Escape Game: “Dangerous Luxury Liner” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Dangerous Luxury Liner”

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. Turn right and zoom in on the painting. Above it are some pliers. Take them.

2. Zoom out and tap on the door ahead of you. Head inside. Open the box on the ground to get a screwdriver.

3. Leave that room. Turn right twice and tap the goddess statue. Take the infrared device from her.

4. Turn back to the desk. There’s a key dangling off the left side of it. Cut the wire with the pliers and get the key.

5. Use the screwdriver to open the top drawer of the desk. Take the gun from inside.

6. Tap on the gun to remove the magazine.


7. Tap on the magazine to remove a cartridge.

8. Tap the bottom of the cartridge to see the blasting cap.

9. Use the pliers to remove the blasting cap.

10. Tap on the cartridge again to empty out the gunpowder. Tap until all you have is gunpowder.

11. Now you’re going to go to some extremes to open the wine cooler (and not even take any wine!). Turn to the bottom of the wine cooler. There’s a small nylon band holding it closed. Place the gunpowder below the band.

12. Place the blasting cap on the gunpowder.

13. Place the screwdriver on the blasting cap.

14. Fire the gun at the blasting cap and it will light the gunpowder, melting the nylon band.

15. You can now access the wine cooler. Take out the folding knife.

16. Go back to the small room with barrels. Use the knife to open the white box. There’s a rifle inside, but you can’t take it. Take the rod-shaped brush instead.

17. Go back to the main room. There’s a little stand with casters near the communications box (by the trophy). It’s attached with rope. Cut the rope with knife to get a piece of it.

18. Zoom in on the communications box on the ground near the trophy. The only part you can access is rusted shut. Use the knife to cut open the rusty lid.

19. Use the pliers to remove the rusty lid, revealing a keyhole.

20. Use the key in the keyhole and the red light turns on. Also, a switch has been activated.

21. Go back to the wine cooler. Tap on the left side of it to get a side view. There’s. Red button. Press it and something is activated. (It lowers the ring in front of the orange curtain.)

22. From the same view, look under the wine cooler to find an item. Use the brush to get to it. It’s a hook!

23. Zoom in on the red side of the brush. Then attach the hook to it.

24. Turn around to the screen with the trophy again. There are some binoculars hanging on a little hook. Use the brush/hook to grab it.

25. Remove the hook from the brush.

26. Attach the hook to the rope.

27. Go to the orange curtain. Attack the hook/rope to the loop hanging down.

28. Tie the other end of the rope to the hole in the curtain.

29. Go back to the wine cooler and press the button to make the curtain rise.

30. There are some security monitors behind the curtain. Look on the floor and pick up a bottle of nail polish.

31. Zoom in on one of the monitors to see this:

32. Examine all the monitors. One is painted black!

33. Go back to the goddess statue. Tap on her hand. It’s shining with light!

34. Tap the hand again and you’ll get a view of the floor. There’s a message there but you can’t see it in this kind of light.

35. Tap on the statue’s hand again. Use the nail polish to paint her nails pink.

36. Zoom out and examine the beam of pink light on the ground. A clue appears:

37. Look at the safe below the trophy. It says:

38. Go back to the screen with the goddess statue. Use the binoculars to look through the right-most window to see this:

39. Attach the infrared device to the binoculars and look again to see this:

40. The two clues (pink and green) are telling you to remove D & A from the word “guardian”. That leaves you with the letters “gurian”. But you need a weapon for the safe password. So rearrange the letters to get the password.

41. Type the password into the keypad on the safe and press ENTER. Open the safe and take the moist towelette.

42. Use the moist towelette to wipe the black paint off the monitor and reveal this:

43. The cards are Joker, 5, Joker, 6. The other monitor says that the fools (jokers) disappear when faced by the cards. Now, remember the strange symbols you saw through the window? Combine the numbers from the cards with the number of rings from the window. So, 3 rings, 5 card, 2 rings, 6 card.

44. Face the front door from afar. Tap the rug to zoom in on the corner. Part of it is stuck. Use the knife to loosen it up. Flip it over and take the key card from underneath.

45. Zoom in on the keypad by the front door. Use the key card on it. Then type in the password and press ENTER. The door unlocks and you can leave!

Congratulations! You escaped!

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64 thoughts on “Escape Game: “Dangerous Luxury Liner” Walkthrough

  1. Lyndz

    I’ve done everything possible to crack the safe went through every place over and over and still cant get airgun to work for code uppercase/lower case shit dont work

  2. bhina

    I just finished (with help, thanks!) and I was stuck on the ‘guardian’ safe. Tried everything but the safe wouldn’t open. Turned out that when I looked at the red light on the floor I did not TAP on it for a description because I could ‘read’ the clue, I thought – and that not-tapping didn’t allow me to enter the weapon password – gave me an error! The Idac games are terribly unresponsive at tapping on my device so I usually give up after a long numer of taps – especially when viewing close-ups of objects.

  3. Vicky

    Totally ludicrous – I did everything in the right order over and over but still the bloody safe wouldn’t open. Then I read the last post and realised I hadn’t tapped ENOUGH times on the pink message. Finally it opened and I was able to finish. I wouldn’t mind half so much if it wasn’t for the fact that it was necessary to tap the screen until my fingers practically bled to get to where I was supposed to be or to pick up the tool I needed and ft it wasn’t for the posts above I wouldn’t have been able to finish this – so thanks guys. On the other hand I probably wouldn’t have bothered and I doubt very much whether I would waste my time with another IDAC game.

  4. purpleme

    make sure the night vision is attached to the binoculars then look at the window. then tap the binoculars on ur item list remove the night vision then the view will change.. go back to the door enter 3526.

  5. josh

    i looked thru the damn window a billion times and the stupid joker saying and the jcards. and i have the key card. wtf bro?

  6. Oni Martyr

    I’ve done everything up to looking under the carpet; the game won’t register me clicking on the corner to get the card….

  7. SS

    Thank you so much for the easy walkthrough, without which its impossible to play these games. You need clues and the game does not provide it.

  8. iNaspade

    i already replay d fifth time coz .. everytime i reach at d point where we take d brush instead of unloaad rifle d brush dont gp to my inventpry .. can tell me hw to ??

  9. Anke Dannemann

    If your having problems getting the codes to work…here’s the secret: 1. For the safe….you have to click the images so that ALL the comments show up. To start… click the the words on the right TV monitor until you receive All comments. Then move onto to the window to the right of the statue & view the image with the night vision attached to the binoculars & tap the image to receive ALL ‘DA’ comments. Then go to the statue hand & click it & click for All comments. Go to floor & again click for All comments. Then go to wall safe & type ‘airgun’ for the code & get hand wipes. 2. To open door…click blacked out screen..get comments, then click wipes & clean screen ..get comments. The go to window & view using binoculars but without night vision & click for All comments. Go to door & click the password box. Click again with security card the enter password 3526. You should now be successful & be able to exit! Yeah!

  10. Anke Dannemann

    I noticed that when your having problems getting something, it usually means you still need to click the image to get All the story comments or you need an inventory item to access it. The “if you want to do this…you must first do that” Code, is super strict & must be followed in a certain order.

  11. X12

    Just finished the game and I would never have figured it out without this walk through… I mean really? Who set off an explosion to remove a tie strap and can’t open a gun case with a screw driver but a knife will? stupid! Thanks for yur help everyone


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