Escape Game: “A Strange Invitation” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Strange Invitation”


1. Open the closet door. Take the crowbar from the floor.

2. Examine the writing on the wall near the floor: “L8”.

3. Open the bathroom door (near the front door).

4. Inspect the mirror. You can’t take it off by hand. Use the crowbar and take the crystal bead from inside.

5. Go back to the main room. Zoom in on the table in the center of the room. Take a bottle of water.

6. Turn around and look for the fridge. The water you have is tepid, so put it in the fridge to chill it. Look at the left side of the fridge to see “S5” written on it. Walk around for a bit while the water cools. (You can walk around here and come back for the water, or come back for it later.)

7. Turn to the other side of the table and take the stepladder.

8. Turn to the wall with the TV behind glass. Zoom in on the alcove to the left. Slide open the left cabinet on the bottom and take out the tile of a baby.

9. Zoom in on the glass figures behind the glass. Take one of the glasses.

10. Turn to the wall with the clock. There’s a katana up on the right side. You can’t reach it. Put the stepladder on the ground below it and you can now reach. Take the katana. You can’t remove it from the stand yet.

11. Take the stepladder back.

12. The water should be cool now. If you didn’t get it yet, go back to the fridge and take it.

13. Pour the water into the glass you found. Tap on the glass a couple of times and some letters appear: “RLLRL”.


14. Go back near the front door. There’s a flashlight tied to the wall. Examine it closely.

15. Examine the katana. Now the glue has started to melt. Pour some water from the water pottle on it and it dissolves the rest of the glue. You can now remove the katana from its stand. Remove it from its sheath so you can use it. Use the katana to cut the thread around the flashlight. You now have a flashlight!

16. Place the stepladder under the clock. Now you can reach it. Remember S5 and L8? Move the short hand to 5 and the long hand to 8. Now the little door on the bottom of the clock is unlocked. Take the batteries out.

17. Move the pendulum six times and there’s a sound from behind you. Get down and make sure to take your stepladder back.

17. Place the batteries in the flashlight. It now works.

18. Stand on the table in the middle of the room and turn on the ceiling light. There’s a shadow. Something’s on top of the lamp. Tilt the lamp and take the round cushion.

19. Go to the room with the window. If you use the glass bead on the window, something reflects onto the ceiling. But you can’t see it like this. The ray of sun leads to the floor. Try using the glass bead, but you need to put it on something so it doesn’t roll. That’s where the cushion comes in. Place it under the ray of sun, then put the glass bead on it.

20. Some numbers appear on the ceiling, but they’re too blurry to see.

21. Place the flashlight in the sword stand. Now put it next to the glass bead so it shines more light on it.


22. Look back up at the ceiling and you can see the numbers “39518”. Zoom in on it so you’ve seen it clearly, then take back the stand and flashlight.


23. Turn to the TV. Place the stepladder in front of it to reach the cabinet above. Open it and take the scissors. Don’t forget the stepladder.

24. Turn to the hanging bathrobe. Cut at it with the scissors and you get the rod.

23. Go back to the white closet from the very beginning. Place the stepladder in front and reach the cabinet above. It’s too dark to see anything, so turn on the flashlight and use it. Take the string. And take the stepladder back.

26. Now turn to the TV. We need to use the clue “RLLRL” with “39518”. Turn the dial only one notch at a time, starting right and ending at 3, then turn it 9 times left, one notch at a time, ending at 4. Then turn it 5 more times left, ending at 9. Then once right, ending at 0. Last, go 8 times left ending at 2. Then press ENTER. The TV turns on if you got it right.

27. There’s a picture of a table leg and the woman is pointing down. If you tap the screen, she points up.

28. Turn to the white closet. Zoom in on the mat (or tile) in front of the right door. Use the crowbar to lift it up. Take the ghost tile from underneath.

29. Now you can lift the table in the middle of the room. Touch the bottom of it and something comes off on your fingers. Use water on the table and some drawings and writing appears. Make sure to examine each part.


30. Now go back to the small alcove next to the glass doors. There’s a cabinet in the right wall. Open it up and place the two tiles you found in the empty spots.

31. Arrange the tiles in this order:

32. You hear a sound from up above. Place the stepladder in front of the alcove and look up at the ceiling. There’s something there. Use the rod on it and something falls.

32. Zoom back out and find the small item that dropped below the hanging tapestry. (You may need to move the stepladder to get to it.) Take it, it’s part of a key.

33. Get back up on the ladder and examine the piece in the ceiling again. Then combine the rod with the katana and tie them together with the string. Stick the metal piece that looks like a key onto the tip of the katana.

34. Use the contraption you just created in the ceiling again. A noise comes from the door!

35. Head to the front door and escape. You made it. Congratulations!

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  1. Jay

    I can’ t get the ghost tile. Help. When I tried to zoom in on the mat it says nothing important here.

  2. mushroom

    use your tools

  3. Rob

    I can’t get the rod to attach to the katana.

  4. Ky

    i can’t get the rod to attach to the katana either.

  5. Jkh

    I have tried every combination and can’t get the rod, katana, string and key to go together. None of them will combine in any order for me. So close to the end, this is very frustrating 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure why everyone’s a having trouble with that part. Make sure you saw all the clues. I’ll try to look at it again and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

      1. Jkh

        I went back through each part of the room to make sure I’d seen the clues. I’ve tried being in different parts of the room when I try to combine the items and I’ve tried combining them in different orders. I can’t seem to get past it.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You have the key?
          Trying to figure out why it won’t work for you… I didn’t have any problems.

          1. Jkh

            I have the key. Hoping it doesn’t add to the confusion, but I’m wondering if it has something to do with the tiles and/or the clock. I don’t think I had the tiles in the right order (I couldn’t figure out why the “thief” would be the enlightened one.) Instead, I was messing around with the clock banging the pendulum back and forth when it said there was a click behind me. After that I could get up to the ceiling above the scroll. Could it be an alternate solution or just weird luck?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I had the pendulum earlier in the walkthrough, but it might be related to that.

  6. Frits

    I can’t attach them either. It’s driving me nuts!

  7. D

    I think I have the solution. After obtaining the “key” you need to climb back up the stepladder and examin the “keyhole” in the ceiling. Then you can assemble the katana, rod, string and key. Hope this helps. Best.

  8. Ashlee

    I tried its still not working ugh getting frustrated plz help attach the t

      1. Jkh

        I’ve gone back and examined the keyhole several times. I also tried putting the key in directly to see if it would tell me I couldn’t reach, but I still can’t attach them. I think I will need to give up and move on with my life. Thanks everyone for taking the time to try to help. Happy New Year!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          When I have time, I’ll play through the game again and see if I can figure out what you’re missing. Don’t give up! Just check back here and hopefully I’ll have an answer for you 🙂

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Ok, stay tuned everyone. I’m going to play through the game again tomorrow and polish up the walkthrough, add more photos, etc. 🙂

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Ok I found the missing link. You need to examine the ceiling again before you can combine the pieces. I added it in. Will add some more photos tomorrow to help.

  9. Ashlee

    I have examined ceiling it says something like it looks like something small could fit here then I try to combine and it won’t

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure what to tell you. I played through again and edited the walkthrough so it should work without any problems. Try reading through it again to see if you missed a step. I’ll add some more photos later today to help.

  10. Ashlee

    Maybe I’ll just start over

    1. Jkh

      I was really hoping Ashlee’s idea would work so I started a new game from the beginning. No such luck. Still can’t combine them. Ok, this time it’s for real. I’m deleting the app. Good luck to everyone else!

  11. cheryl

    hey i cant remove the takana from its stand, it keep saying “its stuck” i cant use the water from the bottle either 🙁 pls help me

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I had some trouble with that the second time around, but I’m pretty sure I fixed the walkthrough accordingly. Make sure you didn’t miss any steps, and let me know if you still have trouble.

    2. Usagi

      I can’t combine the rod katana and string too. “This small vertical hole is suspicious. Maybe I can use it for something.” No matter how many times I look at the keyhole I always get this sentence “There’s a small hole here. I wonder what can fit in it?” I believe this may be the critical part that is causing trouble for everyone including me. Could anyone point out how to activate the sentence?

  12. ashley

    i need the string still. where is it?

  13. Emy

    Love this game and thanks so much for putting those up there, it helped me alot

  14. Caz

    I finally figured out the tv dial password! I needed to pay closer attention to the directions “rllrl”

  15. Caubi

    If anybody is still stuck combining the katana, and rod etc, I struggled with this as well. I finally went back to the tile pieces and pressed them. It said something about a thud, then when I checked the ceiling again, the sentence changed to being suspicious. I finally was able to combine the katana, rod and string.

    1. Usagi

      Thank you Caubi! I went back to fiddle with the tiles again but still didn’t get the Thud sound. So I went back one more step to the table and look at the clues. I think I must have missed out one in the first place. I was able to get Thud and the keyhole changed to being suspicious. I completed the game after that. I hope this helps anyone who is still stuck in the game. =)

  16. Daryn

    I was stuck trying to combine the rod and katana too even after reading this page. The key is to zoom in on both sentences under the table. Even though you can plainly read them after flipping the table over, you must zoom in. I really hate it when these games force you to zoom in on plainly visible things. The 12^2 in the drifting locked chamber comes to mind.

  17. Fany

    Usagi thank you Very Very much!!!!!!! Is the table, you have look the table again, click in the poems, then you have to go see the tiles again, then you will get the “thud”, and go see the ceiling again there you can put the katana and the Rod together.

    1. Fany

      Sorri os thanks for caubi!!!!!

  18. ftan

    The way to combine items is to pretend that you weren’t aware that the items can be combined. Make that intentional blunder even thou you knew that it dun work out, as it is necessary for the game to drop you hint before the items can be combined.

  19. Sarah

    I can’t get the scissors because it says the door is locked!

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