Escape Game: “The Airtight Warehouse” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Airtight Warehouse”


Walkthrough (in progress):

1. Zoom in on the boxes. There’s a chain resting on one of them. Take it and it turns out to be a locket.


2. Open the locket and zoom in on the bottom right corner of the photo:


3. You can also examine the tire in the corner here. It has a keypad on it. Make sure to examine all parts of it.




4. Look at the calendar on the wall to the left of the boxes. Zoom in on two parts to see the month missing and a birthday cake over the 22nd:



(There’s also a card key and a yellow bag here that you can’t do anything with yet.)

5. Turn right. You’ll see two locked boxes on the shelf that you can’t open yet and a locked door.

6. Turn right again. Zoom in on the orange shelf to the right. Open the right door and take the oil container. Look inside the empty shelf to find a clue:



7. Look at the table. Examine everything on it. There is a pizza, a photo of you and a ransom letter. Zoom in on the 7 on the letter. It’s from the calendar. Then look at the bottles. We’ll need to use them with the clue we found in the cupboard.



8. You have to fill the oil container with oil from the bottles written on the clue. It goes TG –> T –> SG. T = tall, S = short, G = Handle. So use the oil container on the tall bottle with handle first, then the tall bottle *without* a handle, then the short bottle with a handle. You now have a full container of oil! (*Note: If you mess up the order, dump the bad batch in the jar to the right and start over.)


9. 9. Zoom out and look to the right, under the orange shelf. There’s a tire under the foot of the table. Tap on it a few times and there’s a noise from above. Look at the device on the table — it’s a bomb!



10. Turn right. There’s a few keypads and devices here. Focus on the one on the left side of the support beam. It looks like a kitchen timer. Tap it a few times and it will open up, revealing a green cord. Take it.


11. Zoom out and focus on the green device in the center of the wall. We’ll now use the clue from the locket (Total 20). You need to make 20 of the little bars light up blue. The first column has 5, the third has 8, and the 5th has 7. They add up to 20, so light up those three columns and press enter. Open up the box and take the key from inside.



12. Turn left to the lockers. Use the key to open the second locker from the left. Tap the thermos inside. It rattles. Open the lid and take the key.


13. Note the handkerchief under the thermos. Also examine the shirt in the locker. You’ve seen it before.

14. Turn left and use the new key you just found to open the blue box on the bottom shelf. Take out the fan-shaped slate. If you examine it, the back has a picture of a sunset on it.



15. Remember the key card that was stuck to the wall under the calendar? Go back there and use the new key to peel off the card.


16. Turn right and zoom in on the black box. Stick the key card in the space and the box will open. Take the pieces from inside.



17. Zoom in on each of the pieces to see this:



18. Turn to the wall with the different devices again. Focus on the one on the front of the support beam. It has holes in it. Zoom in on each of the pieces you just found individually and then place them in the slots according to the clue on the piece. You start counting from the flag. The first one goes in 3E and the second goes in 5C. It should look like this:


Zoom out once and flip the switch. The breaker is activated!

19. You can now use the card reader. It’s to the left of this same wall. Insert the card and press the button a few times. Once you’re done, take the key card out.


20. Now the door to the second room is open! Walk in.

21. Zoom in on the box on the floor all the way to the right. It’s closed with tape that says “KEEP OUT”. Use the card key to cut the tape and take out the lighter.


22. The lighter is empty, so fill it with the oil bottle. It now works — you can light it up.



23. Zoom out and tap on the pile of boxes. Tap a few more times and you’ll push all the boxes down, revealing a push cart.


24. Zoom in on the pushcart. It’s tied with rope. Use the lighter to burn the rope and take the pushcart.


25. There’s a piece of paper stuck to the pushcart. Remove it. It says:


26. If you examine the faucet, it’s dirty. But you need something to put the chemicals into. Go back to the first room. You now have access to the yellow bag beside the calendar. Open it and read through the notebook. You now know the date for “Independence Day” is the same as the kidnapper’s daughter’s birthday.




27. Go back to the tire we saw in the beginning. Now that you have the birthday (7 from the ransom note and 22 from the calendar), you know Independence Day. So put “7” and “22” in the spaces on the keypad and press enter. Tap it again and you’ll get the tire.



28. Zoom in on the pushcart from your bag. It’s missing some tires. Put the one you just found on it so you only have one left to replace.


29. Go back to the orange shelf. Open the left door and take the small cup to use with the chemicals.


30. Go back to the second room and zoom in on the chemicals above the sink. The order of the chemicals needs to be M, C, K, or Magenta (pink), Cyan (blue), Black. Use the cup on Magenta first, then pour it on the faucet. Then do the same with cyan and then black. Zoom out from the sink, then tap the faucet again and it will be clean. You can now turn on the water!





31. Go back to the firs room. We’re going to get the tire from under the table. First, make sure you’ve seen every message from the bomb, especially about a cable missing. Try using the green cable on it, but it doesn’t work.

32. Look above the table with the pizza. There’s another device. It has a red wire, tap on it, but you can’t take it out. Zoom in on the lock below it, with the shapes. Put them in order from least number of angles to greatest. So circle, triangle, square, star. Press enter and it unlocks.


33. Use the green cord to carefully remove the red cord. Now the green cord is in its place and you have the red cord.


34. Use the red cord on the bomb. Tap the bomb a couple of times to see that it no longer makes any noise.


35. Tap on the tire under the table leg to remove it.


36. Zoom in on the pushcart and place the last tire so it’s now usable.

37. Use the pushcart on the boxes from the first screen (with the calendar). You’ll move some of the boxes, revealing a rusty door and a smaller door. Examine them both. The smaller door has a little door on it, with a puzzle behind. Examine it.

38. Go back to the small room. Zoom in on the circular indentation on the wall. Burn it with the lighter and there’ll be another slate inside. This one has the morning sun on the back.




39. Zoom in on the faucet, turn it on, and go back to the other room.

40. If you’ve done everything so far, you should be able to tap on the pizza now and it will tell you you’re hungry from moving around so much. Lift one of the slices to find another slate. But it’s covered in pizza grease.



41. Go back to the sink and use the water to wash the grease off the slate. Look at the clean slate. It has a sun floating in the sky.


42. Go back to the puzzle behind the small door. Place the three slates in this order:


43. The rusty door is unlocked! Go through and you’re free!


Congratulations, you escaped!


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  1. Lenarda

    This walkthrough is a very quick response! Thank you! It’s easy when you know, what do!

  2. Jan

    Card not available now? Perhaps I’ll start over. I’m in the second room but don’t have the card for opening the do not open box? Anyhow thanks for the twenty green memory clue! That was annoying! 🙂

    1. Michael

      You have to take the card out.

  3. Michael

    I can’t eat the pizza

  4. Ena Rose

    how do i get the measuring cup?

    1. df

      You have to wait until the full message is given at chemical spot.

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