Broken Sword 2: Marseilles Walkthrough

Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
By Revolution Software Limited

This is the Marseilles part of my walkthrough.

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1. Walk up to the window of the security hut. Talk to the guard and get as much information from him as you can.

2. Walk down the stairs next to the hut.

3. Take the stick that’s floating in the water.

4. Walk left, under the hut. Use the boat hook to take the bottle floating in the water.

5. (Optional) There’s a hole in the bottom of the hut. You can climb up and explore the hut if you’d like. Talking to the security guard will make him fart and you’ll fall.

6. Go back up the stairs. Try to touch the metal pipe on the hut, which is a chimney. It’s too hot to touch. Pour the cold water from the bottle onto it and try again. Now you can take the cone from the chimney.

7. Put the empty bottle over the chimney hole and the hut will fill with smoke, causing the guard to run out.

8. Go back down the stairs and through the trap door into the hut again. Take the box of dog biscuits and a piece of coal from the bucket.

9. Go back out through the trap door and use the dog biscuits on the platform near the dog. Then, when the dog is on the platform, use the boat hook on the platform to pull it out from under the dog. Watch the dog swim!

10. Go back up the stairs and climb the left side of the fence.


Warehouse, Exterior:

1. Walk left to the last door you see. There’s a grill on it. Try to interact with the door and George will knock on it. No one will hear it.

2. Walk left a bit to see a ladder. Climb up it.

3. Examine the fan next to the first window. Open the window and look inside. Use the boat hook on the fan to stop it.

4. Go back outside and walk down the ladder. Knock on the door again. The man who kidnapped Nico will come to the door. Ask him about the label and he’ll tell you he’s coming out.

5. Go back up the ladder before he comes out. There’s a barrel clamp to the right. Use it to send a barrel rolling across the street once the man is outside.

6. The man will go over to inspect the fallen barrel. While he’s there, quickly use the clamp to send another barrel to hit him in the back and push him flat on his face.

7. Go down the ladder and walk through the door. George will lock the door once he’s inside.


Warehouse, Interior:

1. Open the drawers of the desk to find a small brass key.

2. Examine the bulletin board for some information.

3. Tap on the box that’s sticking out from the rest. A man will appear from behind it. He wants to tell you something.

4. Talk to him and ask him about the key. He’ll come out from hiding and show you that he’s manacled. You’ll then use the key to unlock the cuffs and he’ll scurry away to hide again.

5. Walk over to the elevator on the right. Press the button and walk inside.


Warehouse, Upstairs:

1. When you get upstairs, George will block the light from the elevator to keep the doors from closing. You need to find something to place on the photoelectric cell so you can explore without the doors closing. Use the crate near the elevator to do this.

2. There is a switch on the right side of the elevator that’s easy to miss. It’s a light switch. Press it and a light goes on in the left side of the room.

3. Go to where the light is on and examine the scratches on the floor. It turns out it was caused by a door opening. Examine the wall to find a groove to open it. Now you can get into he secret room!

Warehouse, Secret Room:

1. Pick up the small statue on the ground.

2. Untie Nico’s hands and take the rope.

3. Nico will throw the tape from her mouth onto the floor. Pick it up.

4. Follow Nico outside the room.

Warehouse, Upstairs:

1. Talk to Nico and find out what she knows about everything and everyone.

2. Use the tape on the photoelectric cell of the elevator. Then move the crate away from the elevator.

3. Move the crate that’s on top of the other crate (it has a live animal inside it, apparently) over to the crate you just moved.

4. Move the crate near the pallet carrier so you have room to use the handle.

5. Push on the handle until the pallet carrier rises six inches off the ground. Then tie one end of the rope to the statue and the other end to the pulley.

6. Press the handle of the pallet carrier again to lower it. Now the statue is hanging there.

7. Try to push the statue. You can’t do it alone, so talk to Nico and ask her to help. Together, George and Nico will push the statue through the door, giving you a way to escape. Walk through the door.

Warehouse, Exterior:

1. Use the manacles to slide down the cable to the left. George and Nico will land in the water. There will be some cut scenes in Paris and then they’ll go to Quaramonte.

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