Escape Game: “The Bored Victim”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Bored Victim”


1. Turn right and open the green closet.

2. Move the box over to reveal a broken chair. Take it.

3. Turn right twice. Open the bottom drawer of the small blue dresser.

4. Move the right box over. Then move the left box over. Take the screwdriver that’s revealed.

5. Turn left. Zoom in on the boarded up window. There’s something sticking out from it.

6. Use the screwdriver on the item stuck on there. It’s a magnifying glass!

7. Select the screwdriver and tap the boards of the window to move it a bit and let some light in.

8. Turn back to the front door (it’s orange and off the ground). Zoom in on the bottom of the door. Tap the space below it a couple of times and something will fall down.

9. A mirror fragment appears in the gap below the door. Take it.

10. Turn right to the bicycle. Tap the pedal twice and something will fall down. It’s a candle stick. Take it.

11. If you open the blue closet, it’s too dark to see. Turn to the window and place the mirror fragment in the space between he boards. Now you can open the closet and see inside.

12. Zoom in on the bottom compartment. Move both bottles over to access the box.

13. Open the box and take the plastic bottle from inside. It’s a carbonated beverage.

14. Tap the bottle to shake it. It tells you that if you open it, it will gush all over the place.

15. Zoom out all the way. Tap on the upper right corner of the blue closet. There’s something on top of it.

16. Use the shaken up bottle on the item above the closet and the soda will gush out, knocking the item down.

17. Zoom out and tap on the floor between the closet and the boxes. Pick up the item that fell.

18. Open up the chair from your inventory. Place the bottle in the space of the missing leg. You now have a working chair.

19. The bottle left a cap in your inventory. Examine it to find a ring inside. It’s your wedding ring and has some numbers on it.

20. There’s a round handle on the wall above the bike. Use the the chair to reach it and take it.

21. Examine the handle. There’s some writing on it that’s too small to read.

22. Use the magnifying glass on the handle to see the letters KIKO, your wife’s name.

23. Turn to the green closet. Use the chair to see the top of it (tap the upper right corner). There’s a candle up there. Take it.

24. Place the candle in the candle stick.

25. Turn to face the side of the red staircase. Tap the upper right corner of the screen to see a platform and some pulleys. It’s an elevator!

26. There’s a brown object protruding from the wall. Use the chair on it to reach it.

27. Place the handle on the brown item and then turn it. The chain will move.

28. Get back down and you’ll see that the elevator is lowered.

29. Face the front door. Now you can step onto the platform and reach the doorknob.

30. There’s a keypad. Remember the numbers from your wedding ring? Type 0315 into the keypad and press ENTER. The door’s unlocked.

31. Open the door. It’s too dark to see! Get back down from the platform.

32.. Zoom in on the platform. There’s a black mark on it. Use the magnifying glass on it.

33. Use the magnifying glass on the mark again and the spot will start to burn.

34. Use the candle on the spot to light the candle.

35. Go back to the door and use the candle on the pitch black space. You can now see!

36. Go inside the second room.

37. Face the blue safe. Type KIKO into the keypad and press ENTER.

38. Take the powered device from inside.

39. Tap the right side of the safe to look behind it. Take the cord.

40. Examine the cord. Attach the piece you found near the blue closet with the cord.

41. Zoom out. You’ll see a poster of a church on the left wall. First tap on the top of the church to see a message about a bell. The zoom in on the bottom right corner and lift it up. There’s an X written there.

42. Zoom out and face the lime green shelf. Tap it to find out it’s very thin. Tap it again and it will move, revealing some red buttons.

43. Tap the buttons so they form a blue “X,” like so:

44. Something clicks into place. It’s the lime green door unlocking. Open it and take out the large gear.

45. Examine the gear. Tap on it to discover there’s an arrow drawn on the center.

46. Go back to the first room. Face the window and pink dresser. Zoom in on the top of the pink dresser and open up the little doors. Inside is a clock.

47. Arrange the hands on the clock to look like the arrows on the gear. Something clicks into place.

48. Zoom out and open the second drawer of the pink dresser. Take out the rubber tube.

49. Look at the power device from your inventory. Tap on the left side of it to see a hole. Plug the cord into this hole.

50. Turn around to face the bike. On the right is a gear. Tap it to see a message about a bell ringing. Tap it again to get the message “But how do I get it to work?”

51. Use the power supply on the cable coming from the machine to plug it in.

52. Zoom out and zoom in on the bike. The bike is now plugged into the machine.

53. Attach the gear to the bike. It’s loose. Use the candle on it to drip some wax into the crack and tighten the gear. But the gear won’t rotate!

54. Zoom out and look at the wall above the bike. There’s an item stuck there. It’s a metal rod. Use the rubber tube on it to get it off.

55. Where’s the metal rod? Look behind the box to the right of the machine and you’ll find it.

56. Examine the item you just found. Tap it a couple of times and the sides will lift up, revealing it as a bike handlebar!

57. Zoom in on the spot on the bike where it should go. It can’t go on alone, so put the screwdriver into the hole on the bike first.

58. Now place the handlebar on the bike and it works!

59. Select the rubber tube and tap the front leg of the bike to attach it.

60. Tap the seat of the bike and you’ll push the pedal as hard as possible.

61. Zoom in on the yellow machine. Press the power button and it goes on.

62. Tap the gear on the machine and a bell will toll.

63. Take the handle off the bike.

64. Go back to the second room and zoom in on door on the spot where there should be a doorknob. Place the bike handle in the hole.

65. Zoom out and tap on the door to open it.

Congratulations! You made it out! But it’s not such a happy ending. Kiko was kidnapped!

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