Escape Game: “Behind the Smile” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Behind the Smile”


**Keep in mind, this game has a lot more dialogue than other IDAC games. Your character is very vocal (actually kind of refreshing) and will talk a lot about each item before it takes it. So you have to tap several times on items before you fan get them.**

1. Tap the fire extinguisher a couple of times and it will move. Take the flashlight that’s revealed.

2. Turn around and look for the fridge. There’s a blank piece of paper on it. Tap it a few times and the corner will lift up to reveal a blue magnet. Take it.

3. turn to the lockers. Open the right locker and take the piggy bank from inside. You can open up the bottom, but nothing’s inside.

4. You’ll notice each of the four monitors on the desks have a letter on it. Find the one with an S and open the top drawer of that desk. Inside is a file with instructions how to use the stepladder. Examine them:


5. Find the stepladder near the fire extinguisher. Here’s what you have to do. Make it turn right first, then lift up, then move it left a bit and you’ll hear a “Clack!”. Tap it again and you’ll get the stepladder.

6. Open the stepladder and something falls out. Take the ruler.

7. Turn to the lockers again. The middle one has an item inside that’s too high to reach. Use the stepladder to get it. It’s a pair of binoculars (looks like a telescope).

8. To the right of where the stepladder was, you’ll see a calendar. Zoom in on it, then take it off the wall. There’s a screw stuck in the wall that you can’t remove just yet.

9. Turn to the left. There’s a circuit breaker out of reach. But above that is a small speck. Use the binoculars on it to see these markings:


10. Open the ruler and zoom in on the red side. Then open the binoculars and use the red side of the ruler on it. Use the binoculars on the letters on the wall to see this:


11. Then switch the ruler to green and do the same, to see this:


12. Together, the red and green say Ex3. In other words, EEE. Go to the file cabinet on the same wall as the symbols and type EEE into the keypad with the red and green stickers on it. The drawer unlocks and you get a spray bottle.

13. Go to the front door. Zoom in on the mat on the floor. It says it’s stuck. Use the spray on it and a corner will loosen up. If you examine it closely, you can see some faint letters. Zoom out and turn off the lights. Then go back to the spot under the mat and shine the flashlight on it to see this:


14. Turn the lights back on.

15. There’s a single desk in the back, which is the manager’s desk. Look at the keyboard on his desk:


16. If you compare the symbols from the mat to the keyboard, you get KLJG.

17. Look at the top drawer of the manager’s desk. Type in KLJG on the keypad to unlock it. Take the cutter from inside.

18. There’s a pile of boxes next to the lockers. Now that you have the cutter, you can open the box on the left and remove the documents. Then move that box and the box under it to reveal a path through.

19. Go back there to find a red panel with a keypad behind it. There’s also a trap door in the ceiling, which you can get a little closer to with the step ladder. But you need something else to reach it.

20. Go back to the manager’s computer. Zoom in on it to see some weird symbols. Then look at the cutter in your bag. Turn it over and zoom in on the blade. There are more strange symbols. Match it up with the manager’s PC code and you get the numbers 3954.


21. Look at the numbers 3954 upside-down. They look like “hSbE”. Go to the closet next to the fridge and type that into the keypad (must be written exactly like that!). You can now open the closet.

22. There are some cleaning supplies in there. You can take the duster, but before you do so you may need to see the flowers. The flowers are next to the computer with the letter “C” on it. It tells you it’s dirty and you should clean up. Once you get the duster, clean up around the flowers. Some numbers will appear on one of the flowers. Zoom in on it to see it’s “84”.


23. Look at the two leaves of the flower to find +7 and /2. If you tap the +7 leaf again, you get the question, “The square of what?”




So, 84/2 + 7 = 49. that square root of that is 7. So type in 07 on the keypad behind the red panel. The trap door in the ceiling now opens, but you still can’t reach it.

24. Go back to the manager’s desk. Examine the cushion on the chair to discover something is inside. Use the blue magnet on it a few times and you’ll get a gold coin.

25. Put the coin in the slot on the piggy bank. Then open the bottom of the bank to find a key with a red keychain. Make sure to also take the coin back from the bank.

26. Go to the desk with the computer labeled D. Open the top drawer with the key and take the gloves.

27. Remember that screw from earlier, that was under the calendar? Go back to that and use the gloves to pull it out. It looks like a small hook, or a “?”.

28. Examine the duster. There’s a small hole on the bottom of it. Attach the screw in the hole.



29. Now you can reach the trap door. Use the step ladder to get closer to it and then the duster+hook to pull the door open. A ladder will emerge. Climb up.

30. It’s dark, so use the flashlight. The flashlight doesn’t help much, but it reveals a light switch. Turn the lights on.

31. Walk through the passage to the left. Read the papers left on the box. They’re emails that you sent to the CEO.

32. Move one of the boxes over to reveal a metal plate in the floor. Zoom in on it and place the coin in the slot.

33. A hole is revealed. The manager has been spying on everyone. If you peak through the hole, you can see a key!


34. The key is above the left locker. Climb the step ladder to retrieve it.


35. Use the key to open the file cabinet next to the broom closet. Inside you’ll find a file with the private schedules of the employees and this clue:


36. Now we k ow what to do with the letters on the computer monitors. The one with the flowers is C, the one next to is U, and the one across from that is D. Go to the small white drawers next tot the manager’s desk. Press the flower button first, then the button to the right of it, and then the one below that. Press ENTER and the lock will open. Take out the LCD panel from inside.

37. Go back upstairs and look for the spot in the wall that could fit the LCD panel. Put it in and turn it on. A pattern appears on the screen:


38. Go back downstairs. Open the white cabinet next to the boxes that has a bunch of dishes in it. Pick up the blue and yellow mug and place them on the grey spots like you saw on the screen:


39. Close the cabinet doors and then tap on them again and you’ll hear a noise from the door. It’s unlocked!

Open the door and escape. Congratulations, you made it out!


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  1. kristen

    i cant get the red ruler to apear on the
    binoculars please help

  2. kristen

    nevermined i got it!:)

    1. Tiger

      i cant, could u help?

  3. Muesli

    How to Zoom in on the floor mat?

  4. Itssarah

    Also having a problem zooming in on the floor mat plz help

  5. Cardamomum

    The filing cabinet beside the fridge wouldn’t take the password. And yes, I did key in exactly “hSbE”.

  6. Cardamomum

    Im sorry if this seems stupid… but what flowers? I got the hSbE cose to work. Note to others: you really need to “apply” the knife blade to the computer screen and get a confirmation. Working things out in your head and going straight to password input ain’t gonna work.

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