Escape Game: “The Phantom Composition” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Phantom Composition”


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1. Find the door to the bedroom. Open it and walk in.

2. Ahead of you is a small night table. Open the cabinet and examine the cleaner. Open the battery case and see that it’s empty.

3. Go back to the main room and find the metronome. If you tap on the battery slot, it tells you it’s stuck. Flip the metronome over and look at the bottom:


4. Place it back on the cart. 12 x 7 + 24 = 108. Type in “108” on the keypad. The battery slot unlocks. Take the batteries.

5. Put the batteries in the cleaner. You still need more batteries. Go back to the main room.

6. Zoom in on the device next to the computer screen. It’a a tuning meter. It tells you to put it in alphabetical order.

7. Go to the bookshelves. There is one book of each of the four colors that you can read through. Go through all four, but right now we’re going to focus on the green one, titled “About Chords”:


8. The device we need to alphabetize has three phrases:
Fa Ra Do = F
So Ti Re = G
Do Mi So = C

9. So alphabetized it would be Do Mi So, Fa Ra Do, So Ti Re. Place them in that order and the battery slot (where the instructions were) unlocks. Take the batteries and place them in the cleaner.


10. Now the cleaner works and you can use it. Stay in the bedroom and go to the table between the two red chairs. There’s an ash tray with ash in it. Use the cleaner to suck up the ashes and there’s a matchbox underneath. Take it.

11. Open the matchbox. There’s only a match tip inside. We need to find a stick before we can use it.

12. Go back to the main room. Find the oboe. Examine the top to find a reed. It’s dusty, so clean it with the cleaner. Then take the reed.

13. Put the match tip on the reed and light it by rubbing it on the matchbox.

14. There’s a box on top of a small night table near the piano. Open the box. It’s a writing set. The ink is dry. Heat it up with the burning reed and it liquifies.

15. Near the front door there’s a cart with some items on it. There are some nippers stuck to the surface. Use the burning reed on it and you get the nippers.

16. Go back to the bedroom and open the closet. There are some guitar strings hanging by a wire. Cut the wire with the nippers. Take the guitar string out of the bag. You now have a guitar string.

17. Go back to the main room. Zoom in on the guitar. There’s a pick stuck behind the strings. Cut the string with the nippers and take the pick.

18. Make sure you read all the books from the bookcase. Then use the spare string to restring the guitar.

19. Go back to the bedroom. Face the TV. Under the TV is a small box that’s stuck closed. Use the pick to pry it open and get a pen.

20. Look behind the TV and there’s an item wedged in there. You can’t reach it with your bare hands, so use the pen to get it. It’s a treble clef-shaped key.

21. Turn to the small night table next to the bed. Open the drawer and find a sealed box. Use the pick to open it. Take the musical note-shaped key.

22. To the right is a bookcase. Use the music note key on the top left lock to unlock it. There’s a book of business cards inside, but you don’t know which one to take yet.

23. Look at the diary on the desk. Read through it and it says that Student is Do Mi So/ So Ti Re. Refer to the book from the first room to find out that Do Mi So = C and So Ti Re = G.


24. So we need to take a business card from a student, or someone with the initials C.G.

25. Go back to the book of business cards and take the lower left one that says Chazono, Goya.

26. Go back to the main room and put the business card through the mail slot on the front door. Make sure to tap the mail slot after to get the man to talk to you.

27. Examine the pen you have and it says it’s out of ink. Use it with the ink to fill it.

28. Go to the piano. There’s a piece of paper stuck in it. Use the treble clef key to the left of the keyhole to open the lid. The paper will drop.

29. Pick up the sheet music. Place it on the piano.

30. Go back to the bedroom and cut open the pillow on the bed using the nippers. Take the sheet music.

31. Put the sheet music through the mail slot. Tap on the mail slot a few times to hear what the man has to say.

32. Open the lid of the piano. Type in the notes: FGC (from the piano book). They should light up green.


33. Zoom in on the blank music sheet on the piano. Use the pen to write on it.

34. Take the sheet music and put it through the slot. The man unlocks the door for you.

Congratulations! You escaped and got the good ending!

**Note: If you take the wrong business card or get the piano keys wrong at the end, you’ll get the bad ending!



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  1. J

    What and where is the reed? Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Examine the instruments carefully. Look for something that could be used as a matchstick.

  2. Saldy

    I just cant unlock the tuning meter…
    I put it in correct position but nothing happened…
    How come?

  3. Jhonson 75

    Same problem to pick the reed from the oboe…

  4. Escaper

    I can’t cut open the pillow

  5. Sara

    It’s not letting me cut the guitar strings

    1. Elena

      you have to read all the book first, and make sure tht you got all the info about the spare guitar string

  6. Neen

    I can’t get the reed either. It just says its an oboe and it’s an instrument you blow. Tapped it a million times with NO success. Fin.

    1. Karla

      Did you clean the reed first?

  7. Karla

    It doesn’t let me press any keys on the piano at the end. I go to the piano and it just says “there doesn’t seem to be anything important here. I’ve already done everything.

  8. Tiger

    I can’t write on the note

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