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Death Call Puzzles Walkthrough

Death Call By Betz Software (Toy Chest Games) Read my Death Call review here. Puzzles Walkthrough: (D = Down, U = Up, R = Right, L = Left) Level 1-1: D R R U R R D R R U 1-2: U R R U R R D R R D 1-3: R U R R D U R R R D 1-4: D U R R U R D L U R D D R R R U Grid: A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 A2 A3 A4 2-1: Swap B2 & D2 Swap E1 & E4 2-2: Swap A2 & B1 Swap C1 & C2 Swap C4 & D2 Swap D3 & E3 2-3: Swap D3 & E3 Swap B4 & E1 Swap C1 & C2 Swap C2 & D2 Swap A2 & B1 Swap A3 & B4 Swap A1 & A4 Swap C4 & D2 Swap A1 Read more [...]

Death Call Review

Death Call By Betz Software (Toy Chest Games) Gameplay: 4/5 Death Call is mainly a target-shooting Western. Think of it as a shooting range where the targets hit back. And hard. The controls are fairly simple, but take a little getting used to. The left thumb controls the crosshair of your gun while the right thumb pulls the trigger. You need to match the crosshair up with an enemy target and then pull the trigger. Headshots will cause more damage, allowing you to take down targets Read more [...]

EnigmOn Walkthrough

EnigmOn By EBR Inaya Here you'll find a walkthrough for the game EnigmOn, with hints, help and solutions. If the hints aren't enough, ask in the comments section. Looking for the EnigmOn 2 walkthrough? Walkthrough: Scroll down for the full version. EnigmOn Light: Level 1: Hold and use your phone as though it were a key. Level 2: Position your phone to make the bat go to sleep. Level 3: Swipe the upper right corner of the black screen to get the answer. Level 4: Blow into the balloon until Read more [...]

Before the Storm Walkthrough

Before the Storm By AEMI Walkthrough: 1. Go downstairs. Then go downstairs again. 2. Talk to the Thing. He'll tell you to take the list from the wall. Do it. 3. First on the list is a torch, or flashlight. Go up one floor and take the flashlight from the bookshelf to the left. 4. Next are four batteries. One is on the same bookshelf. Another is in the moose's mouth. The third is in the chandelier and the fourth is under the rug. 5. Drag the batteries from your toolbox to the radio on the right. 6. Read more [...]

ESPACE Walkthrough

ESPACE By 989 works Walkthrough: 1. Turn right. Move the top two boxes aside and take the "H". 2. On the right side of the screen, zoom in on the locked box on the shelf. Tap O P E N to unlock it and take the key from inside. 3. Turn right twice. Open the upper right cabinet and take the meteorite from inside. 4. Use the key to open the right drawer on the bottom. Take the hammer. 5. Use the hammer to break open the meteorite and get the "C". 6. Look at the clock above the front Read more [...]