Broken Sword 2: Paris Walkthrough

Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
By Revolution Software Limited


This is a walkthrough for the iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC game. Please bear with me as it’s a work in progress. This is the first part of it that will take you through all of Paris.

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Oubier’s Room:

1. There’s a block of wood under the corner of the bookcase. Kick it out from under to knock the bookcase over, squashing the spider.

2. There’s a hook on the wall that was holding the bookcase up. It’s got a jagged edge, so use it to cut the ropes binding your hands together.

3. Walk left. Open the writing desk and pick up the bottle of tequila. You’ll drink from it and spit it out.

4. Open the drawer of the writing desk and take out a small pot. Examine the pot to find a key.

5. Now the worm from the tequila bottle is on the floor. Take it.

6. Pick up the dart off the floor.

7. Pick up the handbag off the floor. There are several items in it that will now be added to your inventory.

8. Walk left. There’s a seltzer bottle on the dresser but there’s no pressure.

9. The cabinets are locked. Drag the dart to the keyhole to open it.

10. Inside is a cylinder, but it’s too hot to touch with your bare hands. Use the panties in your bag to pick it up.

11. Place the cylinder in the seltzer bottle. Now you have a fire extinguisher!

12. Use the seltzer bottle on the fire to put it out.

13. Kick open the door and walk into the hallway.

Oubier’s Hall:

1. Go over to the desk. The phone is useless to you right now. But take the piece of paper off the desk. It’s a newspaper clipping.

2. Open your bag and examine the newspaper clipping. Inside is Oubier’s bank statement.

3. Examine the note that was in Nico’s bag. It’s from Andre Lobineau. It says that the “exotic Lingerie” was a gift from him and also gives his phone number.

4. Now you can use the phone to dial Lobineau. He says he’ll meet you at the cafe at Montfaucon.

5. Use the key on the front door (the left one) and exit the house.



1. Sit down and start talking to the man next to you. Talk to him about everything you can.

2. Try talking to the waiter when he comes out. He’ll ignore you. Talk to him again. Eventually he’ll talk to you and tell you he’ll serve you when he’s finished with the other gentleman.

3. The waiter will come out with your cup of coffee. Try to take the flask from the man sitting next to you. The game will tell you that you can’t because he’s still looking.

4. Talk to the waiter and learn everything you can from him. He tells you the flask contains absinthe.

5. Lobineau will now arrive and sit next to you. He’ll show you a stone. Learn as much as you can from him before he leaves.

6. Talk to the gentleman next to you again. Ask him about himself and he’ll cover his face with his hands. Take the flask now since he’s not looking. Finish talking to him as much as he’ll let you.

7. Tap on the column to the right, above the poster. You’ll now have two choice where to go. Choose the second one, the Glease Gallery.

Glease Gallery:

1. You can talk to the girls, but they just giggle. Also, look at all the artwork if you’d like. But the main thing is to talk to the fat guy drinking wine. Make sure you show him your pot and he’ll drop it.

2. Talk to the other man standing there. He owns the gallery. Exhaust all your options, then go back to the fat man. Pour some absinthe from the flask into his glass. He’ll get all woozy. Pour some more in and he’ll collapse, crashing into one of the display cases.

3. Now that the owner is distracted, you can explore the gallery. Walk left behind the desk and examine the case. There is nothing in it, but there is a label on the side of it. Take it and look at it. It turns out Oubier was involved with the thugs who kidnapped Nico. Time to go to Marseilles!

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