Lechuza – horror point and click game: Walkthrough

Luchuza – horror point and click game
By Apostrophe Stockholm

Lechuza Walkthrough

This is for the iPhone/iPod/iPad horror room escape game. Enjoy!

If you don’t already have Lechuza, you can download it here.

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1. You need to enter the auction house, but you’re not on the list so the security guard won’t let you in. Give him two stacks of cash (drag them onto him) and he’ll let you through.

2. Examine each of the other bidders and when you’re ready, tap on the spot in the back that tells you to click on it.

3. The auction starts. You don’t have to do anything until the piece of art that the game tells you that you need to bid on. Drag a stack of cash onto the auctioneer. Keep doing so until you’ve bought the painting.

4. Tap on the painting that’s now in your inventory. Then tap on it again to see the back of it. There’s some words engraved on it. Tap on it and you’ll discover you need to go to Sweden.

5. You arrive in Sweden, facing the house from the painting. Tap on the owl statue to the left and it will open, revealing a key. Take it.

6. Use the key to open the front door and walk inside.

7. Read the scroll on the floor.

8. Go upstairs. Tap on the owl painting and an item will fall from it. Pick it up — it’s a fuse.

9. Go back downstairs and tap on the fuse on the wall (to the left of the doll and bear head). Place the fuse in it and the living room light will turn on.

10. Walk into the living room. Pick up another fuse from the lower left corner.

11. Pick up the owl lighter from the table.

12. Pick up the wooden box from the pedestal next to the fireplace.

13. Open all three curtains. Tap on the left window and an owl flies away. Also look at the scratches above the fireplace. There are eight sets of five.

14. Walk through the door in the back to get to the kitchen. Read the scroll on the floor.

15. Take the bottle of plant nutrition from the counter.

16. Take the hammer from the too shelf on the right.

17. Look inside the pot that’s on the stove. Take the scissors from inside.

18. Go back to the first room and put the second fuse in the fuse box. Something turns on.

19. Go back to the kitchen and you’ll hear some noises coming from it. The mixer is now on! Zoom in on it and drag the wooden box to it. The box breaks, leaving you a key that was inside. Take the key.

20. The key is for the fridge. Tap on the fridge to zoom in on it and take one of the mice from inside (yeah, a mouse!).

21. Go back to the living room. Drag the mouse to the owl by the window. The owl drops another key! Take it.

22. Go back to the kitchen. Use the key on the door. You now have access to the bedroom. Walk inside.

23. Read the scroll on the floor.

24. Pick up the TV remote and the wrench-like tool.

25. Tap on the window. There’s a rope hanging down. Cut it with the scissors and something falls.

26. Go all the way back outside and pick up the bag that fell on the left side of the screen. Inside was another fuse and some candles.

27. Go back inside. Put the last fuse in the fuse box. The phone works again! It’s ringing and if you answer it, you’ll hear some weird gargling noises.

28. Tap on the strange doll on the wall to zoom in on it. Use the tool you found in the bedroom to pull the doll off. You now have some nails and can see some carvings on the wall:

29. Go to the living room and zoom in on the TV set. Drag the remote to the TV and you’ll now be able to press the buttons. Remember the scratches above the fire place? 8 sets of 5. So tap the 5 key (it’s blackened so it stands out) eight times, then press enter.

30. Something appears on the TV screen. Zoom in on the TV. It’s a flower. Use the hammer to break the screen and then take the flower.

31. Go back to the bedroom. There’s a vase in the back. Zoom in on it and place the rose inside. Use the plant food on it and it will open up, revealing the numbers 7062.

32. Go back to the first room and zoom in on the telephone. Use the numbers you got from the wall (585) and the numbers from the flower (7062) to make a phone number, 585-7062. Dial it into the phone and you’ll hear a strange voice telling you that “There are two keys in the bedroom that don’t open any doors. Use them.”

33. What kind of keys could he be talking about? Go into the bedroom. There are five paintings of animals. One is a monKEY and one is a donKEY. Tap on both of them to light up the bulbs above them. Make sure the bulbs above the other animals are dark. The baby on the wall will now cough up a wind-up key! Take it.

34. Go back upstairs and put the wind-up key in the music box. Some music will start playing. Drag the nails from your bag to the door and the door will open! Walk through.

35. You’re now in the attic. Read the scroll on the floor.

36. There’s a Ouija board on the table, but you need to set the mood first. Place the candles on the table, then use the lighter to light them.

37. Tap on the Ouija board. You need to ask the six questions in the right order or it won’t work. They go like this:
#3, Is there a spirit present? (Yes)

#1, Are you a kind spirit? (No)

#4, What is your initial? (L)

#6, Can I do something for you? (No)

#5, Could you do something for me? (Yes)

#2, Could you open the safe?

38. The spirit opens the safe for you! Take out the four owl pieces.

39. Zoom in on the painting that’s in your inventory again. Place the four owls in the right slots.

40. Now the whole room goes berserk and you’re stuck in the painting or something.

41. Walk through the house and pick up the spinning painting from each room. Make sure to take in the scenery because it’s bizarre! Everything’s backwards and there are strange figures creeping about.

42. When you get to the bedroom and take the last painting, a new door will be open. Walk through and read the scroll on the ground. Focus on LE-CH-U-Z-A.

43. You need to put the paintings in the slots on the wall in the order that they would make LE-CH-U-Z-A if you were mouthing it out. It helps to actually mouth it out. But this is how they should look (with the last one left in the last spot, of course):

44. The door disappears. Walk through and enjoy the bizarre ending that makes no sense. 🙂

Congratulations, you finished the game!

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  1. Monicq

    I asked the right question on the board but it won’t answer?

    1. Yvonne

      Same happened to me. So annoying

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