Atmosfear: iPhone Walkthrough

By Applix Srl

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1. Your wrists are bound by rope. Shake your iDevice a few times to get loose.


2. It’s dark so you need to find the lights. Look around the room by moving your iDevice around you. Stop when you see a little red light.


3. Tap on the red light and the lights turn on.


4. Explore your surroundings. Look around the floor. You’ll find a tool. It’s a file.


5. Turn to the cell bars and use the file to break free (the white box in the lower right corner of your screen in your inventory).


6. You end up in a hallway with two elevators and an exit to the parking garage. You can’t operate the elevators yet because you need the code. So go to the parking lot.


7. Look around and you’ll find a screwdriver on the ground. Pick it up.


8. Tap on the green arrow to move to another part of the lot. Explore your surroundings. Look down and you’ll find a scrap of paper. Take it. It has the code for the elevator.


Atmosfear Elevator Code

Atmosfear Elevator Code


9. Follow the green arrows back to the building. Enter the code on the keypad: 5382. You can now take the right elevator.


10. On this floor, there are several doors. Focus first on the one with a welcome mat in front of it. Move the mat and take the key.


11. Take the key from your bag, open the door and walk in to your office.


12. Turn on your computer. Then take the pen drive from your desk. Try it on your PC. You need the password.


13. Turn around to the group of lockers. They’re all locked except for one. Open the unlocked locker.


14. Take the envelope out. It has your address on it, which is your password.


15. Type the password into your computer: 2134.


16. “haha you failed! The computer was connected to a bomb and now you’ve triggered it!”


17. There’s a red arrow pointing at the box under your desk. Open it and take the key.


18. Turn around until you see the restroom (WC is on the door). Go inside and take the soap from the sink.


19. Leave the bathroom and go back to the office. Turn to the door near the lockers. It leads to the stairwell.


20. Before you take any stairs, look down and take the wire cutters.


21. Now follow the green arrow up the stairs.


22. You’re on the roof. Follow the green arrows until you come to a metal panel.


23. Use the bar of soap on the screws to loosen them up.


24. Then use the screwdriver on each of the four screws to remove them.


25. The panel opens, revealing the bomb.


26. Use the cutters to cut the blue wire.


27. If you tap on the bomb, it tells you the binary code is 11111001101. You need to convert it to decimal, which makes it 1997.


28. Tap on the keypad. Enter 1997.


29. Tap on the bomb again and watch the ending! (or is it?)


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