Escape Game: “The Locked Up Girl” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Locked Up Girl”



1. Turn to the coffee table. Look underneath it to find a rope. Take it.

2There’s a yearbook on the table. Open it up and examine the card inside — it says “Burning Wisdom”.

3. Turn to the bookcase. There’s a red book. Examine it and it tells you it’s called Burning Wisdom. Open it up to find the clue “DERF + 2 –> reverse”. Add 2 to each letter to get FGTH. Reverse it to get HTGF.

3. Turn to the safe next to the fridge and type in HTGF to unlock it. Take the hammer from inside.

4. Look at the door to the right of the fridge. There’s a note that says “Be careful with electricity.”

5. Turn to the wall with the TV and laptop. There’s a light switch to the right of the laptop. Tap it to turn off the lights.

6. Some words appear to the left of the light switch: “Throw Away Caution”.

7. Turn the lights back on and go back to the door. Take the sign off. There’s a cutter behind it. Take it.

8. Look behind the TV stand. There’s a small box. Take it.

9. The box is taped shut. Cut the tape with the cutter. Open the box to get a yellow figurine.

10. Open the fridge. There’s a note that says “Here Comes G R P Y B!”

11. Turn to the screen with the sofa. On the dresser to the left of the sofa is a grey box. Lift up the top to see four different colored figurines.

12. Place the yellow figurine in the empty slot. Switch them all around so the order is: Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue.”

13. Something clicks into place. The middle drawer is now unlocked. Open it. It’s filled with different colored clothes.

14. To the right of the altar, there’s a square with a circle in the middle. It’s a big button. You can’t push it with your hands. Use the hammer on it. It lights up and something clicks.

15. The middle drawer below the mirror is now unlocked. Take out the remote control for the remote-controlled car.

16. Look at the back of the remote control and you see the batteries are missing.

17. To the right of the mirror there’s a glass case. The battery’s in there. If you try breaking it with the hammer, it won’t work. Attack the rope to the hammer and then use it on the glass case.

18. The battery falls to the ground. Pick it up and put it in the controller.

19. Turn to the altar. Use the controller on the car and it falls off the altar.

20. Zoom in on the car and use the controller on it again. It moves and knocks down the coffee bottle that’s on the floor.

21. Zoom in on the coffee and take the coin.

22. Turn to the screen with the laptop. On the shelf to the right of it is a small brown box. Place the coin in the slot on the front.

23. Open the box and there’s a photo of you. Turn it over to see the words “The black snake in your room.”

24. Open the top drawer of the dresser to the left of the sofa. Take the guitar keychain. Examine it an d you discover it’s a lighter!

25. Turn to the left of the dresser and find the blank piece of paper pinned to the wall. Light it on fire with the guitar lighter. Words appear:
“8 of Clovers
Black Man”

26. You can now enter the bedroom (the door next to the plant).

27. Look up at the ceiling light. There’s something dangling from it. Take the nail.

28. Turn to the bed and lift up the pillow. There’s a CD. Tap it. You need to find the case it came in.

29. Turn to the desk and zoom in on the loose CD case. Open it up and there’s a note:


30. Look at the calendar on the desk and it says the year is 2011.

31. Type 6735 into the keypad on the white box on the desk.

32. Inside the box is a note that says “Punch the ceiling”.

33. Look at the pink-and-white chair. It’s broken. Examine the side of it and place the nail above the loose leg. Use the hammer to hammer it all the way in. Now the chair is fixed!

34. Stand on the chair and you can reach the ceiling. Hit it with the hammer and you break a hole through it.

35. Take the MD from the hole.

36. There’s a stereo to the right of the bed. Put the MD in it. Press play and loud music starts playing. Your neighbor yells at you to shut it off and pounds at the wall. Something falls.

37. The picture frame fell onto your bed! There’s a screwdriver on the back but it’s glued on. Use the cutter to remove it.

38. Turn to the speaker next to your desk. Use the screwdriver to remove the front. Inside is a note:


39. Turn to the piano. On the left side is a loose key (L2). Take it.

40. Look under the TV stand to find a PC cord.

41. Go back to the main room and turn to the dresser left of the sofa. Use the piano key to unlock the bottom drawer. Pull the drawer all the way out and you’ll find a 7 of hearts card. Examine it.

42. Turn the drawer over and there are words carved into it: “What should you wear?”

43. Turn to the laptop next to the TV. Search it to find a place to plug in the cord. Then plug the other end into the outlet.

44. Turn on the computer and the words “Diamond 4, Red Woman” appear on the screen.

45. Go back to the bedroom. Open the closet to the left. Zoom in on the outfit hanging on the right to find the pocket. Take the wire from the pocket.

46. Close the closet door. There’s a strange engraving on the door. Place the wire in the notches and it takes the shape of it. Take the wire back. Now twisted.

47. Go to the pink desk and use the wire to unlock the bottom drawer. There’s a 9 of spades inside. Flip it over to find a message: Man –> Woman, Small –> Large order”.


48. Go back to the main room. Using all the clues we found, we can figure out the password for the shutter. 8 is Man, 4 is woman, and the other two cards were 7 & 9. Type “8947” into the keypad next to the shutter.

49. Open the shutter and take the key. There’s also some words: “Destroy your current self.”

50. If you listen to the words, you can get the good ending. Just smash the mirror with the hammer before using the key to exit. If you don’t listen to the words and use the key without smashing the mirror, you get the bad ending.

***Note: If you want to see both endings, do the bad one first! You can then press continue after and smash the mirror to get the good ending!****

And you’re out! Congratulations!



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  1. ~*BLusH*~

    help, i can’t get the code for the safe next to the fridge.. it won’t open.. i did all the things but it failed, and i restart and followed the walkthrough, and it failed too.. it stated incorrect password when i type in the code HTGF.. help please~ >.<

    1. Funerary

      It has to be in capitals.

  2. Elaine

    Where do u get the rope?

  3. Cardamomum

    Same. Can’t open safe.

  4. Nessa

    With the safe u need to click on the door until says u need a password

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