Escape Game: “The Inn of Ordeals” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Inn of Ordeals”



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1. Move backwards. Open the closet to the right. Move two of the “futons” (they look like towels to me) to find a thermometer.

2. Turn around and head towards the window. Tap the band of the curtains a few times. A green cord falls to the ground (it might not tell you). Pick it up.

3. Look to the left for a sofa chair. Lift the cushion and take the remote.

4. Turn around to the fridge. Open it to take a bottle of soda.

4. Back away from the window and turn towards the kitchen. Zoom in on the little alcove with a plant and a pot. Take the ink bottle from the pot.

5. Go back to the fridge. There’s a towel hanging near it. Wipe the ink on it and the letters “Mt” appear.

6. Go back to the alcove and tap on the picture of the mountains. Tap on it again and it says some numbers appeared. Zoom in on them. It says “136”.

7. Go to the dresser to the right of the TV. There’s a keypad that says “Mountain x Mountain. So 136 x 136 = 18496. Enter it into the keypad and the drawer unlocks. Take the empty memo.

8. Turn the memo over and there’s a picture of a tear drop.

9. Go back to the kitchen and zoom in on the electric coffee pot. Turn it around and plug in the cord. Then plug it into the wall.

10. Open the coffee pot and put the memo in the water. Some letters appear, and it looks like it says “90 degrees Celcius.”

11. Now the water starts boiling. Walk around the room and come back. It should be hot now. Pour some water into the mug, then place the thermometer in the mug.

12. Zoom in on the thermometer. There’s a flower with a line under it.

13. Now you can zoom in on the flowers in the alcove. There’s a key in the flower pot. Take it.

14. Turn to the green safe to the right of the kitchen. Use the key to unlock it. Take the DVD from inside.

15. Turn to the TV. Open the DVD tray. Open the DVD case and insert the DVD in the DVD player.

16. Turn on the TV with the remote and some numbers appear:

9 –> 13 –> 17 –> 21

17. Go back to the closet where you got the thermometer. The keypad to the bottom says “12 16”. Use the clue from the TV (add 4 to each number to get the next one) to get 16 & 20. Type 1620 into the keypad.

18. Take the scissors from inside.

19. Turn to the table and chairs in the center of the room. Tap on the right chair to find out there’s something in the cushion. Use the scissors to cut it open and get a pen.

20. Go to the window and zoom in on the window sill. Use the pen on it and you will trace out a design.


21. Go to the door near the main door. There’s a key pad like this:


Using the diagram from the windowsill, you get “Right, Up, Left, Up.” Use this on the keypad to unlock it.

22. Now you’re in the bathroom.

23. Open the toilet seat. It says “Put my name in alphabetical order.” Use the pen on it and the words appear: “and unite all repeating letters into one”.

24. Using the instructions above, you get “Eilot”.

25. Zoom in on the keypad under the sink and type in “Eilot”.

26. Open the drawer and take the soap.

27. Go back to the main room. Face the window. There’s a divider hiding the sofa. Zoom in on the bottom of the divider. It moves a bit. Rub the soap on it. Examine it again. It’s slippery now.

28. Zoom out once and tap on the divider. It tells you that there was a loud slamming sound somewhere. If you look carefully, an item dropped nearby.

29. Turn to the left a bit and zoom in on the object. It’s a screwdriver. Take it.

30. Go back to the bathroom. Turn to the bathtub. Zoom in on the metal panel. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the two screws then open the door.

31. Turn the valve.

32. Look inside the tub. It’s dirty. The shower is now on, but the tub is still dirty.

33. Walk around the place a bit while the water runs.

34. When you come back, some of the dirt will be gone. Use the soap on the rest and a diagram appears. It’s a clue for the table that goes “plonk”.


35. Go back to the main room and face the window again. Zoom in on the small brown table.

36. Tap the corners in the order of “4321”. The center of the table is unlocked.

37. Open the square flap to reveal a piece of paper. It says: “P –> R –> L –> R”.

38. Go back to the sofa. Zoom in on the puzzle on the wall. Using the clue, push the stick in, then tap the right arrow, left arrow, then right arrow again. Last, pull the stick and our comes a bottle opener!

39. Use the bottle opener to open the bottle in your bag.

40. Go back to the fridge. There’s a cup on top of it. Pour the drink into the cup. Tap on the cup and you get the blue marble.

41. If you examine the marble, it says there are letters written on it. Hold it up to the window and the words “IN SOAP” appear.

42. Go back to the bathroom. Turn on the sink faucet. Put the soap under the running water and a key appears!

43. Use the key on the front door and you’re out! Congratulations!


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  1. Jkh

    Appunwrapper has helped me through many escape games and I’m a huge fan so I mean no disrespect but I wanted to point out that I don’t think your name is “Elliot” in this game. I think you have to use the name of the item giving you the clue which is the “toilet”. Same result, but it might give peace of mind to anyone pulling their hair out thinking “how the he’ll was I supposed to figure that out?”. Thanks for everything!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s been a while since I played that one, so I’ll go back and take a look at it again when I get a chance.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, fixed it. You’re right, didn’t make sense lol.

  2. B lai

    Can you explain why the name is “eilot”???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s the letters from “toilet” in alphabetical order.

  3. Jen

    I can’t get the table to work… I’ve tapped it 100x and it’s not triggering the center panel.

    1. Jkh

      I had some trouble with the table too. Check the circles on the leg and match up which one is black and which one is open. Compare to where 2 & 4 is in the tub. Then you might try 1,2,3,4 instead of 4,3,2,1. Hope that helps!

      1. Jen

        Yeah. I had checked to be sure it was lined up the same and tried it forwards and backwards. Still nothing. Will try again though.

  4. Jen

    I can’t get the table to work… I’ve tapped it 100x and it’s not triggering the center panel. Do I literally tap once on the corners ?

    1. Jen

      Oops. This double posted! Sorry!

  5. Lal

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never have goten it without you.

  6. Jeremy

    Really like IDAC games but sometimes the clues are so random. In this game, to open the door with the scissors the code is 1620. This is because the TV gives us 9-13-17-21 as a hint. So the next two numbers are at intervals of 4. But the clue on the lock says 12 16. 12 to 16 is an interval of four but 16 isn’t. The randomness of this clue makes it so you have to get clues. If someone can explain to me how 12-16-16-20 makes sense given the TV clue I’d appreciate it.

  7. Cardamomum

    Hi I’d like to ask if anyone else has this same problem. I tried to key in “eilot” for the keypad under the sink but it keeps giving me an error. I also tried “eilott” but to no avail.

  8. Jkh

    Hi Cardomomum,(delicious name by the way), did you try a capital E, then the rest in lower case? I think that’s what it takes. If not try different combinations of upper and lower case. Hope that helps!

  9. Cardamomum

    Hi Jkh, thanks 🙂 yes i already tried everything, “Eilot”, “eilot”, “EILOT”, you name it. Just won’t work for me.

  10. Sandr

    I can’t get the table legs to work,any help?

  11. Sandra

    Hi jkh I typed it in as Eliot give it a try

    1. Cardamomum

      It still doesn’t work for me :/

      1. Mari

        I typed Eilot not Eliot and it worked 🙂

  12. Roxanne

    Where is the divider? I can’t find it.

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