DOOORS – room escape game: Walkthrough Rooms 1-50

DOOORS – room escape game Rooms 1-50
By 58works



This a walkthrough for anyone who needs help with the room escape game, DOOORS. Please don’t copy it to any other sites, and please link to it if you find it helpful. Thank you.

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Door 1: Tap the door to open it.

Door 2: Tilt your phone left to roll the ball and the door will open.

Door 3: Tilt your phone left. Take the key that was under the ball. Use it to open the door.

Door 4: Pull the handle hanging from the ceiling on the left side. Tap the door when you see the opening, before it closes again.

Door 5: Tap the left-most lamp to lift it up and take the doorknob from underneath. Use the knob on the door to open it.

Door 6: Tap the little glowing light on the left. It’s a light switch. Keep tapping it until all 6 lights above the door turn green. Now you can open the door.

Door 7: Make the circles next to the door match the squares on the door (red = white).


Door 8: Pick up small red thing above the left plant. Select it from your inventory and use it to slide the door left (note the arrow above the door).


Door 9: The left door moves slower than the right door, but never stops. Tap the right door to get it to make one rotation. You need to time it right so the circular cutouts in each door hit the green area at the same time. You also have to tap the door at that exact second for it to open! It just takes trial and error.

Door 10: Shake the screen to put out the fire. Lift up the burnt wood and take the crank from underneath. Then tap the plants on the left a few times to move them. The middle circle on the wall has a space for the crank. Slip it in the hole and then turn it to open the door.


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278 thoughts on “DOOORS – room escape game: Walkthrough Rooms 1-50

    1. iesha

      Why is no one replying for help on 27 with hook and key I’ve been stuck for a month and it won’t catch it bounces and thats it.

    2. Shelly

      My door 27 does not appear on the website and I’m stuck. My 27 has 2 rows of segmented panels on either side of the door. Each segment lights up green when touched. the floor shows black and grey tiles. There are two symbol things on the wall above the door and what looks like 3 recessed lights on the ceiling. Does anyone know how to get through this door.

  1. Shelly

    My door 49 has 2 levers on either side of the door keeping the door closed. There are 2 hooks hanging from chains on either side of the door on which you can hang a bucket (either empty or full of water) and a hooked weight. There is a pool of water in front of the door. When you hang the weight and the bucket on the chains the levers on on the door move so they are no longer touching the door. I have been unable to get the door to open. Can anyone tell me how to open the door.


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