Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Walkthrough

Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
By Revolution Software Limited

This is a walkthrough for the iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC game. Please bear with me as it’s a work in progress. Should be complete with screenshots in a day or two.

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Oubier’s Room:

1. There’s a block of wood under the corner of the bookcase. Kick it out from under to knock the bookcase over, squashing the spider.

2. There’s a hook on the wall that was holding the bookcase up. It’s got a jagged edge, so use it to cut the ropes binding your hands together.

3. Walk left. Open the writing desk and pick up the bottle of tequila. You’ll drink from it and spit it out.

4. Open the drawer of the writing desk and take out a small pot. Examine the pot to find a key.

5. Now the worm from the tequila bottle is on the floor. Take it.

6. Pick up the dart off the floor.

7. Pick up the handbag off the floor. There are several items in it that will now be added to your inventory.

8. Walk left. There’s a seltzer bottle on the dresser but there’s no pressure.

9. The cabinets are locked. Drag the dart to the keyhole to open it.

10. Inside is a cylinder, but it’s too hot to touch with your bare hands. Use the panties in your bag to pick it up.

11. Place the cylinder in the seltzer bottle. Now you have a fire extinguisher!

12. Use the seltzer bottle on the fire to put it out.

13. Kick open the door and walk into the hallway.

Oubier’s Hall:

1. Go over to the desk. The phone is useless to you right now. But take the piece of paper off the desk. It’s a newspaper clipping.

2. Open your bag and examine the newspaper clipping. Inside is Oubier’s bank statement.

3. Examine the note that was in Nico’s bag. It’s from Andre Lobineau. It says that the “exotic Lingerie” was a gift from him and also gives his phone number.

4. Now you can use the phone to dial Lobineau. He says he’ll meet you at the cafe at Montfaucon.

5. Use the key on the front door (the left one) and exit the house.



1. Sit down and start talking to the man next to you. Talk to him about everything you can.

2. Try talking to the waiter when he comes out. He’ll ignore you. Talk to him again. Eventually he’ll talk to you and tell you he’ll serve you when he’s finished with the other gentleman.

3. The waiter will come out with your cup of coffee. Try to take the flask from the man sitting next to you. The game will tell you that you can’t because he’s still looking.

4. Talk to the waiter and learn everything you can from him. He tells you the flask contains absinthe.

5. Lobineau will now arrive and sit next to you. He’ll show you a stone. Learn as much as you can from him before he leaves.

6. Talk to the gentleman next to you again. Ask him about himself and he’ll cover his face with his hands. Take the flask now since he’s not looking. Finish talking to him as much as he’ll let you.

7. Tap on the column to the right, above the poster. You’ll now have two choice where to go. Choose the second one, the Glease Gallery.

Glease Gallery:

1. You can talk to the girls, but they just giggle. Also, look at all the artwork if you’d like. But the main thing is to talk to the fat guy drinking wine. Make sure you show him your pot and he’ll drop it.

2. Talk to the other man standing there. He owns the gallery. Exhaust all your options, then go back to the fat man. Pour some absinthe from the flask into his glass. He’ll get all woozy. Pour some more in and he’ll collapse, crashing into one of the display cases.

3. Now that the owner is distracted, you can explore the gallery. Walk left behind the desk and examine the case. There is nothing in it, but there is a label on the side of it. Take it and look at it. It turns out Oubier was involved with the thugs who kidnapped Nico. Time to go to Marseilles!




1. Walk up to the window of the security hut. Talk to the guard and get as much information from him as you can.

2. Walk down the stairs next to the hut.

3. Take the stick that’s floating in the water.

4. Walk left, under the hut. Use the boat hook to take the bottle floating in the water.

5. (Optional) There’s a hole in the bottom of the hut. You can climb up and explore the hut if you’d like. Talking to the security guard will make him fart and you’ll fall.

6. Go back up the stairs. Try to touch the metal pipe on the hut, which is a chimney. It’s too hot to touch. Pour the cold water from the bottle onto it and try again. Now you can take the cone from the chimney.

7. Put the empty bottle over the chimney hole and the hut will fill with smoke, causing the guard to run out.

8. Go back down the stairs and through the trap door into the hut again. Take the box of dog biscuits and a piece of coal from the bucket.

9. Go back out through the trap door and use the dog biscuits on the platform near the dog. Then, when the dog is on the platform, use the boat hook on the platform to pull it out from under the dog. Watch the dog swim!

10. Go back up the stairs and climb the left side of the fence.


Warehouse, Exterior:

1. Walk left to the last door you see. There’s a grill on it. Try to interact with the door and George will knock on it. No one will hear it.

2. Walk left a bit to see a ladder. Climb up it.

3. Examine the fan next to the first window. Open the window and look inside. Use the boat hook on the fan to stop it.

4. Go back outside and walk down the ladder. Knock on the door again. The man who kidnapped Nico will come to the door. Ask him about the label and he’ll tell you he’s coming out.

5. Go back up the ladder before he comes out. There’s a barrel clamp to the right. Use it to send a barrel rolling across the street once the man is outside.

6. The man will go over to inspect the fallen barrel. While he’s there, quickly use the clamp to send another barrel to hit him in the back and push him flat on his face.

7. Go down the ladder and walk through the door. George will lock the door once he’s inside.


Warehouse, Interior:

1. Open the drawers of the desk to find a small brass key.

2. Examine the bulletin board for some information.

3. Tap on the box that’s sticking out from the rest. A man will appear from behind it. He wants to tell you something.

4. Talk to him and ask him about the key. He’ll come out from hiding and show you that he’s manacled. You’ll then use the key to unlock the cuffs and he’ll scurry away to hide again.

5. Walk over to the elevator on the right. Press the button and walk inside.


Warehouse, Upstairs:

1. When you get upstairs, George will block the light from the elevator to keep the doors from closing. You need to find something to place on the photoelectric cell so you can explore without the doors closing. Use the crate near the elevator to do this.

2. There is a switch on the right side of the elevator that’s easy to miss. It’s a light switch. Press it and a light goes on in the left side of the room.

3. Go to where the light is on and examine the scratches on the floor. It turns out it was caused by a door opening. Examine the wall to find a groove to open it. Now you can get into he secret room!

Warehouse, Secret Room:

1. Pick up the small statue on the ground.

2. Untie Nico’s hands and take the rope.

3. Nico will throw the tape from her mouth onto the floor. Pick it up.

4. Follow Nico outside the room.

Warehouse, Upstairs:

1. Talk to Nico and find out what she knows about everything and everyone.

2. Use the tape on the photoelectric cell of the elevator. Then move the crate away from the elevator.

3. Move the crate that’s on top of the other crate (it has a live animal inside it, apparently) over to the crate you just moved.

4. Move the crate near the pallet carrier so you have room to use the handle.

5. Push on the handle until the pallet carrier rises six inches off the ground. Then tie one end of the rope to the statue and the other end to the pulley.

6. Press the handle of the pallet carrier again to lower it. Now the statue is hanging there.

7. Try to push the statue. You can’t do it alone, so talk to Nico and ask her to help. Together, George and Nico will push the statue through the door, giving you a way to escape. Walk through the door.

Warehouse, Exterior:

1. Use the manacles to slide down the cable to the left. George and Nico will land in the water. There will be some cut scenes in Paris and then they’ll go to Quaramonte.




1. Talk to all the locals and get as much information from them as you can. If you show them the small statue, they’ll be scared and refuse to talk to you anymore.

2. Talk to the band. Get as much information from them as you can. Their bandmate, Miguel, was arrested.

3. Talk to Pearl, who’s to the right of the band. Get as much info from her as you can.

4. Go up the stairs of the building behind the band. You’ll enter an office.


1. Talk to Conchita and learn what you can.

2. Talk to the half-naked man to the left and the other secretaries if you feel like it. Then exit the building.

3. Enter the police station, which is by Pearl.

Police Station:

1. Talk to both the General and Renaldo and find out everything they know.

2. Leave the police station.


1. George and Nico will start talking. Discuss as much as you want.

2. Nicole will walk off on her own. As George, walk right a bit and talk to Oubier. Find out what he knows.

3. Talk to Duane. Find out out what he knows.

4. Talk to the man to the right of Duane. Then talk to Pearl again. Oubier should be gone by now, so Duane will tell you more if you talk to him.

5. Look through the windows of the police station to find Miguel, the musician, asleep in the cell floor.

6. Go inside the police station to question Renaldo about Miguel.

7. Try to view the chart on the wall. The General will stop you. Ask him about it.

8. Walk back out and go back to the mining office.

9. Talk to Conchita. She’ll tell you there’s a detonator in the closet behind her. Walk back out and talk to Nico.

10. Ask Nico about the chart and she’ll go in with you to distract the General while you look at it.

11. Talk to the General about Nico. He’ll agree to go with her for an interview.

12. Now you need to get rid of Renaldo. Talk to him and he’ll agree to take your friend to visit the ruins. To outside and talk to Pearl about the ruins. She’ll go into the police station with you and convince Renaldo to give her the tour. Now the police station is empty.

13. Examine the chart on the wall.

14. Go behind the glass to the jail cells and talk to Miguel. Then exit the police station and go back to the office.

15. Talk to Conchita. She’ll agree that the the General is up to no good and allow you to take a detonator. Go to the closet and take one. Then leave the office.

16. Talk to Duane and give him to detonator. He’ll tell you to go warn Miguel that the cavalry’s coming.

17. Walk back to the cells and talk to Miguel. Renaldo will show up and lock you in a cell. Now it’s up to Nico.

General’s Apartment:

1. As Nico, examine the TV, lava lamp and swordfish. Talk to the General about them.

2. Examine the framed photo on the wall. Ask the General about it and his mother will storm in! Watch the cutscenes and you’ll be back in the cell with George.

Jail Cell:

1. Duane’s fertilizer wasn’t the explosive kind. So you need to find another way out of the cell. There’s a noose in Miguel’s cell but you can’t reach it. Ask him to hand it to you. Now you have a rope.

2. Tie the rope to the bars in the window. Hand the other end to Duane and he’ll tie it to his car and drive. Watch the cut scenes as they’re broken out and escape by boat.




1. George wakes up alone near a treehouse.

2. Take the vine from the washing machine looks like a wheel).

3. Walk left and pick up the cross from under the treehouse. There’s a press made of two stones to the left. You can use the cross to turn only one stone right now. Tie the vine to the stones so they turn together. You can try it out of you’d like, by picking up the cross and using it with the press.

4. There are some wet leaves to the right of the treehouse. Use the bank statement on them.

5. Use the small statue (fetish) with the waterwheel. It was cause sparks to fall on the wet leaves and bank statement, creating a fire.

6. The smoke from the fire draws the priest out from the treehouse. George puts it out and the priest lowers the ladder and comes down. It sounds like the priest found Nico!

7. Talk to the priest. He’ll tell you that Nico was bitten by a snake. You need to go to the village and ask about a specific kind of root, but the priest won’t go with a creased collar. So you have to press it for him.

8. Place the collar on the press. Use the cross on the press, then pick the pressed collar up off the ground.

9. Hand the collar to Father Hubert and talk to him. Convince him to take you to the village.


1. Talk to the guards at the village. They’ll tell you the shaman requires a tribute, or gift, in order to see him.

2. Give them the dog biscuits and, believe it or not, the shaman liked them! But he wants more!

3. Put the Mayan stone in the empty biscuit box and hand it to the guard. He’ll take it to the shaman and the shaman will want to see you.

4. Walk into the village. Talk to the shaman. Ask him for the root and he’ll make you listen to a story about the evil god Tezcatlipoca and how you need the three stones to defeat him. Get as much information as you can out of him and then ask for the root. You’ll stay they night and sneak back to the treehouse in the morning.


1. You can go up to the treehouse and try to give the root to Nico, but she won’t be able to chew it. So place the root on the press. Put the cone under the press, then use the cross to press the root. You’ll now have the antidote.

2. Take the cone up to the treehouse and feed the antidote to Nico. She’s already feeling better. You’ll split up and look for the other two stones.

Ketch’s Landing:


1. As George, you’re looking for the Eagle stone. Talk to the guy standing around. His name’s Bronson. Try to steal a look at his plans, but he’ll stop you.

2. Look through his theodolite to see something glimmering on the building above.

3. Walk right onto the dock and talk to Rio. Find out everything he knows. He tells you about the museum.

4. Walk up the stairs to the museum.

Ketch Museum:

1. Extend the ladder and try to climb up it. The ladies will stop you. If you talk to the cat it will scratch you. Talk to the ladies. Find out everything they know. They watch over a girl named Emily.

2. Try to open the door to the museum. The ladies will stop you. Ask them about the cat and trick them into thinking Emily is hanging out with Rio. They’ll go down to check, but you still can’t get into the museum.

3. Go back downstairs.



1. Talk to Rio again. Find out what he knows. Ask him for a fish. He wants something in return, so offer him the tequila worm. He’ll accept it, but it’ll take some time to catch the fish. Keep asking him about the fish. Eventually he’ll catch something, but it’s a rust bicycle. Take the inner tube from the bike and ask Rio to still catch you a fish.

2. Walk back up the stairs to the museum.

3. Walk up the ladder and tie the inner tube to the right flagpole. Then go back down to the beach.

4. Talk to Rio again and he’ll give you the fish he caught.

5. Go back up to the museum and tie the fish to the inner tube. The cat will get up and start staring at it.

6. Pick up the ball the cat left behind. Go back up the ladder and take the inner tube. You’ll leave the fish for the cat.

7. Go back down the ladder. There’s a fallen piece of tree to the left of the house that makes a “U” shape. Tie the inner tube to the branches to make a slingshot.

8. Put the ball in the slingshot and it will knock the theolodite target off the flagpole. Bronson will come up to see what happened and climb up the ladder to fix it. Now’s your chance to see his plans!

9. Pull the ladder out from under Bronson to leave him hanging on the flagpole.

10. Pick up the theolodite market from the ground.

11. Go back down to the beach and take the theolodite and the plans from the table. Then to back up to the museum.

12. The ladies will tell you to help Bronson down. Talk to Bronson, but he won’t see the light. Show the plans to the ladies and they’ll let you into the museum as a favor for showing them what Bronson was really up to.



1. Now you’re Nico, looking for the Jaguar stone in London. You start off in a museum.

2. To the right of the two girls, under the mask, is the Jaguar stone. But it’s locked up.

3. Talk to the attendant. Find out as much as you can from him. He’ll eventually introduce you to Oubier, who just walked in. The phone rings and the attendant goes to answer it. Ask Oubier about the Jaguar stone. The attendant will come back and Oubier will leave.

4. Ask the attendant about the Jaguar stone again. He’ll take you to see it and discover it’s gone! Now you have to find a way out of the museum.

5. Take the key from the case where the Jaguar stone used to be.

6. Open your inventory. Open Nico’s handbag to get a hair clip.

7. Walk over to the case near the telephone. Use the key to unlock it and take out the dagger.

8. Take the key back.

9. Talk to the attendant. Exhaust all options. When you show him the key, he’ll agree it was probably Oubier who stole the Jaguar stone. He’ll go to call the police.

10. While he’s distracted, pull back the curtain on the right side of the room. There’s a door behind it. Use the dagger to lever it open and escape.

Ketch’s Landing:

Museum Room:

1. You’re George again. He got into the museum.

2. Read the log books.

3. Take the quill from off the desk.

4. Take the chart from off the stand. Place it on the desk.

5. Open the treasure chest/trunk and Emily will pop out! Talk to her and find out what she knows.

6. Take the lantern from the wall and place it in the ink well on the desk. It fits perfectly!

7. Look at the portrait of Captain Ketch.

8. Talk to Emily. Ask her about the cross around her neck. She’ll only give it to you for something in return.

9. Leave the museum.

10. Give the quill to the cat. The cat will tear it up onto pieces. Pick up the feather pieces.

11. Go downstairs and talk to Rio. Ask about Emily and he’ll tell you to give her a conch. Give him the feather pieces in exchange for the conch.

12. Go back to the museum. Open the door and give the conch to Emily in exchange for the cross.

13. Place the cross in the pen holder and the shadow from the cross will show you that you need to go to Zombie Island.

14. Go back downstairs. Talk to Rio and convince him to take you to Zombie Island in his boat.

Zombie Island:


1. Examine the rocky outcropping. You cant climb it. Examine the boat. There are nets in it. Talk to Rio and ask him for his net. He’ll give it to you.

2. Use the net on the rocky outcropping to climb up.


Tube Station:

1. You’re now Nico again. She’s in an abandoned underground subway station.

2. Walk left to the blue vending machine. Try to stick your fingers in the coin slot. It doesn’t work. Use the hairclip on the coin slot and the coin will fall through the machine.

3. Take the penny from the coin reject slot.

4. Place the penny back in the coin slot. A bar of chocolate will fall into the vending slot. Take it and take the penny back from the coin reject slot.

5. Walk right and put the coin in the weighing machine. It will weight you and give you a card.

6. Walk right and use the dagger on the cupboard to open it a crack.

7. Use the card on the crack to open the cupboard.

8. Press the red button inside the cupboard. A train will come and stop since the light is now red. Nico will board the train

Zombie Island:


1. You’re George again, on top of Zombie Island.

2. There’s an exit at the upper right corner of the screen. Take it and you end up in a swamp.

3. Take a reed.

4. There’s another exit in the upper right corner of the screen. Take it.

5. There’s a lair with some animal inside it. Stick the reed inside the lair and the animal chews part of it off.

6. Take the lower left exit to go back a screen. Then go back again to get to the first screen where you started.

7. Take the lower right exit.

8. Walk right and you’ll encounter a boar in your path. Mix the dart with the reed. **Save here in case you mess this up.*** Use the reed/dart on the boar to shoot him with the dart. The boar will start running after you. Quickly grab the branch above you. You’ll hang from it while the boar heads up the north path.

9. Head right and take the path ahead that is now revealed. You end up at the needle.


1. Pick up the creepers around the needle.

2. Combine the net and marker in your bag.

3. Use the net/marker on the creepers on the ground

4. Grab the creepers and throw the whole thing on the top of the needle.

5. Go back through the left exit (where you came from) and take the path up north that the boar ran through. You’ll end up on a hill.


1. Examine the carvings. Captain Ketch was here! Examine the holes.

2. Place the theolodite in the holes.

3. Look through the theolodite. You can move it by tapping the hand pointing to the right. Move right until you see your sparkling marker near the bottom.

4. Examine the marker. Then examine the pillar. It’s the spot you’re looking for!

5. Leave this view by tapping the hand near the bottom of the screen.

6. Take the right exit to walk down the hill and back to the shaman village.


Thames Dock:

1. You’re Nico again, back in London. You’re hiding behind a crate by the docks.

2. Tap on the crate to the left of Nico and she’ll move to hide behind it.

3. When the guard is out of sight, climb the ladder of the boat. You’ll now hide on top of it, out of sight. ***Save here in case you mess up the timing.***

4. When the guard is talking to the guy in the red shirt, quickly climb down and open the cupboard. Then quickly climb back up the ladder.

5. When the guard goes to investigate the open cupboard, quickly run down and close the cupboard. Grab the mop and use it to lock the cupboard door.

6. Look through the porthole and watch the scene between Oubier and Karzac. Karzac kills Oubier and Nico will walk into the cabin.

7. Try to take the Jaguar stone. You need to first see if Oubier is alive. “Talk” to him and you’ll see he truly is dead. Then you can take the stone.

8. As you’re taking the stone, Karzac will sneak behind you and slip a rope around your neck. Quickly grab the dagger from your bag and stab him!

9. Nico will run out and dive into the water.

Zombie Island:


1. You’re George again, and you stumbled onto a movie filming.

2. Talk to the “boy” facing the woman. His name is Haiku. You’ll get interrupted by the director and they’ll start filming again. Watch the cutscene. At the end of it, the stunt man will take Haiku’s place.

3. Go over to the table. Take a bun, pancakes and syrup.

4. Examine the bush. There are hornets inside!

5. Talk to Bert. Offer him the pancake and he’ll take it.

6. Take another pancake from the table. Mix this one with the syrup. Give it to Bert. It will get syrup all over his chin.

7. Throw the bun into the bush and the hornets will go after Bert, getting him to do his stunt. Watch the cutscene and the set will move down to the beach.


1. Hawks tells you to stay put. Talk to Bert and find out he can’t do any stunts because he hurt his back.

2. Talk to Hawks. Ask about the cave. He tells you you can be the stuntman, but the camera is bogged down.

3. Try to take the camera. Talk to the cameraman and he tells you you can use the portable camera.

4. Talk to Hawks again and convince him to use the portable. He’ll go along with it and send you in to wardrobe to get changed. Watch the cutscene of George climbing to the cave and finding the Eagle stone.


Village Fire:

1. You’re Nico again, back in the village. It’s on fire and you find Titipoco, the little man from the warehouse.

2. Talk to Titipoco and find out what he knows about George.

3. Walk right till you find underpants and take them.

4. Walk left again. There’s a barrel to the left of Titipoco. Next to it is a Mayan stone. Try to take it but it’s too hot.

5. Try to move the barrel next to the Maya stone. It won’t budge. Talk to Titipoco and get him to help you push it. The barrel tips over, spilling water onto the Mayan stone.

6. Pick up the stone. You now have the Coyote and Jaguar, while Titipoco has the Eagle.

7. Titipoco is pointing left. So go left and exit the screen. You’ll end up by the base of the pyramid.



1. Take the cylinder from the generator.

2. Pick up one end of the rope and use it with Titipoco. Talk to him and ask him to take the rope up the scaffolding and throw it down. He does it.

3. Tie the rope ends to the engine.

4. Cut the fuel line (by the generator) with the dagger. Use the cylinder with the fuel line, then use the fuel line with the fuel cap (by the engine). You’ll pour fuel into the engine.

5. Press the red button on the engine.

6. Pull the lever on the engine.

7. Talk to Titipoco about the lever and tell him to copy what you’re doing. He’ll watch you.

8. Step onto the elevator and talk to Titipoco. He’ll pull the lever and the elevator will take you up to the pyramid platform.


1. Take the ammunition belt, then go back down the elevator.


1. Walk left and try to take a torch. The guards will see you. Answer them however you want and they’ll let you go. Then you can take the torch.

2. Use the torch with Titipoco. He’ll use his lighter to light the torch and you’ll throw it on the leaked fuel.

3. Throw the ammunition on the flames and they’ll all explode, scaring the guards away. Pablo will go down to see what all the noise is, and now Nico can rescue George.

4. Talk to Raoul. He’ll drop his gun. Titipoco will guard him while you set George free.

5. Talk to George and cut his ropes. Then all three of you will run inside the pyramid. You need to think of a plan.

Pyramid Entrance:

1. Try pulling each of the two levers on the wall. Nico can’t pull them alone. Talk to George and ask him to help you.

2. George and Nico each pull one lever and the floor opens up beneath them. They all fall.

3. Watch the cutscene between Pablo, Raoul and the Presidente. Then you’re Nico again, stuck in a strange room.


Wheel Room:

Mirror Room


Look at the tiles to the right. There are ten made up of two symbols each. Then four more made up of four symbols each.

Focus on one of the four tiles at a time. See which two of the ten tiles make up that one. Then go to the dial and turn it so the two symbols on that meet in the middle match those on the tile you want to push in. This is the ones I started with. When there is a dark line above a tile, it means it’s pushed in.

So, arrange the wheels like so, then push in the tile with those two symbols on it.

Then do the same for another two symbols:

Once both tiles, are pressed, you can push the one that’s part of the four:


Now do the same for the second tile:

Now the third tile:

And now for the last tile:

Now the exit will open!

Exit the room.


Now you’re George again. Take the torch and use it with Titipoco. Ask him to light it.

Pull the lever to the left and you’ll fall through the floor.

Linked Rooms:

You’re in a new room.

Pull the lever.

Take the left door.

In the next room, pull both levers.


Take the left door that just opened.

In the corridor, pull the left lever.

Go through the open door.

You’re now back in the original room, but there’s a new door that’s open.

Take the torch from the ground and light the one on the wall.

Take the new torch and exit.

Pull the lever in this room and go down the stairs.

Watch the ending. Congratulations, you completed the game!

The End.

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  8. Vincent

    At pyramid the little boy doesnΓÇÖt tie rope to the stuff u described here

    1. Euromax

      Hello! Had the same problem. You must click on the metallic structure first and then ask the little man to clim up with the rope.

  9. Gary Watts

    You need a table of contents

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