Escape Game: “My Girlfriend and the Cafe”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “My Girlfriend and the Cafe”



1. Zoom out. You can’t interact with anything on this screen besides the door, so turn right. Notice the coat hanging on the wall. Zo in on the left pocket and take the plastic bag.


2. Turn right twice. Tap on the plant on the right to zoom in on the wastebasket and plant (need to be really exact for this or you’ll end up on a different screen). Take the wastebasket.


3. Zoom in on it to see this clue:


4. There’s a shelf above the plant. Tap on it and it tells you it’s too tall to reach. Use the waste basket with it and you’ll stand on it so you can reach it.



5. There’s a keypad with a little icon that looks like the wastebasket. So follow the five sets of arrows you saw inside it. For the first number, press the UP arrow twice, second number press DOWN then UP, third is UP, fourth is DOWN DOWN, and last is UP DOWN UP. Then press ENTER. It should look like this in the end:


6. Open it up and take the glove from inside.


7. Zoom out then turn right twice. Move the right chair of the left table and zoom in on the object under the table. It’s a jar. Tap it to find out that the lid is stuck tight. Use the gloves to loosen it up and take the muddy object from inside.

8. Use the gloves to clean the mud off the object. It’s a mirror shard.

9. Zoom out. While you’re still facing the tables, examine the poster behind the the left chair of the right table. There are Popsicle sticks on it.

10. Turn right and zoom in on the bottom drawer of the dresser. It’s stuck, but there’s a hole on the left side. It’s the same shape as the shard. Place it in the hole and the drawer unlocks.

11. Take the pliers from the drawer. Make sure to also take back the glass shard.

12. Go behind the bar and face the sink. The cabinet. Slow the counter is locked with a chain. Use the pliers to cut the chain. It’s a freezer. Take the green Popsicle from inside.

13. Tap the Popsicle a few times to eat it, revealing the stick. There are some letters. Zoom in on them, then turn it over to see more:



If you look at both sides together, you get:
s a a l p r m d
t r b l y a i


star ball pyramid

14. Turn to the dresser again. Zoom in on the star, circle (ball) and triangle (pyramid). Tap them each a couple of times to see the letter on them. Star is F, ball is p, and pyramid is also p. (You may need to flip the square over as well, but I’m not sure.)

15. Go to the cash register behind the bar. Zoom in on the keypad and type in “Fpp” then press ENTER.

16. Open the drawer and take the screwdriver.

17. The screwdriver tip is bent. Use the pliers to knock it straight.

18. Face the sink. Open the cabinet door under the sink. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the metal plate.

18. Inside is a stopcock. It won’t turn. Use the gloves to turn it. Now you can use the sink.

19. Go back to the screen with the tables. Zoom in on the wooden boards nailed to the wall. Use the screwdriver on the screws to the right and then tap the board to move it.

20. Inside is a notebook. Open it to see a drawing of a water droplet. The other pages are blank.

21. Take the notebook to the sink. Turn on the water. Make sure the notebook is turned to the water droplet page. Run water over it and a clue appears:


22. Turn the page to see this:


23. Now look at the calendar on the left table. The first letters of the months are the same as in the book. But there’s a J, A and M missing.

24. Go to the door behind the bar (with the three stars on it) and type in “JAM” and ENTER.

25. Open the door and go into the office. Use the pliers to cut the wooden board free and take it off the wall.

26. Turn left and look up at the ceiling. There’s a key hanging from a hook but you can’t reach it.

27. Look at the floor. There’s a foothold. Place the board on it. Still not high enough to reach.

28. Place the wastebasket on the board. Now you can reach the key!

29. Take the key and use it to open the top drawer of the desk. Take the marble from the desk.

30. Put the marble on the scale. It will say it’s not enough and it will look like the marble disappeared. The marbles in the drawer might also disappear. But don’t worry, they’re still there.

31. Open the drawer and use the plastic bag on it. It will fill up with all the marbles.

32. Place the bag of marbles on the scale. Then open the little panel on the side of the scale to get a second mirror shard.

33. Use the new glass shard to cut the rope tied to the box hanging from the ceiling.

34. Zoom in on the engraving on the box to see these shapes:


35. Go back to the first room and look at the cards on the right table. Flip each one over to find the images on the back.
The club = 5×7, the coin = 8×8, and the dagger = 1.

36. Type 35641 into the keypad on the box and press ENTER. Take the third glass share from inside.

37. To back to the office. Above the desk is a broken mirror. Place all three glass shards in the appropriate places.

38. Zoom out and the mirror will fall to the desk. Lift it up and there is a painting underneath.

39. The painting looks a little like a tree root. Go back to the first room and zoom in the plant next to the spot where you got here wastebasket. Use the gloves to dig up some of the dirt. Then uproot the plant and you’ll see it resembles the red part of the painting. Tap on it and it opens up, revealing a pen.

40. Use the pliers to take the pen.

41. Open the notebook to the second page. It instructs you to paint on the blank page. Use the pen on that page and a picture of fire appears.

42. To to the stove behind the bar. Turn it on and put the book on the flame. Some words will appear on the pages. The letters “MaiCo” are bolded.

43. Go to the front door and type “MaiCo” in the keypad and press ENTER. The door is unlocked!

Congratulations! You escaped!

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