. sophie

    my code number is 030 830. so how do craxk it? i dont get it. -_-“

    1. Symbologist

      Code 030 830 combination = CCC CLC
      For more details on breakdown please scoll down to later posting.

  16. mel

    How do you get her to look at her organiser, please?

    1. Symbologist

      After you picked up the organizer, select it in as the current item and then click on her to view the organizer. It will then reminds her that she have the hairdryer and gymcloths in the bag.

  17. Symbologist

    Seeing how many people get stuck on the combination for the drawer I’ll try to break it down. No matter what your two 3-digit code is on the table, ignore the second and third digit from both set of numbers. All that matters is the first number from both code. Using the poster on above the table you will then breakdown the code from it.

    Short bar = Left drawer
    Long bar = Center drawer

    For example: 530 & 630 – so only taking the first number from both codes, I will look at the poster number 5 = Short Long Short, which translates to Left Center Left; number 6 = Short Long Long, which translates to Left Center Center.

    As for code 030, please look at number 10 on the poster which translates to Center Center Center.

    I believe code 130 and 230 do not exist since it does not have all three drawers on the poster to provide the third drawer position.

    I hope this will help out in any players that still enjoys this game. All I’m stuck on is trying to unlock all 4 wallpaper. Only got two of the four wallpaper so far. I don’t know is it 2 bad end and 2 good end or just 1 bad end and 1 good end. Each ending should tie into unlocking one of the wallpapers.

  18. Cat

    How do you get her to hold the mirror?!!

  19. stuck

    i didn’t see the flashes on the ring what do i do?

    1. Carmen

      Just put the ring back to the corspe hand and wait, it’ll flash.

  20. jaimee

    my code is 830 730!!!! i cant get it!!! please help!!!!!

    1. Gothgamer

      The first digit is 3 the other two I don’t remember. I had the same code as you

  21. emily

    She needs to hold the mirror again. I’ve flooded the room, but I can’t get her to hold the mirror over the star again. Please help. /:

    1. Kyleigh

      U can

  22. Anne

    Plz help with the mirror!!Can’t make her hold it over the star:((((

  23. Abby

    I’m really confused. My numbers on the table are 030 830. I was a little confused on the 8 at first but then I saw you classified it as center, so with that I should have CLC CLC shouldn’t I? That didn’t work so I’m hoping you could tell me what I did wrong.

    1. Chico

      No they are supposed to be CCC then CLC

  24. Kat Reineke

    Help my numbers are 730 and 630 I got clcllc but it wont work

  25. shaphie

    Help please >< I cannot open the bag , please help me 🙁

  26. Ben

    ive tried twice but couldn’t got good ending
    besides i couldn’t saw any sign of the real ellie
    what should i do?

    1. Jessica

      Ok first u need to open the drawers but u have to get the organizer on the floor before that. Then u take the trowel and dig at the spot where the mushroom pokes out and look at the ring and how much it blinks. Then look inside the drawer it should say M.OnStar meaning have her hold the mirror over the star but first you need to clog the toilet with her gym clothes and read the letters burned into the bed by having her hold the hair dryer to it. When she reads the letters clog the toilet with the gym clothes. Have her hold up the mirror and then click on the mirror and the reflection. Then click on the wall with the trowel and look at the Roman numerals have them put in the wall panel. Finally open the hatch and have the girl pull on the hair dryer to electrocute Ellie. There’s ur good end.

  27. rebekah

    theemergency code was 3 1 2 1 1 7 liar!!!

  28. mia

    My code is 630 830. ….please crack it ……

  29. Desy

    seriously 🙁 mine is 730 630
    What is the combination please!!! urgent!

  30. Anyone

    i don’t know how to divide the numbers in the wall to make it a six digit code 🙁 please help me

    1. Anyone

      nvm. i got it 🙂

    2. MoonMoon

      How do you do it? Please help me, I’m stuck

  31. Lauren

    My numerals are
    I am stuck

    1. LeneBean

      2 2 3 1 1 2 (x+ii=12)

    2. Chico

      It’s 2 2 3 1 0 2

  32. Hope

    I can’t get the mirror to shine on the real ellie

  33. jake

    Can I ask what name the Lie Ellie, I was think she’s name’s Katie Inge!! I don’t know!! 😐

  34. jake

    And who are the names people, nick, Oliver, !! Who Are they?? Are I’m with this names or not??

  35. jake

    It’s 5 names 3 died 2 not, I’m nick or Oliver or nothing?!

  36. jake

    And who write this massage Lie Ellie ?!

  37. Megumi Asahina

    Well I get to the drawer thing, so my numbers were 730 and 630… the so the combination is CLC LCL the problem is that when I try it… it doesn╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t work, don╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t know what am I doing wrong

    1. Megumi Asahina

      Already done it… hahaha

  38. Mad Hatter

    I don’t understand the concept of the drawers. my numbers are 03 08 30 please help me!

    1. KawaiiSquid

      Your code for 030 830 is CCC CLC
      C as in center and L as in left 😀

  39. Mad Hatter

    I can’t get her to hold the mirror over the star!!

  40. RonaldSi

    My name is Ronald. Am new here. Am getting a lot of help from this forum.

  41. Jack

    my emergency exit code was 2 2 2 5 7 2

  42. BRONY

    my emergency exit code was 2 2 2 5 7 2 but thanks for the rest

  43. izzy gomez

    The numbers at the desk are 730 630 but I can’t figure out the draw sequence

  44. april

    My code is 530 630 and my sisters is 830 730 and we can’t figure it out. Help please.

  45. katie

    Cannot do step 17, she says that she cannot see da point

  46. Emmy

    My numbers are 730 and 630 and I can’t figure it out please help!!

  47. Sarah

    I get to the drawer part and I got the same numbers as you did (530-830) but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do afterwards because I tried to make her pull on the drawers and it hasn’t worked for me. Please help.

  48. Bartfj123

    I get the code from the ring sll SS lss but when i try it does nothing, do i need to click something?

  49. Siashy

    Real Ellie never appears! Neither in the mirror nor tied!I cant have Ellie pulling on the hair dryer :'(
    (you can put the gym clothes inside the toilet :0)

  50. Owlie

    My code is sl SSS sll
    I think that’s 236

    Please send help because it’s not working

  51. Nur Ainul Aima Sapiar

    How to count the flashes ? My code is 630 830 and I already get the trowel .. But I don’t know what to do next …

  52. Dark magician

    My Morse code have allot more than nine flashes but the numbers of the first nine that I type Dont work. Help. Really want to finish game.

  53. not meeeeeeee


  54. ssha

    Im stuck i dont know how to get the emergency code. Pls help

  55. Me

    I have 630 830 and i have tried everything to open the drawers and nothing, i am having a hell of a time if someone could help please!!!

  56. an1me_1s_m3

    The numbers over the bed is II II III I X II

  57. Thorit

    My code is 830 730 and i tried to enter the code as people have said but i dont get the consept of L and C when there is 3 drawers. is the third drawer like a space when you go to the next digit or something??

    1. Da Dood

      [Drawer combination]
      Is your code like this?
      8 7
      3 3
      0 0
      If it is, then you just pay attention to the 8 and 7. Follow the poster. The poster should be something like below:
      7 ΓûôΓûôΓûô Γûô Γûô
      8 ΓûôΓûôΓûô Γûô ΓûôΓûôΓûô
      C=Center (ΓûôΓûôΓûô), L=Left (Γûô)
      So your combination would be CLLCLC.

      Example 2:
      1 2
      0 3
      0 4
      Pay attention only to 1 and 2.
      1 Γûô Γûô
      2 Γûô ΓûôΓûôΓûô
      So your combination would be LLLC.
      *Note: If there is a blank space, it does not mean right.
      *Note: Everyone’s combination is different, you would have to understand this concept.
      (Please reply if I am wrong)

      1. Da Dood

        *Note: If there is a blank space, it does not mean right. [Right as in right drawer]

      2. Ryuk

        Its not Wrking…

      3. Ryuk

        The codes is Clc Cll

      4. Nodoga

        It doesn’t make any sense to me :/

  58. Juan Miguel Fernando

    Please someone! What is the code in ‘Fake Ellie’s bag??? Someone plsssss….

  59. mikay yu

    Whats the code for the bag help please

  60. kira

    930 830 ?- drawer code

  61. mahya

    I cant findout how to get her bag code!!!
    Plsssss help ,,,,,,explain ,,,,,,

    1. mahya

      Hurryyy pls im going to be crazyyyyy!!!

  62. mahya

    in fact i just finish this game …..in the end ellie will kill us after we save her…..just this╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª-╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª

  63. Anonymous

    i cant break the Roman numerals ?

    1. mahya

      Use the clock for those roman number

  64. rully

    thanks now i can open the bag ..

  65. Beth

    I only got 6.
    Mine were LSS LSS
    L = long
    S = short

  66. Isabella Garza

    I need help with the drawers

  67. Ruby

    530 630

  68. Matheus Santos

    N╬ô├╢┬úΓö£Γòæo estou conseguindo passar dos flashes 🙁

  69. hbcutie

    Hey I don’t get the ring Morse code I keep getting LSL LSS SS and I don’t get it please help thanks

  70. Dina

    To someone who stuck at the mirror, you have to check the drawer again then you can check the mirror on the star 🙂

  71. ginken99

    How to break the scratches in the wall?

  72. Miguel

    Wait… how am I suppose to figure out that sh*t

  73. Goh En Hui

    Mine is 730 630, pls help

  74. Mavis

    It won’t let me grab the planner behind her in the right screen what do i do?

    1. maryamaldita

      it was already indicated in the walkthrough. you have to let her examine the drawers in the left screen, then immediately go to the right screen, then grab the planner. You should grab the planner before you open the drawer.

  75. Toby Kane

    My code thing is 730 630. Someone please help lmao

    1. Tyler

      Use the first number from each group of three and find the drawer sequence from the list bbelow. Example 630 and 730 is 6 and 7. So, 6 is LLC and 7 is CLL.
      1 LL
      2 LC
      3 LLL
      4 LLC
      5 LCL
      6 LCC
      7 CLL
      8 CLC
      9 CCL
      0 CCC

  76. Sonno Eterna

    I decoded the whole drawer thing, my numbers were 730 and 830, thus the code is CLL, CLC for me, yet when I enter it, nothing happens. Am I supposed to be holding a certain item as I do it, or am I just doing it wrong?

  77. balal

    I dont find code of on the wall

  78. balal

    I dont find code on the wall

  79. Vasu

    My drawer code is 430 and 530 and I am not getting the combination

  80. Nodoga

    At 6. it doesn’t spell anything! It’s just numbers and those symbols (*).

  81. Zekken

    Help me with the bag… its kinda hard

  82. Kennyboo

    OMG!!! I don’t get this code thingy! My code is 030 830, I need help please! Like asap.

  83. Kennyboo

    OMG!!! I don’t get this code thingy! My code is 030 830, I need help please! Like asap. Hellllpppp mmmmeeee, I’m not smart.

    1. Confused

      I got that too(030 830)
      I also need help on understanding HOW THE CRAP TO DO THIS!!!

    2. mayank


  84. vi

    I can’t find the lock from the bag

  85. Daniel

    Kenny boo, and everyone else. …

    Ignore most of the numbers on the open drawer list. Only use the top two: e.g. 0 & 8.

    Then look at the code poster above the table and use the same numbers e.g. 0 & 8.

    The short blocks are left drawer, long blocks middle drawer. …
    So example s s l s s s would be left left middle left left left
    S l l s s l would be left middle middle left left middle.
    Final click with open middle drawer for you.

    1. Echo

      You lost me with the S’s

    2. No longer confused


  86. Ashley Cruz

    I got everything but it doesn’t let me use the stupid mirror on the star. Am I missing something?

    1. Brunda

      Stuck at the same place! How did you get through?

  87. izzh

    i have problem at flashes ring ! mine is LCL LCL CC. so the code should be 5521right ?

  88. Jajasimsim

    I got 630 830 and i dont know the code for the drawer please help.

  89. Lydeth

    example the code is 530 and 680. Consider only the number 5 and 6 (first digit or the leftmost number. Example 123 456, we consider only 1 and 4). By the code on the wall, 5 is (short long short) and 6 is (short long long). Short is left drawer and long is middle drawer. So in this case, open (left middle left left middle middle).

    1. Annie

      Thank you so much.. was confused in the beginning.. Your comment helped me out

  90. Lydeth

    Shit, the ring was supposed to show me some code but I already removed it from the finger! I might have to restart the game progress.

    1. Kingp1

      Select rhe ring and toch the hand again
      Elli will puts ring back

    2. Tiana

      No… put the ring back…. no need to restart and waste time

  91. Superwarsaw21

    What if the numbers are 930 830.

    1. MilkyDie

      Same code and i fimally did it. The answer is lls lsl so middle middle left middle left middle

  92. Superwarsaw21

    Thanks, and what if the Morse code is SS LSS SLL?

    1. Tyara Everson

      It will be 176 for the bag she has!

  93. ConfusedKage

    Okay guys my code is 630 830 and I can’t figure it out. The code on the wall are just different sized boxes???? Help

  94. Zain

    I got a code of in Roman numerals I will write because u let me decode -||–||– -|||—|– ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£Γòú-||– it’s like this please help me

  95. ell

    i don’t understand the morse codes… please help me

  96. Clare

    The game won’t save my progress. Every time I come out and go back in I have to start a new game. Please help.

  97. saima surawala

    How to get her to do something? Ellie won’t put the coin in the vice to flatten it . She’s just exploring the whole room again and again.

  98. Drawer answers

    330 – left, left, left
    430 – left, left, center
    530 – left, center, left
    630 – left, center, center
    730 – center, left, left
    830 – center, left, center
    930 – center, center, left
    030 – center, center, center

  99. Tiana

    My code for the bag is LLLSLSSS what do I do?

  100. KK

    I only have 8 code for the ring.. HELP , WHAT TO DO?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Notice that for 1 & 2 on the poster, you only have two dots/dashes. So pay close attention to see if one of them has a bigger gap at the end. The tricky part then is figuring out which one is first.

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