Antrim Escape 3: Black Tile Locations

Antrim Escape 3

By GameHive Corp.

This is a walkthrough/guide for all the tile locations.

See my full Antrim Escape 3 walkthrough here.

1.Bottom right corner of periodic table.

2. Look at the map above the bed. It says “N. IReLaNd” on it. Go to the periodic table. Tap the buttons that say N., I, Re, La, Nd. The. Press the little button next to the the word. The slot will open to reveal a black tile.

3. Use the second key you found to unlock the bottom drawer on the left side. There’s a tile inside.

4. Zoom in on the earring/necklace display. Below in one of the cubbies is another black tile.

5. Zoom back out. Move the purple dress to the left. Go back to the bed view and take a black tile from the pink dress in the closet.

6. Right side of couch, on floor.

7. Upper left corner of the gears wall.

8. Go back to Medusa. Place the grill on the wooden stool. Now you can open the hatch above.

9. Bottom right corner of open clock.

Now you have them all. Go back to the couch. Look at the shape on the door. Now zoom in on the holes by the gears. Place the 9 tiles in order that they look like the shape on the wall. They should look like this:

If you do it right, the tiles will change, some glowing green. Tap the green circle that would NOT appear on dice. Do this for each one, from 1 to 6, and in the end the middle tile will glow red. Take it and place it on the shape on the door.

See my full Antrim Escape 3 walkthrough here.

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