Escape Game: “Meeting Up” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Meeting Up”

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1. Pick up the umbrella. Look in the white can for a cable.

2. To the left of the umbrella is a desk. Move the blue book on the desk and take the ruler that is now visible behind the other books.

3. Move the plant that’s near the the toys. Pick up the key from underneath.

4. Go to the computer and plug in the cord you found. Tap on the right corner of the desk to see the front of the desk and plug the cord into the outlet. There’s a triangular button, but it doesn’t do anything yet. We can now use the card reader if we find something to use with it.

5. Go to the calendar and zoom in until it talks about “78” on the 16th.

6. Go to the big bookcase. On the upper right shelf are three dictionaries. Only #16 can be read. Open it up and turn to page 78. You’ll find a library card that’s too dirty to read.

7. Zoom in on the pencil case near the computer. Take the brush from it and use it to clean off the library card.

8. Use the key you found to open the brown door. Enter the room. There’s a plug near the outlet between the computer and printer. Plug it in and there’s a noise from somewhere. You can’t use this computer yet because you need a screwdriver. But read the red book on the desk to discover that if you try to escape without the key, the cops will come to arrest you!

9. Zoom in on the lamp and look at the top of the lampshade. There are the letters “RD.” We’ll need that for later.

10. Go back to the main room. Now the card reader should work. Scan the library card and there’s a noise from somewhere. Go to the small room and check the printer. Something printed!

11. Look at the paper. It’s a drawing of a cabbage. Turn to the other side to see the letters “cabbege”.

12. Go back to the main room and zoom in on the orange dresser. Type in “cabb” in the keypad (to complete the word) and take the paints from inside.

13. Try using the paintbrush with the paint. It tells you That you can’t use the paints yet because they need to be wet.

14. Read the poster on the wall near the bookcase. It tells you “During the dry season, drink lots of water.”

15. Turn to the sink. Take the cup from the top. Turn on the water and fill the cup.

16. Pour the water from the cup onto the paints to wet them. You can now use the paint. Dip the paintbrush in the paint to get green paint on it (for cabbage). Use the paintbrush on the drawing of the cabbage. Something will show up, but you can’t see it. We need to paint another color.

17. Go to the bookcase and zoom in on the blue books on the top left shelf. Open the farming book to discover that there are both green cabbages and purple cabbages.

18. Now we can paint the cabbage purple. First, dip the paintbrush in blue paint. Paint the cabbage blue. Then dip the brush in red paint and paint the cabbage. It turns purple! You can see the lightbulb clearly now, and it says “OFF”.

19. Go back to the small room and turn off the lamp by unplugging it. Remove the lampshade and unscrew the lightbulb.

20. There are numbers on the lightbulb. If you look at the bottom on the bulb, there’s a plus sign. So it’s telling you to add the numbers. 31 + 85 = 116.

21. Go back to the main room and turn to the locker near the plant. Zoom in on the keypad and type in 106. Open it and there’s an apron. Take the magazine cutout from it.

22. Go to the bookcase. On the bottom left shelf are some books numbered 1-4. Open number 3. It’s a magazine. There’s a torn page. Fix it with the piece from your bag. Turn the page to see some mountains (where are they from?). Take the torn piece back.

23. The mountains are from Switzerland. So go to the middle right bookshelf. There are some green books. Open the one titled “Switzerland”. On the left page are some letters. Zoom in on them to see “NEWS”.

24. Find the desk next to the orange dresser. Type “NEWS” into the keypad and take out the triangle block.

25. Go to the blocks on the mat. Try to place the red triangle on top of the red rectangle. It won’t stay put. Use the piece of paper from the magazine in the hole and the. Place the triangle on top. Now it stays. It looks like an arrow!

26. Follow the arrow to the ceiling to see a drawing of a plant being watered.

27. Fill the paper cup with water again. Go to the plant by the blocks. Zoom in on the pot and pour water on the soil. Something is revealed. Take it.

28. This is a piece of round cellophane. Go back to the small room. Put the lightbulb back on the lamp and put the yellow shade back in place. Look at the top of the shade and place the cellophane on top of it. The two shades together now form the word “BIRD”. Take the cellophane back.

29. Go to the bookcase. Read the red book titled “Animals”. The picture of a flamingo is circled.

30. Flamingos are pink, so we need to paint the cellophane pink. First, put red paint on the brush and paint the cellophane. Then paint it with white paint to make pink. Place the cellophane on the lamp again and plug the lamp in to the outlet.

31. Something appears on the ceiling. Examine it. It’s a map of the mat with the blocks. There’s an X to mark the tile that you need to focus on.

32. Go back to the main room and zoom in on the mat. Use the ruler to move the yellow tile near the bottom right. Zoom in on it and find a coin. Take it.

33. Flip the coin over to see the letters: 3241.

34. Go back to the small room. Zoom in on the PC monitor. Use the coin to unscrew the screws in order of 3, 2, 4, 1. Then remove the metal plate.

35. Go back to the main room and to the computer desk. Find the red triangle button again. Press it until you hear something turn on (took me many pushes, so keep trying).

36. Now the computer in the small room is on. Go look at it and you see security camera footage, with the letters G, Q, P, R”.

37. Go to the safe on the floor and enter “PRQG” into the keypad. Take the key from inside.

38. Use the key on the front door. But you can’t leave yet because of the security guard.

39. Go back to the locker and use the ruler to take the apron. Now that you have it, the guard will think you work here. You can go through the door now!

Congratulations! You escaped!


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  1. Amanda Lawson

    I cant get the cord to plug in HELP!!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      To the computer or the outlet? Tap around the computer monitor for the hole. It’s on the lower right corner, I believe.

  2. Amanda Lawson

    I can get to where I see it I just can’t get the cord to plug in I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or what I have restarted it 3 times and followed the steps exactly and I still can’t get it to plug in

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm, if you’re still near the beginning, don’t worry too much about that part. You don’t need it just yet. When you find the library card, let me know if you still can’t plug it in.

      I don’t think it’s ever a bug if you can’t do something. It usually means you haven’t seen a clue yet that’s necessary for that step. Make sure to zoom in on everything as much as possible so the game knows you saw it.

  3. Sara

    Yea I also couldnt get the cord in just keep click annoying ad he’ll but I can’t get the cup help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you examine the paints to see that they’re wet?

  4. Sara

    Yup 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      And the poster? Try looking again at the items that are related to it. It’s hard to tell the one thing that’s keeping you from doing it.

  5. Janice

    i can’t grab the cup on the top of the sink.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure you’re seen all the clues that would lead you to think you need it (examine the paint, the poster, etc).

  6. Menty

    I have checking the poster and the paints back and forth but still can’t get the cup…what else should I do?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm seems a bunch of people are having this problem. Let me see if I can figure out why.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, figured it out! You just have to use the paintbrush with the paints and it will tell you that they need to be wet. The poster isn’t even part of that, apparently.

      1. Menty

        I got it. Thank you so much.

  7. Menty

    I can’t get the apron, which I have been checking the ruler and the apron back and forth. But still can’t get it. What should I do?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you unlock the door and try to leave? It tells you that you can’t, so you then get the apron.

      1. Menty

        Alright, finally, I escaped. Lol…thank you so much.

  8. Gripette

    Well, that game suck!!! First I can’t get the cup and second .. The card is cleaned up with the brush but it won’t scan or I can’t open the stupid computer…. Please helpppp!!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you try to use the the paintbrush with the paint before grabbing the cup? And for the scanner, make sure both computers are plugged in and that the scanner is on.

  9. PGA Wife

    Where are the paints? I’ve been trying to figure out where they are…I’m sure that I’m just stupidly missing them. Thanks!

  10. PGA Wife

    Okay, so I’ve figured out that I can’t get to the paints until I get the barcode scanner to work, but I cannot figure out how to get that cord plugged in…:(

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Have you gotten either end of the cable plugged in?

  11. Vannessa

    I put cellophane on the lame, but I can’t find something which appears on ceiling.

  12. Vannessa

    Yes. How to see the map on the ceiling?

  13. Vannessa

    Thank you. I’m out.

  14. PGA Wife

    @Vanessa…I’m jealous! 😉

  15. PGA Wife

    I have been stuck at this spot for a week…I can plug in the cord to the outlet in the room behind the brown door, but cannot figure out how to get the cable that I found plugged into the barcode scanner…I love your walkthroughs and appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If I remember correctly, you need to tap on the lower left side of the monitor to get the hole for the plug. You have to be looking at it from the back.

      1. Imma

        I’ve a problem with 106 code! When I typ 106..the green locker said “incorrect”
        Then I typ 116…and itS incorrect again! I try many time with 106 and 116 …what wrong??

  16. Kelly

    Is it weird that I can’t pick up the paint brush??

  17. Saud

    I can’t zoom in the plaaant!!!! , what’s the problem ,I want to water it

  18. Miliardo

    I also can’t get the cord plugged in to the barcode scanner computer. Press everywhere near or on the outlet and triangle red button all didn’t work out. Always show ‘there is nothing important’. Can’t proceed game. =_=

    1. PGA Wife

      I was never able to finish the game due to this problem. I went back through every step twice and still couldn’t do it. It seems like a bug to me but I’m not sure. I have finished all of the IDAC iPhone escape games to date (with this one exception) and this is the only one that has given me any trouble. Thanks for posting this. I thought it was just me….:)

      1. Joscelyn

        You have to tap on the lower left of the monitor from the front not the back in order to plug in the cord.

  19. Lis

    I can’t find the drawing of the plant on the ceiling

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