Antrim Escape 3 Deluxe: Christmas Hidden Object Adventure: Walkthrough

Antrim Escape 3 Deluxe: Christmas Hidden Object Adventure
By GameHive Corp.


You can see my Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough here.

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Chapter 1:

Medusa head screen:

1. Reindeer: Top of Christmas tree.

2. Gift: On the table.

3. Gingerbread Man: Next to the wooden dolls.

4. Gift: Left window.

5. Stocking: Left side of the table.

6. Gift: Right curtain of the right window.

7. Gingerbread Man: Left curtain of the right window.

8. Gingerbread Man: In the right candlestick.

9. When you open the slot above the medusa head to get the key, there’s also a present inside.

10. Gift: Behind the Medusa head.

Turn left to the Bed screen:

1. Gingerbread Man: Bottom of the closet.

2. Gift: Under the bed.

3. Gift: On top of the bed.

4. Reindeer: Behind the colored chemicals below the periodic table.

5. Gift: Behind one of the other chemicals.

6. Gift: Top of the closet.

7. Gingerbread Man: Below the clock.

8. Gingerbread Man and Reindeer: Map of Ireland.

9. Gift: behind the clock face.

10. Angel: Below the right candlestick.

11. Gingerbread Man: In front of the rocking horse.

12. Tree Cookie: Right leg of bed.

13. Tree Cookie: Bottom right corner of clock.

Turn left to the Closet screen:

1. Christmas Tree: Very top shelf.

2. Candy Cane: Top shelf, by the violin.

3. Gingerbread Man: By the bags.

4. Gingerbread Man: Zoom in on the hanging dresses. Move the dresses and look in the white dress.

5. Gift: By the folded towels on the lower left side.

6. Candy Cane: The small blue jewelry box on the left side.

7. Candy Cane: The dresses on the left.

8. Bell: From the earring display.

9. Gift: From the earring display.

10. Wreath: On the pink hat.

11. Gift: Behind the red scarf.

12. Gift: Second wicker basket near the top.

13. Reindeer: Framed photo on the top shelf.

14. Gift: Under the purple dress on the left side.

15. Gift: In one of the red shoes on the floor.

16. Candy Cane: In the curtain all the way to the right of the screen.

17. Candy Cane: Zoom in on the wooden pieces that tell the time. It’s there on the right.

Turn left to the Sofa screen:

1. Gift: On the desert tray.

2. Wreath: On the door.

3 & 4. Two Gifts: On the table.

5. Gingerbread House: Under the table.

6. Gingerbread Man: On the dessert tray.

7. Star Cookie: Left corner of the table.

8. Gift: Behind the right leg of the table.

9. Angel: Top of the sofa.

10. Mitten: Top of the dessert tray.

11. Gift: Once the gears are visible, you’ll see it.

Chapter 2:

Ryan’s room, Screen with letters and numbers:

1. Candy Cane: In the blue flask.

2. Gift: Left side of the blue flask.

3. Take the Santa gingerbread man from between the T & Q.

4. Take the gingerbread man from the floor.

5. Take the reindeer head from the number 8.

6. Take the reindeer head from the owl perch.

7. Take the gift from behind the piano leg.

8 & 9. Tree Cookie & Gift: Behind and under the sofa once it has been moved.

Turn left to face the Fireplace:

1. Pick up the gingerbread man from the rug.

2. Take the bearded gingerbread man from behind the green snake pedestal.

3. Take the Christmas tree from behind the green snake pedestal.

4. Take the reindeer from the left side of the fireplace.

5. Take the angel from the top of the fireplace.

6. Take the gingerbread man from inside the fireplace (not a good place for him to hide!).

7. Take the gift from inside the cabinets.

8. Rocking-reindeer: Right side of the open door.

9. Angel: The framed photo on the left.

10. Flower: Vase on the left.

11. Reindeer: Upper left corner of the doorframe.

12. Gingerbread Man: To the right of the yellow snake statue.

Turn left to face the jagged door:

1. Pick up Santa from the mat.

2. Take the present from the left side of the door.

3. Take the hat from under the chair.

4. There’s a candle by the foot of the chair.

5. Purple Gift: Sitting on the chair.

6. Santa Cookie: Head of the chair.

7. Mitten: In the curtain.

8. Present: Bottom right corner of the doorframe.

9. Gingerbread Man: Top right corner of the doorframe.

10. Candy Cane: Black vase on top right shelf.

11. Rocking Reindeer: Right side of rug.

Turn left, to the Piano screen:

1. Gift: Under the piano.

2. Gingerbread Man Piece: Glass doors.

3. Present: Glass doors.

4 & 5. Green Reindeer $ Green Candy Cane: Glass doors.

6. Gingerbread Man: Below the card table.

7. Stocking: Behind the right side of the chair.

8. Snowman: Behind the left curtain.

9. Take the stocking from behind the right curtain.

10. Take the Santa from the upper right corner of the screen.

11 & 12. Zoom in on the book on the piano and take the gingerbread man from the hole at the top of the book. Take the angel from the design below the book.

Chapter 4, Adam’s Study:

Bookcase screen:

1, 2 & 3. Gifts: Next to blue car on the left.

4. Brown Gift: Bottom right corner of cabinet below car.

5. Gift: Treasure chest below car.

6. Gift: Next to rifle on top left shelf.

7 & 8. Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man: behind rifle.

9. Gift: Below rifle.

10. Snowman: Top middle shelf.

11. Gingerbread Man: Top right shelf behind framed photo.

12. Gift: Ship in a bottle.

13. Gift: Inside box puzzle (get near the end).

Turn left, to the screen with the telephone:

1 &2. Two Gifts: Owl painting.

3. Gift: Windmill painting.

4. Gingerbread Man: Right side of suitcase.

5. Gift: Behind telephone.

6. Gift: Drawer of desk on the left.

7. Gingerbread Man: Under book on desk to the left.

8. Candy Cane: Candelabra (ceiling fixture).

9. Gingerbread Man: Inside lamp.

10. Reindeer Head: Cheetah painting (left side of screen).

11. Tree Cookie: Cuckoo clock.

12. Gingerbread Forehead: Inside suitcase.

Turn left, facing desk and map:

1. Gift: Under desk, near left leg.

2. Gingerbread Man: Floor, left of desk.

3. Gift: Behind bottle of bourbon.

4. Gingerbread Man: Globe.

5. Gift: Behind lamp.

6. Gift: Foot of globe.

7. Candy Cane: Behind lamp.

8. Reindeer: Cuckoo clock, nutcracker is riding it.

9. Candy Cane: Next to left window of cuckoo clock.

10. Candy Cane: Fish tank.

11. Reindeer Head: Right side of map.

Turn left, facing doors to outside:

1. Gift: Below right curtain.

2. Candy Cane: Right curtain.

3. Gingerbread Man: Behind left curtain.

4. Stocking: On left curtain.

5. Gingerbread Man: Under table.

6. Candy Cane: In flower painting.

7. Gift: Above curtains.

8. Stocking: Top right corner of right curtain.

9. Snowman: Behind ship in a bottle on the left side.

Go outside to porch:

1. Snowman Cookie: By the snowmen and chairs.

2. Gift: Behind sink.

3. Candy Cane: On faucet.

4. Gingerbread Man: In the back, covered in snow.

5. Gift: In the back, covered in snow.

6. Gift: To the right, near the sword.

7. Reindeer: To the right, under snow.

8. Gift: In back, on balcony.

9. Gift: In back, on balcony, under snow.


Congratulations! You found all the Christmas items! But… There’a more?

Tap items in this order (with another candy cane last):



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  1. Elika A

    I have found all the objects, but for some reason when I get to the tree and start tapping them in place, I get half way there and the objects stop going in the grey gaps? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Ching

    Should you keep throwing up the presents, words as CaNdYCaNe will show up on the wall, when go back to Ethel’s Room and choose those words on the typing machine on the wall right to the bed, they will give you several pages of comics, following the order of character showing up enables one to pick up the decorations at right order, hope it explain the logic.

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