Broken Sword 2: Quaramonte Walkthrough

Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
By Revolution Software Limited


This is the Quaramonte section of my Broken Sword 2 walkthrough.

See the rest of the walkthrough here.



1. Talk to all the locals and get as much information from them as you can. If you show them the small statue, they’ll be scared and refuse to talk to you anymore.

2. Talk to the band. Get as much information from them as you can. Their bandmate, Miguel, was arrested.

3. Talk to Pearl, who’s to the right of the band. Get as much info from her as you can.

4. Go up the stairs of the building behind the band. You’ll enter an office.


1. Talk to Conchita and learn what you can.

2. Talk to the half-naked man to the left and the other secretaries if you feel like it. Then exit the building.

3. Enter the police station, which is by Pearl.

Police Station:

1. Talk to both the General and Renaldo and find out everything they know.

2. Leave the police station.


1. George and Nico will start talking. Discuss as much as you want.

2. Nicole will walk off on her own. As George, walk right a bit and talk to Oubier. Find out what he knows.

3. Talk to Duane. Find out out what he knows.

4. Talk to the man to the right of Duane. Then talk to Pearl again. Oubier should be gone by now, so Duane will tell you more if you talk to him.

5. Look through the windows of the police station to find Miguel, the musician, asleep in the cell floor.

6. Go inside the police station to question Renaldo about Miguel.

7. Try to view the chart on the wall. The General will stop you. Ask him about it.

8. Walk back out and go back to the mining office.

9. Talk to Conchita. She’ll tell you there’s a detonator in the closet behind her. Walk back out and talk to Nico.

10. Ask Nico about the chart and she’ll go in with you to distract the General while you look at it.

11. Talk to the General about Nico. He’ll agree to go with her for an interview.

12. Now you need to get rid of Renaldo. Talk to him and he’ll agree to take your friend to visit the ruins. To outside and talk to Pearl about the ruins. She’ll go into the police station with you and convince Renaldo to give her the tour. Now the police station is empty.

13. Examine the chart on the wall.

14. Go behind the glass to the jail cells and talk to Miguel. Then exit the police station and go back to the office.

15. Talk to Conchita. She’ll agree that the the General is up to no good and allow you to take a detonator. Go to the closet and take one. Then leave the office.

16. Talk to Duane and give him to detonator. He’ll tell you to go warn Miguel that the cavalry’s coming.

17. Walk back to the cells and talk to Miguel. Renaldo will show up and lock you in a cell. Now it’s up to Nico.

General’s Apartment:

1. As Nico, examine the TV, lava lamp and swordfish. Talk to the General about them.

2. Examine the framed photo on the wall. Ask the General about it and his mother will storm in! Watch the cutscenes and you’ll be back in the cell with George.

Jail Cell:

1. Duane’s fertilizer wasn’t the explosive kind. So you need to find another way out of the cell. There’s a noose in Miguel’s cell but you can’t reach it. Ask him to hand it to you. Now you have a rope.

2. Tie the rope to the bars in the window. Hand the other end to Duane and he’ll tie it to his car and drive. Watch the cut scenes as they’re broken out and escape by boat.

See the rest of the walkthrough here.


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