DOOORS – room escape game: Walkthrough Rooms 1-50

DOOORS – room escape game Rooms 1-50
By 58works


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This a walkthrough for anyone who needs help with the room escape game, DOOORS. Please don’t copy it to any other sites, and please link to it if you find it helpful. Thank you.

****Click here for the DOOORS 2 Walkthrough****

***Click here for the DOOORS 3 Walkthrough***

***Click here for the DOOORS 4 Walkthrough***

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****Click here for DOOORS 51+****

Door 1: Tap the door to open it.

Door 2: Tilt your phone left to roll the ball and the door will open.

Door 3: Tilt your phone left. Take the key that was under the ball. Use it to open the door.

Door 4: Pull the handle hanging from the ceiling on the left side. Tap the door when you see the opening, before it closes again.

Door 5: Tap the left-most lamp to lift it up and take the doorknob from underneath. Use the knob on the door to open it.

Door 6: Tap the little glowing light on the left. It’s a light switch. Keep tapping it until all 6 lights above the door turn green. Now you can open the door.

Door 7: Make the circles next to the door match the squares on the door (red = white).


Door 8: Pick up small red thing above the left plant. Select it from your inventory and use it to slide the door left (note the arrow above the door).


Door 9: The left door moves slower than the right door, but never stops. Tap the right door to get it to make one rotation. You need to time it right so the circular cutouts in each door hit the green area at the same time. You also have to tap the door at that exact second for it to open! It just takes trial and error.

Door 10: Shake the screen to put out the fire. Lift up the burnt wood and take the crank from underneath. Then tap the plants on the left a few times to move them. The middle circle on the wall has a space for the crank. Slip it in the hole and then turn it to open the door.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Dave

    DOY! I can’t believe level 24 was THAT easy to solve!

    1. Lollygirl13

      give numbers then –> open the door!

    2. gman

      such an easy game πŸ™‚ the the walkthrough

    3. Michael bro

      Omg I got stuck on the rabbit one i realsed that u had to cut da electricle wire thing

      1. Sam

        I cant solve level 33 rabbit and duck !!!!! I need a help a just cut the wire i didnt unferstand how to continue i tried to slide door right left

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Swipe the door in the direction of the duck or rabbit, in order shown above the door.

          1. Game

            I tried moving the door right left left left left right and I still can not solve 33

          2. Sarah

            I’m stuck on level 19 how do I get the last light to be green

    4. syd

      #24 is hard i don’t get it

    5. Ethan

      How did you do it?

  2. Cynthia

    how do i make the ball double jump???????????

    1. Cynthia

      come on!!!!!i am seriously stuck and there is no video on youtube to help me out

    2. Ann

      Tap it twice! πŸ˜‰

    3. Bri

      Double tap te button

    4. sofresh

      don’t know if you still need this but you just keep pushing the botton really fast and it will end up jumping twice

    5. Nicholas

      when the ball is as high as it goes, tap the button again

    6. Sarah

      Click the button twice

  3. Mairy

    I cant solve level 24. Can anyone help me?

  4. Anomis

    Anyone can help with level 24?

  5. Luukoz

    @cynthia click for example the left button and the left ball jumps. When the ball reaches the highest point click again on the button.

    @mairy and anomis Light the fires with the torch. Pull the handles from right to left and back. If the handles would have numbers it would be like this. 4 3 2 1 2 3 4.

    1. Arturo

      Thanks you saved my life! Hehe I thought it wears more difficult and didn’t understand the walkthrough. Thanks for a good explanation πŸ™‚

    2. Sif

      You look like you know what your doing! How do you set the man on fire in level 16?!?!?! Thank you!!!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You don’t set him on fire. But you can have fun using the torch on him if you’d like. Purely optional.

        1. Loook

          How do u beat level 26 if u only have one chain!?

      2. Jake

        How do you pass level 22?

    3. Inconnu

      I can’t solve Level 24, i don’t understand ! Help me in english much easy, i’m French !

      1. Penelope

        First you Light both fires with the torch. Then pull the rightmost handle, then pull the leftmost handle and continue down to the right one, then back all the way left and back all the way right.

        1. dev

          pull the lever from right to left as given by the arrow (the freezer stops) then put fire on the two stands (door melts) tap it

    4. ~*Ashley*~

      I didn’t get that at all. Still suck on it!:/

  6. Jamilea

    I still can’t do level 20, it’s starting to stress me out, especially as the smoke keeps on getting in the way :/ help??

    1. Penelope

      Level 20 you look only the red color. On the left side don’t do anything so dial the right that reflection of those on the left.

      1. Jesse

        I still can’t do level 20 :/

    2. Ella

      Cynthia your not spost to make the ball jump

    3. Ella

      Time it right then

    4. Noah

      Make sure you slide the door to the right.

  7. Smexy

    Cheers thx I found it really easy

  8. Smexy


  9. Hitchcock

    28 with volume buttons does not work?

    1. Penelope

      Check your sound button. It didn’t mute. Btw you try load this level again.

      1. Smexy Beast

        It still doesnt work?

    2. Lacey

      If you look carefully at the symbols above the “volume bars,” you can make our 2 setc of 2 numbers. The are very tricky to read, but they are there.

  10. CjpageCandy

    Can’t do the second clock on level 34 πŸ™ don’t know what’s wrong with it!!!!!

    1. Penelope

      On level 34 you hold on your iPhone in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock. Just try.

      1. Rae

        On level 34 it doesn’t light green when I tilt it on the second light. Help?

  11. Yeahhh Buddy

    If you can’t get the time stuff right, just make your iPod do 360s and it’ll work. I had the same problem ;P

  12. Penelope

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚ make me passed all those levels easily.

  13. Megan

    On 31 holding my phone upside down is doing nothing. How do I get it to work?

    1. Penelope

      hold you phone upside down continuously until all the lights turn green

    2. Rodrigo

      Do it several times until all lights turn into green.

      1. Bongo

        It’s not working for me, although I am enjoying torturing the man with the flame and the knife.

  14. king

    Wie geht nummer 24

  15. Ken

    Hey I’m having trouble with 25. How do u get past it?

    1. Krille

      Dont forget to count the first one πŸ˜€

  16. Ida

    27 dose not work! Help me!

    1. xyouh

      c’est un code couleur commence par la jaune puis bleu puis rouge enfin vert.. πŸ˜‰

  17. Maya

    Cant figure 28 out. Please explane!

  18. Sarah

    Level 15 won’t let me through even though I’ve done what it’s said .. Help

    1. Anj

      I’m having the same problem. I’ve done it over and over and it won’t let me

  19. Olivia

    I can’t solve number 9.

  20. cosette

    me too! i cant solve door 15!!! helppppp!!!! πŸ™ i have done what it says to move ball left and right and pull on handles respectively but door still no reaction!

    1. vickyc

      for level 15, pull the handles according the arrow from the top one to the bottom one. finally, I did it.

  21. Sofia

    Door 15:
    There is a bomb in the left corner of the screen – tap it and it will pop up in your “supplydock” tap it again and place it in front of the door. Tap the torch and light the bomb, the bomb will explode and leave marks on the sides of the door.
    Now, pull the left handle once, then the right handle once, then the left handle three times, then the right handle two times.

    1. Shema

      I can’t open door 41. I’ve been shaking it for like 5 minutes . Maybe i’m shaking it wrong . PLEEEEASE help .

  22. B

    Please help.. Number 28 doesn’t work!!! Tried the volume button (ringer).

    1. Pal

      I can’t solve it either

  23. Mol

    Stuck with 13 ! Please help !

    1. Karam

      You need to shake the screen and the door will open.Then you will see a cobweb,click the fire and you will see it in your inventory. Once it is there click on it then the cobweb and the door is completely open.

  24. Oli

    You’re a life saver! Great web page thanks! πŸ™‚

  25. Joy

    I still cant get 24. Someone help me me pls the instructions arent clear enough. How do i pull the handle from right to left?

    1. Lucy

      How did you do it ?? I still dont get it );

    2. Liz

      Lets say the left lever is 1, and the following are 2,3, and 4. Light the torches and go 4,3,2,1,2,3,4

  26. Joy

    Ohh nvm got it (:

  27. Deb

    Level 29, I can’t get the volume to work. I’ve turned off mute and done everything I can and it still won’t let me pass. How do I fix it?

  28. Deb

    Level 28, I can’t get the volume to work. I’ve turned off mute and done everything I can and it still won’t let me pass. How do I fix it?

  29. Callum

    Pleas hel me with level 27 it is really anoying

  30. Izzy

    I can’t do level 24

  31. britt

    awesome, def the most amusing game i’ve played in awhile! beat it in under an hour *with help* πŸ™‚

  32. Karam

    I kind of still need help on 15 I don’t understand the part where you pull the handle which handle and how. I have not completed the door yet

  33. Shan

    I really can’t do level 20 … Frustrated. I have turned the dials to match the right to the left and vice versa As each one hasn’t worked. I’ve matched the red colour and every colour…. Grrrrrrr. Help please x

    1. Shan

      Never mind I’ve cracked it… Spoiler….. Right hand side tap the top twice the middle seven times and the bottom four πŸ™‚

  34. Princes

    The machete won’t cut the cable on 33

    1. Twinkle

      Need to cut the power cable to the far right

  35. Kspoons

    level 24 didn’t work for me?

    1. Twinkle

      Light the candles using the torch and pull the cables left to right and back again, if each handle had a number 1 being the far left and far right being 4, it would go 4,3,2,1,2,3,4

      1. Darren

        Your explanation was by far the easiest to understand! Thanks for taking the time to post!

  36. Rae

    Level 34 isn’t working. The second light won’t go green! Help!

    1. Sammy

      SAME! Anyone help please? πŸ™ on 34 when I tilt my iPhone it won’t go green! I tried for like 5 minutes! PLEASE HELP!

  37. Xxxdancer

    Umm 26 doesnt work for me, I move the ladder but how do I get the chain!?
    -sencerily yours ,
    Immatotalgeek! -_-

    1. Rachel lol

      Click the chain

    2. Someone

      Yea ik I can’t get the other chain either I’ve only got one chain!

  38. Danielle

    I can’t do 28 πŸ™ helppppp

  39. Nathan

    I need help on level 33. On mine I have a duck and a rabbit?

  40. Steff

    I did what it says on 22 but the door still doesnt open!!! πŸ™

  41. Rafe

    Help me!!! At level 28, I can’t do it! I’ve tried turning the volume up,down, and then Down and up. I’ve tried muting and it does’nt work! Anyone help me. From, Rafe

  42. lauran

    Help I don’t where to get the machete on level 29

  43. Sammy

    @lauran it’s at the bottom right u can only see the handle but it’s there:)

  44. ca

    the 17th door.. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense.. E and T with 11 and 7?

    1. Joel59

      ca, E has 11 blocks in it and T has t blocks in it

  45. Teresa

    For ppl that are having trouble with number 24 pull the handle all the way on the right and then continue all the way to the left once you get to the left DONT pull the left one twice, just continue down to the right so by the end you have only pulled on the strings a total of 7 times

    If strings were numbered
    From left to right
    1234 are the strings so pull 4,3,2,1,2,3,4

  46. Anno!

    I can’t get 24!! Help!

  47. Emily

    I can’t get the knife to cut the cables on level 33!!!! Someone please help me!!!!!!!

  48. Asasinator50

    I beat it! Its so easy

    1. Loook

      Do you beat level 26 then!

  49. Hunter123

    I cant do level 15 somebody help !!!

  50. El senior

    How do u get past level 26 the second chain is not there for me at all

  51. roshie548

    IT WONT LET ME THROUGH #21. (how do u make it half and half water?

  52. Og Guido

    Pisses me off when i play this game haha

  53. Amy

    Hi I just finished the game in 1 hour! It was my first time too!!! Thanks to you!!! πŸ™‚ I’m telling ALL my friends!!!

  54. jasmine

    level 20 is streesn me…i cnt get passed this level..somebody help me??

  55. Aaron

    I only have one chain on level 26.

  56. Karen

    I can’t tilt my phone right for door 34 ughhh!

  57. Amber

    I cant get through number 20,i mean really someone help me out here! thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Natalie

      OMG! That one was so easy!

  58. Natalie

    This helped me so much.

  59. Loook

    There is only on chain on level 26!!

  60. David

    25 was the hardest. Reason being I can’t read japaneese!!

  61. Dooorsbeater

    I have beaten the whole game, but I am still wondering, ‘Is there a ‘online’ game of this?’. Please, if there isn’t, I think it is a splendid idea to create one.

    Thank you!

  62. Natalie

    What website did you make this with? OMG! so cooooooooooooooooooool.

  63. Vanessa

    ahhhh!!!! im stuck on door 15!! ive done everything in this handy cheat!! wouldnt have been able to figure out door 8 with out it !!! hahaha πŸ™‚

  64. Megan

    Urh I am stuck on level 24 someone HELP!!

  65. charles

    24 ia easy i didnt even have 2 use that walkthrough..

  66. Emma

    Door 15 doesn’t open when i do the walkthrue!

  67. Jake

    I dont understand how to solve 34 I tilt my phone but nothing happens. Plz help!

  68. Rapha

    Please can someone explain door 27 with more details? Thanks in advance!

  69. Jenn

    There will be a red, blue, yellow and green balls drop onto the floor at the beginning. You touch it with your finger and slide it over to the lower part of the door. The bottom part of the door had a rectangle with teeth. The door eats each of the colored balls when you slide them over to it. You have to put them in order this order, yellow, blue, red, green. There is 1 yellow, the sun, there are 2 blues, the flowers, there are 3 reds, the flowers and there are 4 greens, the leaves. Once you put them in this correct order, again that is, yellow, blue, red, green, the door will slide open for you. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  70. Jenn

    On 15 I’m not sure why they mention this whole moving the ball thing. If you look in the bottom left corner of the screen there is a little black circular shape. Tap that. It’s a bomb. Select it and tap in front of the door. Now take the fire and tap the bomb. It will ignite and, BOOM πŸ™‚ now there is a sequence on the left and the right side of the door. There is a chain hanging on the left and a chain hanging on the right. the order to pull the chains, are the arrows. It goes, left, right left left left right right. You tap the chains in this order, with no long breaks in between and tap the door! πŸ™‚

  71. Jenn

    On 34, you are actually rotating your phone. The top of your phone is “north” or “12 o’clock”. your actually rotating the whole phone, not just tilting it. you rotate your phone to “9 o’clock”, then “5 o’clock”, then 10 o’clock then 6 o clock (here your phone is upside down with the top pointing to the floor), then back up to the orginal position of 12 o’clock. the motion your rotating in is just like a hand on a clock. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  72. Sarah

    Thanks for help with the game !!!

  73. Feugo

    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee help with 28! It wont work for me!

  74. Noah

    I can’t do level 23…

  75. Diya

    How to solve level26 if we have only one chain?
    Plz help me I got stuck πŸ™

    1. Libby

      Figured it out the chain is at the top of the screen in the corner for door 26

  76. naz

    iam not able to solve this game 22

  77. Diya

    Door number 26 plz help me to solve it….

  78. Varonica

    On level 24 the left most string is only pulled once.

  79. Diya

    Hey naz first place that orange ball in empty circle, then as there are red circles on both the sides, you have to change the color of right side circles into yellow, purple and red and on left side Red, yellow and green…
    Hope u got what I wrote Lolz
    Cheers πŸ™‚

  80. Ana

    Level 29 I am using an iPad and it doesn’t seem to work ?

  81. Linzy

    Thank you so much I wouldn’t of been able to pass some of those levels without some sort of help. I know you should make a section where it has hints for those who don’t want the full answer.

  82. Popo

    I can’t do level 34?

  83. Libby

    How do u do level 26 theres only 1 chain

  84. Karen Thoe

    I need help wid level 20

    1. Harleigh

      Move the ladder to the left and then click the chain above it. That brings it down.

  85. Bethany

    How the heck do you do 23?! It’s notthe same as before when they posted it up here!

  86. lucyj

    is there any other way of doing level 28 my volume buttons are stuck and don’t moove πŸ™

  87. netta

    i didn’t get an update i completed level 25 and can’t move on

  88. PPP;


  89. Bob

    Can you get cheats 39

  90. Ashley

    PLEASE GET A CHEAT FOR LEVEL 39!!!! Im stuck πŸ™

  91. Kelli

    39. Click on biggest to smallest according to the color on the door.
    Red green yellow blue

  92. Diana

    Alright stuck one the first new door 36. Ugh I tried tilting and bouncing … Nothing

  93. Diana

    Haha so figured that one out now stuck on 50

  94. Carlos

    Hey Diana, can you tell what you did on 36. thanks.

    1. Diana

      Push the wall where the two arrows would meet.

  95. Lidija

    Stuck on 50! Rrrr!

  96. Meagan

    Stuck on 41!!! Please tell me how to do it!!!

  97. Devon

    How do you solve level 41? I’m seriously stuck.

  98. Jess

    Level 50: Just make 50 dots green

    1. Diana

      And then what? That was the first thingies did and the door doesn’t open

      1. Jess

        Are you sure it was exactly 50? There should only be two rows of dots that are left white.

        Then tap on the door and it’ll open

  99. Sandra

    Level 41 shake your phone untill every dott is green.
    Shake like a human head

  100. dee

    how do u pass level 43?

    1. maleficent

      for lever 43, lay down your ph to the left alittle, you will see bucket. under that, there’s remote control for TV. then swith on the TV you will get hints

    2. Diana

      Enter the numbers that the dots on the screen trace.

  101. Pal

    Can’t solve Lvl 28 either. Followed the guideline already…

  102. Paige Starkey

    How do you do level 41 I’m stuck

    1. Itch

      Use the match/torch, touch the body with it…. But mine doesn’t work (and it should)

  103. letty

    I’m on the tenth dooor and for some reason I can’t put out the fire what’s going on

  104. tasha

    Can’t he off 20 floor even with the walkthrough. HELP PLEASE !!

  105. sandie

    Can someone please explain how to beat level 28 ive tried everything !

  106. jessica

    Omg mii door 28 looks nothing like this one ii can’t get it at all please help

      1. na

        My level 28 is different also. There are 6 dots. Three on either side if the door. You oress them and they turn green but will go out if you turn all six green. It’s a pain in the butt

        1. Jess

          So if 28 is not the same as what this site says, and has the dots and the weird lines, you have to light the dots in the motion of the line. So the bottom left, top left, bottom right, top right, middle right, middle left. Then the bar turns green and you continue on.

  107. Alexis

    My level 28 is different than the one on thia walk through. HELP!!!

  108. Celina :)

    This walkthrough saved me! Thank god. If it wasn’t for this, I’d still be stuck in the beginning! πŸ™‚

  109. Kat

    My level 28 is completely different as well! I have no idea how to get past it!

  110. mohamed maaliki

    my level 28 is not like here

  111. Melissa

    I really need help on level 20 ! I’m just completly stuck !

  112. natalie

    level 28 all u do is follow the pattern above the door but do it backwards

    1. kel

      i am… but its not opening.. do i do it on the side of the pic or trace it or the circles..

    2. sandra

      Thank you.

  113. kel

    my level 28 is different!

  114. shakishuki

    love this game.,i cant solve this w/o a cheat.,haha.,:-D

  115. Shauna

    Thank you so much for this site! Plain English for someone like me to understand πŸ™‚ Thanks again!!!!

  116. MrSwagz

    I’m such a cheater… >:D

  117. lipz

    Omfg im stuck on level 41 i shook mi phone all different ways n it still wont work plz help!!!!!!

  118. Cj

    I had to cheat on a few. Great game!

  119. Jordan

    None of the tilt levels are working on my tablet or my friends . When you hold it up right it thinks it tilted to the right side.

  120. kc

    thanks… been stuck with lv 24 from day one to this day, 7 days in the making… i almost wanted to delete the game… thanks again…

  121. Martin

    Been stuck on Door 41 for weeks now no amount of shaking will change the lights green. A guy on Youtube did it in 5 seconds must be a device problem.

  122. carly

    my level 28 is way different. Anyone know how to do the 28 that has 3 dots on both sides of the door with a wierd design above the door??

    1. sandra

      I have the same as you Carly. cant figure it. out

    2. sandra

      Follow pattern above the door but do it backwards.

  123. sandra

    Why have i a totally different puzzle on door 28. Need help please im completly stuck. thanks

  124. Tati :)


    1. Kendra

      me 2

    2. Rachele

      Its simple. Just look at the pattern above the door. Start with the thinnest part of the line and follow by clicking the dots in that order. bottom left, top left bottom right, top right far right, far left.

  125. Mariah

    Bottom left top left bottom right top right center right center left. This is the pattern to use for 28.

  126. cat

    level 28 is different in my phone!!!!!:-O

  127. Keren

    I can’t open door 24 plezz help me I’m from Israel and I’m grade 7 I’m speak English wel and I’m not Andersen if sameon can rode in Hebrew its very help me tenk you all any way!…

  128. Apeksha

    Has anybody able to solve level no. 84….if yes pls help me…it’s becoming too boring since I m trying from last three days to solve it….

  129. Shy shy

    New update came in and I’m stuck on level 58! Please some one help!

  130. Cathy M

    I have tried to figure out door 58 for the past couple days. Please help

  131. Ittelos

    Thats an Easy One: Switch on the onces which stand for the Big Bear which exists out of 7 stars.

    1. Chris

      Which buttons are the 7 stars? I can’t get the right shape to unlock the door and I’ve looked it up and still no luck.

  132. DeniseMarie

    Ittelos – I think you mean the Big Dipper, the Big Bear has a lot more than 7 stars in it….

  133. Nyaa

    Help!!! Level 59!!! What nail do we hammer in? I get the part whereby we shoot the boards down but what do we do about the white nails?

  134. Nyaa

    Oh then afterwards, shoot the balloon then?

  135. Nyaa

    Sorry it is level 60… X(

    1. Biggie

      Level 60 is greater than less than

  136. β•¬Γ΄β”œβ•’β”œβ”Ξ“ΓΆΒ£β”œΓ­β•¬Γ΄β”œβ–“β”¬ΒΌΞ“ΓΆΒΌβ”œΒ‘β•¬Γ΄β”œβ–“β”¬ΒΌβ•¬Γ΄β”œβ•’β”œβŒβ•¬Γ΄β”œβ•’β”œβ”Ξ“ΓΆΒ£β”œΓ¦/mohsen

    Kheyli aly bod.

  137. Kayz462

    How do u open door 58 on dooors

  138. Nyaa

    Press the button for the constellations of the big dipper… For level 58.

  139. Kayz462

    I did that n it didn’t open

  140. Kayz462

    I tried everything for 58 n it won’t open. N I no the big dipper is 7 stars. So I tried the 7 sisters n everything I can think of. Can some tell me which 7 buttons work

  141. Biggie

    Level 58 leave these listed white, top left, top centre, 2nd bottom left, bottom right

  142. Nyaa

    Ok done thanks!!!

  143. Kayz462

    Man I was so close idk how I missed that. Ty

  144. Wilsby

    I need major help on level 57!!

    1. Brenda

      Use the match to light the grass on fire then pick up the gun thats on the bottom right and use the gun to shoot 3 times at the top of the plank where the lil gray thing is at and u should be able to open the door once the plank goes down

  145. Kaitlyn

    Need help on level number 55 ! I used the black light and saw the drawings but I’m so confused!!!

    1. Nyaa

      Level 55 is look at the picture, see the arrow of the picture. Up and down then move the ‘hammer’ accordingly.

  146. Blade

    I’m stuck on Door 58. I see the star and stairs. But I have no clue on to what pattern to punch? Please help?

    1. Burchellmama

      Only leave top left, bottom left, top center and bottom right white.. All others need to be green… Hope it helps

  147. Burchellmama

    Sooooo lost on 60, understand less than greater than.. But still not getting it!!! Someone please help!!!!!!

    1. Bris

      Second 1 hummer, third 2 hummer, forth 1 hummer, fifth 1 hummer. First and sixth no hummer.

    2. Nyaa

      First, shoot the balloons then shoot the plates on the door. Third, hammer the nails in so that the greater, lesser and equal sign fits. You hit the the nails, none, once, twice, once, once, none.

    3. tadahtwo

      Can u help me w 58? So lost…

  148. jaws

    Level 31, no matter how long i turn my tablet upside down for, the lights stay red…..grrrr plz help

  149. larry garcia

    I cant past level 43 pls help

    1. tadahtwo

      Door 43. Set the bucket on fire, point n click the remote at the phone. The dots trace the numbers 2 and 7. Enter them n the boxes respectively. Help w 58 wld b great…please.

  150. roshi

    duudeee..!you’re cool..thanks alot..

  151. Carol

    I’m stuck on door 51, help please

    1. tadahtwo

      Grab the pole then attach it to the hook on the left side of the screen. Open the door. Good luck!

  152. tadahtwo

    Still stuck on 58…bummer.

  153. Chris

    The 7 star refers to Astronomy and the 7 stars that make the Big Dipper. Try drawing the big dipper with green dots from left to right.

  154. Steve sims

    Stuck on door 62 any ideas, looks simple but can’t seem to get it

    1. Kayla s

      You have to hit the buttons quickly so that they are all lite up at once and then hit the door

  155. Wsp

    71 help please

  156. Michelle

    I can’t get level 62 either!! Any ideas??

  157. Kayla s

    Door 64 help please

    1. Nyaa

      Level 64: turn your phone upside down an you’ll see the ball go up. Then you use the hammer to hit the tiles on the floor that are symmetrical to the tiles on the wall.
      Help with level 66 please…

      1. Wsp


      2. Wsp

        Level 66 *and# help with 71

        1. Kayla s

          Level 71.
          The slowest to fastest bike. Blue, black, white, red

  158. neel

    help with door no 70 plss

  159. rafael

    Can some one help with level s1?

    1. Kayla s

      How do you solve 70

  160. Nyaa

    Level 70:
    First you shoot the white board screwed off. Then on your left, it’s a right angle triangle so the angle is 45 degree so at the bottom, change it to 4 and 5. Then the triangle on the left is an equilateral triangle so the angle is 60 degree so change the numbers to 6 and 0.

  161. Gigi

    Mayday razina 62 fuking β•¬Γ΄β”œβ•’Ξ“Γ²Β₯⃜¡it,kako kakoooo?

  162. Kayla s

    Help with 72 please

    1. bahareh

      level 72:
      tapping 2white sections of floor quickly by 2 hands, untill to fill the………

  163. Kayla s

    Can someone please help me with 73? I have no idea what to do

    1. bahareh

      hi kayla.level 73:
      complete the rocket by that white thing!and then fire!!! then turn the bottom side 4 –> (hide in square)
      sorry, my english language is bad! πŸ˜‰

  164. Steve sims

    Hi guys any ideas with door 69? It may be simple but my brain is missing it somewhere, thanks

  165. albert

    i just want to know the game “doors 2” all the solutions, on some levels I am a bit confuse! thanks

  166. albert

    hi again! even a little hard to play doors 2 you have to try it

  167. Mohamad Motamedi


  168. Hoseon

    Very easy…..

  169. breanna

    I can do level 34

  170. behnam

    Help me on level 58, it is letting me down

    1. jairaj

      hi behnam

      please reply as how you solved 31

    2. dev

      big dipper is a constillation search google for it and think the lights as stars

  171. jairaj

    help me out in level 31 stuck to solve it finally entered this website
    i have tried doing it upside we need to do it continously

    1. dev

      yes you have to keep it upside down till the door opens atomatically

  172. jairaj

    plwase help me with door 31 tried several times to do upside down but no t solved

  173. saraii

    So I’m stuck on door 8 but it looks like mine isn’t the same as the walkthrough!!! Its a door with the numbers 9(bottom left) 2(bottom right) 5 (top right) and 7 (top left). I know I’m supposed to type a code in but the only clue it gives me is ?<?<?<? Above the door :\ PLEASE HELLLLPPPP!!!!!

    1. dev

      i have done all the levels upto 80 so you can ask me any of the anwers

  174. Chasity vann

    I can’t get through level 50 I need help PLEASE!!!!!!!

    1. bahareh

      u shoud fill 50 lights from right to left πŸ™‚

  175. Amber

    Thanks for this

  176. dev

    i can anwer any of the rooms
    upto 80

    1. iesha

      Why is no one replying for help on 27 with hook and key I’ve been stuck for a month and it won’t catch it bounces and thats it.

    2. Shelly

      My door 27 does not appear on the website and I’m stuck. My 27 has 2 rows of segmented panels on either side of the door. Each segment lights up green when touched. the floor shows black and grey tiles. There are two symbol things on the wall above the door and what looks like 3 recessed lights on the ceiling. Does anyone know how to get through this door.

  177. Ryan

    I can’t do levle 22

  178. Shelly

    Found the answer

  179. Shelly

    My door 49 has 2 levers on either side of the door keeping the door closed. There are 2 hooks hanging from chains on either side of the door on which you can hang a bucket (either empty or full of water) and a hooked weight. There is a pool of water in front of the door. When you hang the weight and the bucket on the chains the levers on on the door move so they are no longer touching the door. I have been unable to get the door to open. Can anyone tell me how to open the door.

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