Escape Game: “The Whisper of the Plums”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Whisper of the Plums”

1. Zoom in on the alcove with the hanging tapestry. Lift up the tapestry and take the matches from underneath if.

2. Turn to the bookcase and read both books. Also take the diary.

3. Turn to the left and open the top cabinet on he left. Take the chunk of ice.

4. Zoom in on the pot on top of the dresser. Look inside and take the battery.

5. Zoom in on the ceiling fixture and pull the cord. It tears off and you get a string.

6. Put the block of ice on the scale. It weighs 400g.

7. Go to the sliding doors. They’re open a crack. Zoom in on the bottom right. It will say it’s sunny. Place the ice there.

8. Walk around the room and come back to the ice. It’s partially melted. Pick it up.

9. Go back to the scale and place the ice on it. Something clicks.

10. The box next to it is now unlocked. Open it and take the photo from inside.

11. Zoom in on the photo and turn it over. On the back it says:
“June 2nd, 1930.
Together with Itsuki”

12. Turn left twice and zoom in on the clock. Turn it over and put the battery in the slot.

13. Turn the clock back around and the hands have changed to look like this:


14. Go to the chest to the left of the front door. Open the bottom right cabinet. There’s a safe in there. Use the clues from the clock to get the code: 00 03 07

15. Take the knife from inside.

16. Turn to the screen with the bookcase. Zoom I. On the alcove to the right. Tap on the flowers. Zoom in on the white flower bud. It tells you it might be hiding something inside.

17. Use the knife to cut open the bud. Take the magnet from inside.

18. Lift the vase to find a fragment of pottery.

19. Turn to the wall with the sliding doors. Zoom in on the green vase. Look inside. It’s too dark to see.

20. Attach the rope to the magnet. Drop the magnet down into the vase. When you pull it out, a coin is attached.

21. Turn to the red postal box and put the coin in the coin slot. There’s a clanking noise.

22. Take the fortune card that comes out from the machine. Tap it a few times to see both messages:



23. Zoom in on the big closet against the wall. Open it and there are two lights hanging. Move them so the lights touch.

24. Some numbers appear:


25. The numbers form the letters UME.

27. Look at the diary from your inventory and enter the letters UME. The diary unlocks.

28. Read all the pages in the diary. One of them is a key for the letters in the lavender book:


29. Go back to the purple (lavender) book on the shelf. It tells you that CDxCM/M. Based on the information from the diary, 400×900/1000 = 360

30. Go back to the dresser to the left of the main door. Now that we saw the diary we can enter the date from the photo. Tap on the upper left drawer and type 0602 into the keypad. Take the other pottery fragment from inside.

31. Now the other drawer. Enter 360 into the keypad. Open it up. There’s three batches of incense but we don’t know yet which one to take.

32. Use the matches on the incense to light it.

33. Zoom in on the picture frame to the left of the bookcase. Place the pottery piece in the empty slot on the right. The picture changes:


33. Zoom in on the picture frame to the left of the bookcase. Place the pottery piece in the empty slot on the right. The picture changes:


34. It’s the code for the light switch to the left of the picture. Since we got the clue from the fortune to move black twice, the order for the switches are: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle. If you get it right, there’s a sound coming from somewhere.

35. Now the cabinet beneath the bookcase is unlocked. Open it and take the scrap from a notebook.

36. Read both side of the page and it says that a small key is hidden beneath the correct fragrance.

37. Go back to the drawer with the three fragrances. Take the purple one (since it said plum tree) and light it with the matches. Turn it over and there’s a key.

38. Turn back to the closet with the lights in it. Unlock the bottom right drawer with the key and take the scoop (trowel) from it.

39. Examine both sides of the trowel and you count 13 roses total. There are also 10 roses on the diary. Add them up and you get 23.

40. Go to the sliding doors. Zoom in on the keypad and enter 23.

41. The door opens, revealing a garden. Walk outside.

42. Zoom in on the circle of stones. There’s a small cylinder. Place the burning incense in the cylinder (under the plum tree).

43. Tap on the incense a few times and you hear a voice.

44. Use the trowel to dig up some dirt. A skull appears. Tap on it and watch the ending.

Congratulations, you completed the game!


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  1. Jautrand

    I dont get the light switch thing, I tried how you said but I don’t really get it. Like when you say circle, circle doesn’t that mean just flip the circle one up and down twice?

  2. Jen

    I’m inputting 23 but getting an error message. Any ideas?

    1. Usagi

      U have to view the both sides of close up version of the spade

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