Escape Game: “A Night of Enchantment” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Night of Enchantment”



1. Look behind the fridge (right side) for a gas canister.

2. Look next to the water tanks for a pencil holder. Knock it over and take the compass that falls out. Tap on the needle of the compass a couple of times to remove it.

3. Zoom out and move over a bit left. Zoom in on the set of drawers below the desk. Open the top middle drawer and take the cutter.


4. Open the bottom right drawer. There’s an orange box inside. Use the pin from the compass to open it. Take the new cutter blade from inside and replace the rusty blade in the cutter.

5. Look at the poster above the beakers. Tap on the “A” a few times and it will come off.

6. Look at the calendar above the fridge. Tap on the “C” a couple of times and it will come off.

7. Zoom in on the keypad on the fridge. Press the buttons under or above the numbers/symbols to make 4 x 2 = 8. it will look like this:


8. Open the fridge and take out the plastic bottle in the door.

9. Try placing the bottle in the open tank. It’s not heavy enough.

10. Dump the juice from the bottle into the sink to empty the bottle.

11. Open the green cabinet beneath the water tanks and fill the bottle with pebbles.

12. Place the rock-filled bottle into the open water tank. It will sink to the bottom and cause the water to fill up the closed tank. Now you can access the box in the closed tank.



13. Open the box and take the key.

14. Use the key to unlock the door next to the fridge and walk into the second room.


15. Turn right and tap on the green desk in the back. Zoom in on the tea canister and tap a couple of times to remove the “T”.

16. Zoom out and turn right again. Use the needle to open the box on the desk. Take out the microscope.

17. Turn right again and look at this chart:


It says both sides are the same, so you can guess that the letters go 1 = C, 2 = A, 3 = T. (CAT?)

18. Place the letters in the spots on the right, like so, and something falls down.


19. Look on the floor and you find a board that says “Forest.”


20. Flip the microscope box over. There’s something on the bottom. Try using the cutter with it. It won’t work. Examine the tip of the cutter. Something’s on it.




21. Use the cutter with the microscope to see a speck of adhesive on it. Tap the tip of the knife while it’s under the microscope to remove the dirt.



22. Now you can use the cutter to remove the board from the bottom of the box:


23. It’s a rusty piece of metal. Turn to the left and face the green desk. On the left side is a sheet of paper that tells you how to remove rust:


24. Tap on “Liquid A” on the right side of the pot and you’ll pour some into the pot. Put the metal board into the pot. Turn the knob on the gas range to light the fire.

25. ***Note: The game will allow you to take out the metal at this point and wash it off, but if you do so before it had time to soak, the rust won’t come off. So leave the metal board to soak and walk around the room a bit. When you look at the pot again, the liquid should be red. You can now take the board out.


26. Turn on the faucet in the sink to run the water. Wash the chemicals and rust off the board and now you have the “Wind” board.

27. The last board is bolted to the back of the Chemistry book below the green board. We need to find something with which to remove it.


28. You can now zoom in on each note on the green board. So take a close look at each of them:





29. If you tap on Powder C, it’s stuck to the table. We need something to carry it around in. Turn to the green desk again. Pick up Liquid D from the right side.

30. Go back to the first room and examine the desk with the beakers on it. Take the test tube and go back to the second room.

31. If you examine the test tube, it says it needs to be rinsed out. So take it to the sink and wash it under the running water. You now have a clean test tube.

32. Go back to the bottle of Powder C and pour some into the test tube.


33. Pour Liquid D into the pot. If you try to turn the knob, nothing happens. Use the gas canister on the gas range to change it out. Now you can light the flame. Walk around and let the liquid heat up. It changes colors.

34. Take the test tube to the sink and fill it with some water. Then pour it into the pot and it turns green. You want to fill the test tube with the liquid, but it’s too hot. You need something with which to cool it off quickly.

35. Go back to room one and open the freezer. You need something to carry the ice with

36. Pick up the plastic bag from the desk with the beakers (where you got the rest tube). Fill it with ice from the freezer.

37. Go back to the second room. Put the bag of ice in the pot. Walk around a bit to let it cool off. Go back to the pot and fill the test tube with Chemical B.


38. Go back to the chemistry text book. Pour Chemical B on the back of the book. It dissolves the metal so you can take the board. It’s the “Mountain” board.

39. Look at the blackboard behind the microscope to find this message:


40. Turn to the door with the “Fire” board stuck in it. Put the other three boards in the slots so it’s in this order: Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain.


41. The door is unlocked. Open it and escape!

Congratulations! You made it out!


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  1. Loula

    What, pray tell, is a gamer supposed to do if there is no microscope? I’m left befuddled!

      1. Loula

        Ha! I did now! And feeling a little dumb. 🙁 Thanks!!

  2. Jhonson 75

    I can not look at the floor for the card “forest”,what ‘s wrong?

  3. Itssarah

    Im on my iphone and it wont lemme look on the floor for the forest card either. This is the third escape game made by IDAC that i cannot proceed cuz it wont lemme look down or zoom into something.

  4. Caubi

    Ahhhh, what am I missing? Started over three times and still cannot see the forest tile. It says something drops but will not let me see it.

  5. Anna

    Where do you get the gas canister? Going CRAZY!!!

  6. Fluffypantz

    Cannot find the gas canister!!! 🙁

  7. Anka

    Gas canister is behind the fridge

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