Broken Sword 2: Pyramid Walkthrough

Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
By Revolution Software Limited


This is the Pyramid section of my Broken Sword 2 The Smoking Mirror walkthrough.

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1. Take the cylinder from the generator.

2. Pick up one end of the rope and use it with Titipoco. Talk to him and ask him to take the rope up the scaffolding and throw it down. He does it.

3. Tie the rope ends to the engine.

4. Cut the fuel line (by the generator) with the dagger. Use the cylinder with the fuel line, then use the fuel line with the fuel cap (by the engine). You’ll pour fuel into the engine.

5. Press the red button on the engine.

6. Pull the lever on the engine.

7. Talk to Titipoco about the lever and tell him to copy what you’re doing. He’ll watch you.

8. Step onto the elevator and talk to Titipoco. He’ll pull the lever and the elevator will take you up to the pyramid platform.


1. Take the ammunition belt, then go back down the elevator.


1. Walk left and try to take a torch. The guards will see you. Answer them however you want and they’ll let you go. Then you can take the torch.

2. Use the torch with Titipoco. He’ll use his lighter to light the torch and you’ll throw it on the leaked fuel.

3. Throw the ammunition on the flames and they’ll all explode, scaring the guards away. Pablo will go down to see what all the noise is, and now Nico can rescue George.

4. Talk to Raoul. He’ll drop his gun. Titipoco will guard him while you set George free.

5. Talk to George and cut his ropes. Then all three of you will run inside the pyramid. You need to think of a plan.

Pyramid Entrance:

1. Try pulling each of the two levers on the wall. Nico can’t pull them alone. Talk to George and ask him to help you.

2. George and Nico each pull one lever and the floor opens up beneath them. They all fall.

3. Watch the cutscene between Pablo, Raoul and the Presidente. Then you’re Nico again, stuck in a strange room.


Wheel Room:

Mirror Room


Look at the tiles to the right. There are ten made up of two symbols each. Then four more made up of four symbols each.

Focus on one of the four tiles at a time. See which two of the ten tiles make up that one. Then go to the dial and turn it so the two symbols on that meet in the middle match those on the tile you want to push in. This is the ones I started with. When there is a dark line above a tile, it means it’s pushed in.

So, arrange the wheels like so, then push in the tile with those two symbols on it.

Then do the same for another two symbols:

Once both tiles, are pressed, you can push the one that’s part of the four:


Now do the same for the second tile:

Now the third tile:

And now for the last tile:

Now the exit will open!

Exit the room.


Now you’re George again. Take the torch and use it with Titipoco. Ask him to light it.

Pull the lever to the left and you’ll fall through the floor.

Linked Rooms:

You’re in a new room.

Pull the lever.

Take the left door.

In the next room, pull both levers.


Take the left door that just opened.

In the corridor, pull the left lever.

Go through the open door.

You’re now back in the original room, but there’s a new door that’s open.

Take the torch from the ground and light the one on the wall.

Take the new torch and exit.

Pull the lever in this room and go down the stairs.

Watch the ending. Congratulations, you completed the game!

The End.

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