Escape Game: “An Evening of Envy”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “An Evening of Envy”


1. Turn right and open the glass doors of the armoire to reveal some tea cups. Lift up the second from the right on the bottom shelf to find a battery. Take it.

2. Zoom out and tap on the wine bottles next to the stove. Move the one on the left to find a battery being charged. Take it.

3. Look on the wall to the right of the oven to find a flashlight. Take it.

4. Take the battery out of the charger. Open the end of the flashlight and place both batteries in, then flip the switch on. You now have a working flashlight!

5. Turn left and face the fridge. Open the drawer on the bottom, which is the freezer. Make sure the flashlight is turned on and use it to light up the freezer.

6. Take the ice cube from the freezer.

7. Zoom out and turn left. Tap on the left side of the counter so you’re facing the sink. Place the ice in the sink. Tap on it. It’s too cold for it to melt naturally, so walk away.

8. Turn to the other side of the sink so you see some books. Open the brown scrapbook. Turn the pages to find a memo. Take it.

9. Open the cabinet door to the right of the books. Use the flashlight to see inside and take the electric water boiler.

10. Turn to face the stove again. Tap the upper right corner of the screen so you can look at the ceiling. There are some balloons there. Try to take the red one but it’s too high to reach.

11. Zoom out and then tap on the ventilation fan above the stove. Flip the switch and the fan will go on. Look at the ceiling again and you can reach the balloon. Take it.

12. Examine the balloon. Turn it around to see the letters TYJ.

13. Face the sink again. Zoom in on the drawer to the left. Type in TYJ on the keypad and press ENTER. Open it up and take the fork.

14. Pop the balloon with the fork to get a transparent plate.

15. Turn left to the ace the windows. Zoom in on the potted plant closest to you. There’s a bulge in the soil. Use the fork to dig out a small box.

16. Combine the memo you found with the transparent plate. Together they form an arrow.

17. Remember where the tip of the arrow is pointing. Look at the box you just found and tap that spot (lower left corner) and it will unlock. Open it to get a cord.

18. Turn to the stove. Plug the cord into the outlet between the two wine bottles.

19. Open the lid of the electric boiler. Face the sink and turn on the faucet. Fill the boiler with water. Then plug it in to the cord.

20. Walk around a bit and tap on things. Come back and the water should be hot. Take the boiler from the counter and walk over to the sink.

21. Pour the water in the sink to melt the ice cube. You’ll find a hex wrench inside. Take it.

22. Use the he’d wrench to open the right drawer below the sink. Inside is a small bath bomb. Take it.

23. Fill the boiler up again and plug it in. Walk around like last time until it’s ready. Then take it and put the bath bomb into the boiler.

24. The bomb dissolves, but it’s too hot to reach in. Pour the water into the sink. The you can reach inside the boiler and take the key.

25. Turn to the screen with the fridge again. Zoom in on the book shelf. Move some books over to reveal a switch. Use the key and then flip the switch on. Now the windmills are working and the power is on (you might need to look out the windows at the windmills for this to work).

26. To the left of the fridge, there’s another room but it’s too dark. There’s a light switch to the right of the door. Flip it and now you can enter that room.

27. Zoom in on the bookshelf and take the blue book that’s crooked. Open it up. The pages go backwards, so tap on the left side of the book to get to the other pages. At the end you’ll see some strange symbols:

28. Place the he’d wrench on the symbols to get this:


29. It looks like “apys”.


30. Go back to the main room and zoom in on the keypad of the front door (right of the fridge). Type in “apys” on the keypad and ENTER.

Congratulations! You escaped!

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