Escape Game: “The Dying Message, Part 1” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Dying Message, Part 1”



1. Look at the bookshelf. Zoom in on the red book lying on its side. Read through it to the end. You have an idea to look it up on the Internet.

2. Turn to the desk. Take the savings box from the top of the desk. Open the top drawer and take the makeup case. The second drawer seems empty. Play with it a bit and the whole drawer comes out. Look inside the gap to find a yellow box.



3. Turn to the right and take the small bottle from the shelf. Open it up and take out the communication cable.

4. Turn right to the screen with the TV. Examine the item hanging on the wall. Zoom in on the bottom pocket and take the band-aid.

5. Turn to the cabinet with soy sauce in it. Tap on the left side of the furniture to see a poster explaining the soy sauce.


6. Face the soy sauce again and pick up the little red knobs. The right one needs to move to second spot from the bottom. The right moves to the very top. The glass door unlocks.


7. Move the can on the top shelf to find a magnet. Take it.


8. Turn to the window. Examine the shoes on the balcony. The left one has a screw loose. Use the magnet to remove it. Tap again to open the shoe. There’s a pocket knife inside! Take it.

9. Zoom in on the pocket knife. Tap it a couple of times until you get the knife open. Then zoom in on the makeup case and cut it open with the knife. You now have foundation makeup.

10. Examine the curtain by the window. There’s a rose tied to it. Use the knife to cut the artificial rose loose.

11. Change the knife to a screwdriver. Zoom in on the TV stand to find a screw. Remove it so you can open the glass doors.

12. Take the video tape. It has a picture of a rose on it and a small hole. Stick the artificial rose in the hole and the top of the tape opens. Take the umbrella handle from inside.

13. Open the red coin box you found earlier. There’s something stuck inside that you can’t get to with your bare hands. Use the umbrella handle to get it. It’s the rest of the umbrella! You now have a full umbrella.

14. Look behind the TV. Something is stuck there. Use the umbrella to reach it. You now have sunglasses!

15. Look under the soy sauce cabinet. It’s too dark to see. Attach the magnet to the umbrella using the band-aid. Slide the umbrella under the cabinet and a small key attaches to the magnet. Remove the magnet from the umbrella.

16. On the top of the soy sauce cabinet is a picture frame. Turn it around and use the knife to unscrew the back. Take the sheet of paper from inside.

17. Go back to the desk. Use the key to open the bottom drawer and take the digital camera. Look at the top of the camera and press the red button to set the timer.

18. Turn to the bookcase. Look at the top. It tells you you can’t reach.

19. Look at the bottom of the camera and tap the small hole to get a description of it.

20. Zoom in on the umbrella. Remove the handle. Then extend the metal part.

21. Zoom in on the camera and make sure you’re looking at the hole. Stick the metal part of the umbrella in the hole and they’re now attached.

22. Use the camera on the top of the bookcase and it takes a picture.

23. Take the camera off the umbrella and look at the screen. The words are too small to read. Turn to the top of the camera and set the zoom to max.

24. Attach the umbrella to the camera again and take another photo.

25. Take the camera off from the umbrella again and examine the screen. This time you can read the numbers: 5090761.

26. Zoom in on the yellow box in your bag. Type in the numbers 5090761 and press ENTER. Take the remote control from inside. It’s for the air conditioner.

27. Use the remote to turn on the AC. Something falls out. Look at the top of the cardboard box to find a broken screwdriver. Take it.

28. Go back to the desk. Move the chair. Look under the desk to find a trap door. You can’t lift it with your hand. Use the broken screwdriver to pull out the handle. Now you can open the trap door and get a cell phone.

29. Turn on the laptop. Look at the screen. There’s no connection. Use the cell phone on the laptop. It says it needs a cable.

30. Look at the cable. It has metal shavings all over it. Use the magnet to clean it off.

31. Attach the cable to the phone and then plug it into the PC.

32. If you look at the screen now, it asks for a password.

33. Use the foundation (makeup) on the blank piece of paper to get some markings.

34. Turn to the right at look at the three paintings. Use the glasses on the photo to the left. Some markings appear. Zoom in on it and place the piece of paper on top to match up the markings. It makes up the letters “MINA1109”.


35. Turn on the PC again. Type in the password MINA1109. you can now access the PC.

36. Tap on the browser and watch the ending (or is it?). Play Dying Message — The Sequel!


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  1. john

    its not allowing me to use the CP at the laptop, it just keeps on sayin “there’s a pc” and nothin else, i think i got pretty much everything…

    1. john

      and everytime i tried to tap the phone, it just says the battery wont go in….

    2. john

      how can i turn on the laptop?

      1. john

        oh nvm got it thanks anyways

        1. Sam

          How do u got it

  2. Sam

    Evn I can’t turn on the latop

  3. Nicola

    Can’t turn laptop on help

  4. J

    Pls enlighten why the little red knobs for the soy sauce cabinet shld move as such: “The right one needs to move to second spot from the bottom. The right moves to the very top.” thanks!!

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